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15 Meaningful Fathers Day Gift From Son

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There is something so special about a father-son duo. A father teaches life lessons that he learned from his father to his son in hopes of shaping him into even a better version of himself. 

So, this father’s day, here are 16 gift ideas that a son can give to his adorable father. 

Personalized engraved wallet 

When you think about wallets, the first thing that comes to your mind is your dad. You see, wallets are the most valuable things. They help organize cash and cards. But for fathers day, we have a wallet that holds sentimental value. 

The Personalized Engraved Wallet is a classic and excellent piece for him. This is a complete leather wallet with two cash folders and six card slots. That’s why it’s spacious and can hold a great stash of cash. But the sentimental value is added by its personalization features. On top of the wallet, you can add a lovely family photo or just a photo of you and your father together. It’s engraved in premium quality with no streaks. And on the back of the wallet, you can add a heartfelt message or simply wish him ‘happy father’s day.’

Custom tape measure

Dads are the ones who are responsible for fixing things around the house whenever something is broken or doesn’t work. And on father’s day, presenting him with a useful gadget that helps him do all this right is a good idea.

The Custom Tape Measure is high quality and durable tape measure that is useful for measuring when doing any renovation or construction work around the house. The soft cover makes it very comfortable to hold. And the contoured shape lets it sit in the hands perfectly. 

To give it a personalized touch, you can add custom content in the middle of the tape measure. A wooden disc is attached in the middle; you can have a message for your dad. You can even include his name and your name along with a cute note that makes him smile whenever he sees it. 

Wooden and resin money clip 

Money clips are the latest trend circulating in fashion for men. And at Callie’s, we have Wooden and Resin Money Clip. This is a unique money clip made to order. The thin alumina is the base, and the rest of the elements are resin and wood. The vibrant colors and flawless design are so attractive that he will use them more than you think. 

And, of course, you can add custom text to it. You can add his initials or an emotional message on the clip that will strengthen your and your father’s bond. 

Beer stein wooden mug 

Fathers work very hard for their families. And sometimes, they deserve to chill out and enjoy chilled beer. You see, drinking beer alone or with friends and having a good time. So, why not make his relaxing time even more memorable!

The Beer Stein Wooden Mug is a stylish wooden mug with a robust feel. It’s a natural oak beer mug that showcases the natural grains of the wood, making it look even more one of a kind. 

You have a feature to add his name, a loving phrase, or any critical date that means a lot to you or your father on the front of the beer mug. 

Beer keg handle 

Another beer-related gift is Beer Keg Handle. It’s a complete wooden piece with a chalkboard. You can have custom content like graphics, names, dates, or anything you’d like as per your father’s liking. Now he can upgrade his home bar with this amazing present. 

Jeep birthstone cufflink 

This one is for fathers who love their jeeps or want to own a jeep one day. There’s something so fascinating about jeeps for fathers. They get the adrenaline rush while driving one or taking a jeep on an adventurous trip. 

At Callie’s for your father, we have Jeep Birthstone Cufflink. They are small shiny cufflink that looks like the front grills of the jeep. Given their hyper-realistic look, they look fashionable yet subtle in many ways. And the best part about this is that it holds sparkly birthstones, making it extra special for your father. And beneath the grills, you can add his name as well. 

A perfect gift for a jeep-loving dad. 

Name brooch 

Brooch makes a fashion statement. And when a father receives a brooch as a present from his son, it will be extra special. So, The Name Brooch at Callie’s is an excellent idea. You can have your father’s name or initials as the main feature. You can choose the color, material, and style of the pin you’d like. 

Dad Is our anchor ornament 

A father plays a vital role in his son’s life. He is the protector and guards his children against any approaching danger. And by giving him this present, you will remind him of this fact. The Dad Is Our Anchor Ornament is a wonderful trinket to offer your father for father’s day. It’s an anchor-shaped ornament with trees and lighthouses drawn behind it, giving it a complete sea vibe. The wheel is on the front, with the moving part of the whole ornament.

You can have family members’ pictures on the wheel, and on the front, you can add your father’s picture. It’s a fun and lively hanging ornament that encourages and showcases that your father is your anchor most exquisitely. 

Baseball wood frame

Another hanging ornament idea for fathers who love baseball is a Baseball Wood Frame. This wood frame has elements of a baseball and has the feature of holding a lovely photograph. You can add a family photo or just your and your father. Along with this, you can even add custom content. He can hang this fantastic baseball lover present on his favorite wall around the house.  

Wine bottle stopper 

Just like the beer mug, you can also give your father a wine bottle stopper if he loves to sip on some wine on weekends and indulges in discovering this wine realm. The Wine Bottle Stopper isn’t just an ordinary wine bottle stopper. It’s a custom piece that you can choose the design and material and add a custom text on the top of the stopper. The phrase, ‘best dad ever’ is engraved, which you can personalize and even add your father’s name to it. This will make for a suitable companion for him the next time he is enjoying some wine. 

Bullet bottle opener

Since we thought a wine stopper isn’t enough, here’s a Bullet Bottle Opener. The opener is in the shape of a large bullet. We offer it in two sizes, so you can pick out one for him. On the opener, you can engrave a custom message for your father. A useful tool that will never get lost ever again. 

Personalized leather luggage tag

Everybody loves to go on vacations or a short weekend trip away from their hectic daily routines. And when one has tons of luggage to take care of, they can surely get misplaced or confused as to which one is there. You can give your father the Personalized Leather Luggage Tag to combat that. 

This is an amazing luggage tag that we offer in a variety of colors. It has many fields to write their name, address, and phone number on the front inside the plastic casing. And the entire tag is sleekly stitched with leather. You can pick out your father’s favorite color for this. On the top of the tag, you can add his name and select the font style however he’d like. This will make it a unique leather tag for your father’s luggage.

Leather augar wrench 

If your father loves to do wooden projects like bushcraft and cabin, this tool comes in handy whenever his creativity flows out of him. Also, this crafting time can serve as a bonding time for son and father. 

The Leather Augar Wrench is a bushcraft tool used to make wooden joints. It’s a premium quality high carbon steel that gives it an edge over other things. This tool comes with a leather case to keep it safe and secure. The pouch has an attachment that safely hooks onto any outdoor outfit. You can choose the color of the pouch and add his name to the pouch for a personalized effect.  

Dragon necklace 

Dragons hold a lot of significance in history. Whether spiritual, orthodox, or religious, dragons have been the ruling segment throughout history. And when it comes to your father, he is the main character of the family besides your mother. This fathers day gives him the magnificent Dragon Necklace

The chain of this necklace is thick and chunky, giving it a bold look. The pendant of the necklace is a dragon wrapped around the crescent moon. The dragon is highly detailed with enormous wings. 

It gives it a medieval vibe. You can add your father’s name on the crescent, which will be engraved in a cool font. You can pick out the color and the style of the engraving on the necklace. 

Funny face sock 

No gift idea’s list is complete without having a bit of a present humorous idea. And since socks are every man’s need, we had a fun twist to it for father’s day. The Funny Face Sock holds the face of your father or you, if you’d like, and has the phrase ‘happy fathers day’ or ‘I love you, papa’ printed on them. You can choose the color and style of the socks. These fun face socks will be a great addition to his socks collection. 

Final Thoughts

If you think the above list isn’t enough, check out our Best Father’s Day Gifts section or visit our store Callie directly, where you’ll find some more amazing presents.

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