70+ Best Pieces of Marriage Advice for Newlyweds That Every Couple Must Practice

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Marriage is an exciting road to starting a new chapter of life. Although the newlywed couple is super excited about this new beginning, they will also need expert advice. Often there is a tip jar at weddings in which the guests put a card with the best wedding advice for newlyweds.

This advice for newlyweds can be funny to give the couple some humorous moments to cherish. Or it can be a serious one that will help the newlyweds. Read on to go through our fantastic collection of advice for newlyweds.

Funny advice for newlyweds

Adding some fun to the tip jar with your humorous advice is a fantastic idea. Here is some funny advice for newlyweds!

  1. Keep your wife happy because when your wife is happy, your life is happy!
  2. It’s a new start. Give attention to your spouse more than you give to your phone.
  3. Marriage is beautiful. You get a person to annoy for a lifetime. Make sure to value that person!
  4. Laugh together because it is the key to staying together.
  5. Keep the conversations hilarious. Women love to laugh at jokes. The same rule applies to husbands as they like hilarious conversations. This way, you will have some lovely talks every day.
  6. Never leave your spouse hungry. Offer him food as it is the best way to keep him happy.
  7. Never expect that your spouse will remember all the things because expectations hurt!
  8. Don’t forget to use the two most essential phrases when talking to your wife. Number one: You are right. Number two: I got it. This is what she wants to hear from you.
  9. When your wife says “what” during a conversation, immediately change your words. “What” doesn’t mean she is asking you again. It means she is giving you a chance to correct your statement.
  10. Love that urged you to marry was blind. But the marriage will now open your eyes. Be prepared, guys!
  11. Be super flirty if you want to see a coy smile on your partner’s face.
  12. A wife should behave blind, and the husband should pretend to be deaf if they want a successful marriage.
  13. Marriage life feels like a walk in a park. But remember, this park is not an ordinary one. It’s the Jurassic Park. Learn to walk in it!
  14. You should never make fun of your partner’s choice. You are also one of those!
  15. A marriage urges a man to lose his bachelor’s degree and gives the woman a master’s degree.
  16. It is said that you are incomplete without marriage. Hey man, you are finished after marriage!
  17. A man stole a girl’s heart and now looks for revenge. She married him and stole his surname.
  18. An accepted fact: If you are wise, you shut up when you are wrong. If you are married, you shut up even when you are right.
  19. Never forget your wife’s birthday. In case you forget, you will be responsible for the disastrous circumstances.
  20. Marriages are always the happiest. The real problem lies in loving together. Best of luck!
  21. Being a man, you will be the head of the house. But the wife is the neck that has the power to turn the head in whichever direction she wants. Take care of your neck!
  22. Keep calm, babies! It’s just a wedding!
  23. Marriage is not about looking at each other. It’s all about looking together in the same direction.
  24. Never leave your wife’s hand in a shopping mall. It sounds like romantic advice, but it is more of an economic one!
  25. If you are doing dishes and cleaning, there is zero probability that your wife will argue with you.
  26. Marriage ends a love story and calls for starting a wrestling match. Let’s see who wins!
  27. From madly loving each other to experiencing only madness, married life will teach you everything. All you need to do is to be the best learners.

Best marriage advice for newlyweds

Since you are new in this field, these amazing pieces of advice will help you have a successful marriage.

  1. Keep the romance alive by dressing up for each other. It’s a fun way to bring charm to your relationship.
  2. Your marriage is like a flower. You need to water it regularly. The more you water it, the more will be the growth of this plant. 
  3. You will never have the best all the time. To make a perfect couple, you must find the best in everything.
  4. Never take problems after marriage as a sign to stop and quit. These are the guidelines that will teach you how to cope with different circumstances.
  5. Never let that particular newlywed bliss fade away from your relationship. 
  6. Communicate with your spouse as much as you can. Never let a communication gap find your way. When you effectively communicate, you automatically say bye to 90% of your problems.
  7. Trust each other because trust can provide the most robust foundation for a relationship called marriage.
  8. Respect is all that anyone wants. Learn to respect the opinions and habits of your partner. Moreover, you should respect each other as a person as well.
  9. Be patient, especially in the first year of marriage. This beginning year is all about learning about the transitions you have gone through. It will require patience, so be prepared for it.
  10.  It will never be your way all the time. Learn to compromise with each other.
  11. Make “Let’s go out” a permanent part of your married life. Be it a birthday, festival, or weekend, don’t miss the chance to hang out with your partner.
  12. A pro tip to keep your house peaceful after marriage: Do what your wife wants you to do!
  13. You don’t need the good times to develop a long-lasting relationship. The love and support you offer each other in hard times make your marriage long-lasting.
  14. Go on trips with your friends. Let the separation between you and your partner grow your love for each other.
  15. Be prepared for the post-wedding blues. Newlyweds often feel gloomy after all the wedding festivities and the honeymoon period is over. It’s natural. Try to lift each other’s mood.
  16. Divide the chores to keep your married life balanced. Decide on what you will be doing and what your partner will be responsible for.
  17. Plan your future. Talk about everything from going somewhere on the weekend to buying a house in the coming year. If you want to see yourselves together in the future, you need to plan it.
  18. As a newlywed couple, you should make as many memories as possible. Memories are the most precious asset a couple has to cherish after years.
  19. Never lie to your partner. Honesty and loyalty are the building blocks of marriage. Keep these blocks rigid, and never let anyone break them.

Short pieces of advice for newlyweds

If you have to give newlyweds advice in a short sentence, here is how you can write it!

  1. Be the fastest to forgive and love.
  2. Tell your spouse the little things you love about them.
  3. Love and praise each other every day.
  4. Learn the language of love and use it with each other regularly.
  5. Accept the person your partner is and never try to change them.
  6. Be an inspiration for each other as a spouse.
  7. Never let your friendship vanish in married life.
  8. Be realistic when expecting something from your spouse.
  9. Think together rather than thinking alike.
  10. Be honest because honesty is the primary element of a successful marriage.
  11. Don’t let little things ruin the beauty of your relationship. Let go!
  12. Keep exploring new things to keep the adventure alive!
  13. Dream big together and set mutual goals!
  14. Keep humor alive in your relationship.
  15. Stick together and fix the things if they need to be fixed.
  16. Words are the most powerful tools to conquer someone’s heart. Use them wisely!
  17. Have separate hobbies and give each other some space.
  18. Avoid the blame game and seek solutions to your problems instead.
  19. Secrecy is the opposite of intimacy. Don’t keep secrets from your spouse.

Advice for newlyweds to spend time together

Couples often get too busy with the responsibilities that come with marriage that they forget to spend some quality time together. Here is how you can advise them in this regard!

  1. Stargazing is the best way to have a romantic conversation.
  2. Plan a date night every week.
  3. Dance together if you love.
  4. Cook a dish together.
  5. Go on a long drive.
  6. Plan a romantic picnic once a month.
  7. Watch a romantic movie together.
  8. Travel with each other to have a break from a stressful routine.


I hope you got some great pieces of advice for newlyweds that will help them keep their relationship on track. The tip jar will have the advice practiced already by your experienced friends and family members. So it will be super helpful for the newlyweds.

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