22 1-Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Spouse 

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Is your 1-year wedding anniversary around the corner? If yes, you must be looking for some amazing gift ideas for your spouse. Read till the end to surprise your partner with the best gift on your 1-year wedding anniversary.

1-year anniversary gifts can be either traditional or modern. Paper serves the purpose of the traditional theme; moreover, gold and yellow are said to be the traditional 1-year anniversary colors. On the other hand, the clock represents the modern theme. It is meant to lock the 1-year time (and memories) you have spent together.

So you have spent one year together. It’s time to celebrate the three hundred and sixty-five days of love and togetherness with an amazing gift. Here we have picked the best 22 1-year wedding anniversary gift ideas for you.

Traditional gifts for her & him

Decided to give a traditional 1-year anniversary gift to your better half? Here you go with some compelling and unique ideas. Let’s head towards the list.

1-     Mark the date on the wall

One year of togetherness, living in the same house, making a lot of memories. So why not mark this one day on the house wall with a frame?

Callie’s personalized family tree frame will be a perfect gift for the 1-year wedding anniversary. The frame is made of high-quality PVC material with the hearts acknowledging the lovely moments you shared in a year.

Price: $39

2-     Celebrate your love

Celebrate your love with Callie’s customized portrait metal wall art decor. The portrait has a smooth texture, is made of premium metal, and gives a chic feel. Give this to your spouse, hang it on the wall, and make it memorable for the coming years. After fifty years of the wedding, you and your partner will sit in the house and see this amazing hanging, remembering your first-year anniversary.

Price: $49

3-     Enclose the memories in a box

It has been one year since you gave the wedding ring to your better half. Why not give her a personalized wood ring box to enclose your 1-year memories in it? The box has slots for three rings so that you can place two wedding rings and one engagement ring in it.

Price: $33

4-     Bloom the flowers for a lifetime

Blooming flowers are the loveliest, but their life is short, and you can’t keep them safe and flourished forever. So gift your loved one Callie’s wooden name rose flower. With the touch of golden color, the flowers will perfectly fall in the traditional 1-year anniversary gift category.

Price: $19

5-     A sweet message in the sweetest way

Be expressive about your feelings, particularly when the feelings are all about love. So write a sweet message to your better half on a piece of paper since it’s the sweetest traditional 1-year anniversary gift. Make this message even more presentable with Callie’s handwritten letter with the wooden sign.

Price: $24

6-     A touch of gold for golden memories

Since golden color is the traditional 1-year anniversary gift color, why not give your spouse Callie’s Mariquesa birthstone necklace? The stone will signify your promise to protect her and stand by her firmly in every situation. The golden touch will signify your 1-year golden memories. You can choose up to 12 birthstones and the necklace is available in gold, silver, and rose-gold colors.

Price: $37

7-     Wish your love good luck and fortune

Wish you better half a fortune and promise to protect her by giving Callie’s personalized horseshoe shape head portrait. The horseshoe will be the symbol of protection and prosperity. One year has been a prosperous one, promising to keep the coming years even more lovely and blessed. The portrait is durably made of strong iron material. You can save the date and get your names printed on this portrait.

Price: $43

8-     Pen down the best moments

It has been one year, and don’t you have a book to pen down the memorable moments you shared? Get Callie’s personalized engraved wedding guestbook as a 1-year anniversary gift for your partner. Let your love be described on paper with powerful words. Pen down the rest of the moments you are going to spend together to remember them forever. The book quality is extremely high, having heavy-duty 30 lined pages and an ultra-durable cover.

Price: $38

9-     Let the wall narrate your story

Callie’s personalized anniversary state map wall frameset is best to narrate your story. It is a 3-piece set in which the middle frame defines the years you have spent together. The rest of the two frames depict the location from where you both belonged to. The gift is amazing to remember the day you met and fell in love. The background of the frame is net woven of paper-woven cloth. The gift is simple yet memorable and therefore your better half will love it.

Price: $60

Modern gifts for her & him

Have you decided to go with the modern 1-year anniversary gifts? Here Callie has brought some exciting modern gift ideas for you.

10-  Keep your best memory in hand

Callie’s engraved bamboo wood photo watch is an exciting gift for your better half. You can get your best couple photo engraved on the watch and thus keep the time running with the exciting memorable photo. The strap of the watch is durable and flexible. And the best part? The watch hands are luminous and thus you can easily check the time even in the dark.

Price: $32

11-  Strap that fits her heart

Is your spouse a horse-lover? If yes, then Callie’s Horse and horseshoe silicon watch brand is the best choice for you. She may have worn many watch straps in her life, but this one will align with her heart, especially if she is a horse lover. The strap is made of silicon and therefore, it is very lightweight and soft. Provided a diverse color range, the strap is available in 12 different colors.

Price: $25

12-  Shine with decency

Do you want to keep the gift decent yet brilliant? Callie’s photo print wooden watch is a good choice for you. The wooden texture of the watch keeps the design decent and imparts a chic look to it. Made of 100% natural wood, the dial of the watch is surrounded by gear to give it an industrial look. The watch is manufactured with precision, meeting the high standards of quality.

Price: $63

13-  Add colors to life

Life seems more colorful when you are with your love. The shades of these colors should be reflected in your 1-year anniversary gift. Callie’s Colorful Bamboo Photo Watch is perfect for adding colors to the wrist of your better half. With the engraved back, the watch is fashionable and comfortable to wear. If she loves being around colorful things, then this watch is perfect for her.

Price: $53

Other alternative gifts

It’s completely ok if you don’t find an appropriate idea from modern or traditional ones. Anything given with a lovely heart can serve best as a gift. Here are some alternative gift ideas for surprising your spouse.

14-  Present your heartiest congratulations

Hearts symbolize love, and these are specifically preferred one it comes to the celebration of 1 year anniversary. So give Callie’s engraved wood wedding anniversary plaque sign to your partner and make the day worth remembering with the date marked on the piece. Heart cutouts are extremely fine and make the light shine from them.

Price: $24

15-  Dwell in nature with the sound of love

Imagine refreshing your adventurous memories every evening you sit to have a cup of tea together. Seems so charming and romantic, right? So choose Callie’s campfire and mountain mugs having beautiful imprints of your names, campfire, and mountains. These mugs are easy to carry and will be a token of love for your spouse.

Price: $28

16-  Wear the confidence

Callie’s 4 piece set of cufflinks, money clip, and tie clip is an amazing gift for your man. The set is enclosed in a beautiful wooden box with the name engraved on it. The color retention will last long, and quality is something beyond premium. The cufflinks will give a professional, gentle, yet confident look to your man. The box is the best choice for a 1-year anniversary gift.

Price: $43

17-  Show a romantic version of yours

Well, it doesn’t matter if you are romantic or not; your 1-year wedding anniversary gift should be romantic enough to depict your love. So why not gift your loved one Callie’s personalized faceless couple portrait

This pillowcase is made with innovative technology that transforms your pictures into faceless portraits. The pillowcase will demonstrate your personality with dress and posture in a distinctive way. This gift will be creative and lovely and will impress your spouse.

Price: $19  

18-  Acknowledge your heart-to-heart connection

Your hearts have been so close for the past year. So why not give her Callie’s heart relationship ring as a 1-year anniversary gift? The ring has two birthstones and two names engraved on it. The crystals are sparkling, and the design symbolizes two people embracing each other in their never-ending love story. Packed in a beautiful box, the ring is an amazing gift signifying your strongest and heartiest relationship.

Price: $38

19-  Declare your love and new identity

When you are in love, you forget what you are and remember only the one you love. You love to be called by the name of your love. Get Callie’s custom color bar necklace with his queen and her king imprinted on it. 

These bars are a declaration of your love and it’s a good idea to announce your 1-year love on your first wedding anniversary. The bars are made of stainless steel, ensuring the highest quality.

Price: $23

20-  Keep your asset in your pocket

Have you ever asked a man about his most precious asset? That’s his family. So give him Callie’s personalized photo leather wallet as a 1-year wedding anniversary gift so that he will be able to keep his most valuable asset in his pocket. Cherish your best moment by getting it engraved on the wallet. The wallet is the symbol that he will be the owner of all your love. The wallet is made with the finest leather making no compromise on quality.

Price: $35

21-  Magnetic force of love

Giving a ring to your spouse has been a tradition for ages. Renew this tradition by placing the ring in Callie’s magnetic ring heart bearer box. The magnetic feature symbolizes the magnetic force of your love that binds both of you in a lovely bond. The box is made of natural wood with a double pillow which means that there is the capacity of two rings in the box. Heart shape elaborates on your intimate relationship and will be a lovely gift.

Price: $24

22-  Let him write love letters to you

Gift him Callie’s Bullet pen and let him write you love letters daily. With a rifle and bullet design, the pen is perfect for someone who is enthusiastic about history and hunting buffs. The opening of the pen is just like a bolt-action rifle. The sleek design of the pen makes it an amazing 1-year anniversary gift idea. You can get the customized name on it.

Price: $34


Callie has brought brilliant anniversary gifts for her and anniversary gifts for him collection for you. Place your order at Callie to give your loved one the best surprise. You can explore the whole collection at Callie to find the best gift for your better half. You will definitely find something aligning with your requirements.  

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