10 Unconventional and Exciting Easter Basket Ideas to Break the Mold

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Making an Easter basket for the kids or adults is not that difficult. You get those willow baskets that are very easily available, transforming them into a fine Eater basket. But what happens after the Easter celebrations are over? These baskets get no room in an already crowded space where non-functional stuff is already lying in the house.

So, here are 10 unique Easter basket ideas that will act as helpful stuff after the party is over.


Now, you might be thinking that making an umbrella as an Easter basket is possible? Well, of course, it is. The smartest thing to do for Easter is making an umbrella basket for kids or grown-ups if you’d like. After all, whether it’s the rainy season or a very sunny day outside, umbrellas can help protect you from harsh weather conditions.

A bubble umbrella is a perfect size for the kids to contain all their goodies. They come in many colors and make sure you pick out some vibrant colorful ones for the kids. Add in colorful straws as stuffers to make it pop and place in their Easter goodies inside it in the umbrella’s complete open position. For the adults, pick out a more subtle one like the transparent ones and add in a bunch of Easter stuff for them. An interactive yet useful Easter basket. 

Big Glass Jars

Surprised? Well, don’t be. Big glass jars can work as a unique Easter basket like the ones you see in Khloe’s pantry. These giant spacious glass jars are multifunctional and can work as storage units in the pantry. They can store grains like rice, uncooked portions of pasta, cereal, and even cookies Khloe style.

Making these into Easter baskets is very simple. Add in faux grass or green straws as the base and some plastic colorful Easter eggs. Then place in your Easter gifts that you would like to give. Add some lace or decorative wires with ribbons on the outer side to make it extra festive. But don’t overcrowd it. Take advantage of the glass and let your goodie be on display.


Yes, a flowerpot can be a unique Easter basket! It works the best for someone who has a green thumb. Like they can use the flowerpot as a planter afterward in their home garden or backyard. Depending on what presents you’re planning to add, you can get them any size. But a medium-sized flower pot does the trick effortlessly.

Paint the outside of the flower pot with pastel colors and fill in the flowerpot with ryegrass. Fresh green grass will surely put a smile on their faces. As a bonus tip, add the ryegrass or fresh flower plant in a small pot and add it to the medium-sized pot filled with their goodies. This way, they’ll get two different-sized pots and you can let your creativity take the wheel. WOW!

Wire Samuel Basket

A bare wire basket can become a prevalent idea for a unique Easter basket. The wire Samuel basket is very versatile and you can go ham with it and turn it into a great Easter basket.

You can decorate it with ribbons and multicolored tissue paper. You can also add faux flowers for decorations and add a gingham cloth inside and stuff it with the presents. After the party is over, this basket can be used for various things, like holding eggs in the kitchen, a storage basket for the storeroom, an organizer for the room, and whatever the receiver would like.

Beach Bucket

A beach bucket is a handy item and helps with tons of stuff around the house. A fun beach bucket with cool colors band fun drawings that coordinate with Easter vibes can be made into a power-packed Easter basket.

If it’s for the kids, you can add beach stuff like plastic shovels and different containers for sandcastles. Make it entirely beach-themed for the kids to have fun. But if it is for an adult, you can pick out a big bucket and add in adult-approved decorations and goodies for them like a beach towel, sunglasses, etc.

Toy Shopping Cart

If you thought that a toy shopping cart was no good as an Easter basket, you might have to think again. The best part about toy shopping carts is that they come in many sizes, styles, and colors. So, you can pick the perfect toy shopping cart for your intended use.

Instead of a shopping cart embracing the storeroom, it can act as a decoration piece for the room. As a storage unit for holding stuff in the most fun way, organizing things in the garage, and most importantly, it will encourage kids to shift from one place to another without any effort.

Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets need no introduction. Everybody knows how beneficial these baskets are and how easy and convenient they make storing and organizing things around the house, office, and any vicinity. These sturdy baskets have a lot of room inside them and can hold stuff in whichever way you want.

It only makes sense to use these wicker baskets as unique Easter baskets. You can easily make a pamper Easter basket using the wicker baskets and add-in products that reflect self-care like sheets masks, sleeping masks, luxurious creams, etc. But if you have other plans, that’s fine too. You have a lot of room to play around with wicker baskets. Add some decorative lace on the outside rim of baskets, place in decorative eggs along with goodies and present it to the receiver. A super simple yet functional Easter basket ever!

Baseball Hats 

If you’re planning a great Easter basket for a tween or teenage boy, the baseball hat Easter basket would like butter. Of course, you don’t necessarily have to fill it up with childish stuff, but you can add in a few grown-up treats like beef jerky, Cadbury eggs, or pringles chips. But why a baseball hat? Every boy wears a hat, whether to their actual baseball game or going anywhere for a trip. So, why not make an Easter basket as the excuse to buy him a new baseball hat, whichever one he likes, and make an Easter basket out of it filled with his favorite stuff. Plus, there’s no need to add decorative things to it. Just place the goodie-filled baseball hat in a plastic bag and tie it up with a ribbon. That’s it.

These were some fun and amazing unique Easter basket ideas that you can pick out instead of going the typical way. But if you feel, these weren’t enough, check out our store Callie’s where we have exciting gifts which you can add to the Easter baskets or perhaps make a unique basket out of a gift from our store. Our presents are all of premium quality along with proper customization for added personalization because we understand emotions. 

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