90+ Graduation Quotes to Motivate and Inspire Talented Graduates

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Graduation is a big day. Graduates should be honored with a well-worded wish. You should greet the new grads with an amazing graduation quote. A beautiful graduation quote will highlight how much the graduates have achieved in their lives. Here we have gathered some words of wisdom that will be perfect for a graduate. Extend your heartiest congratulations to the new graduates using these graduation quotes.

High school graduation quotes

If the grad has passed high school, here are some brilliant high school graduation quotes to wish them.

  1. We never forget what we learn with passion and pleasure.
  2. The best thing about your learning is that no one can steal. It will always be yours.
  3. Tolerance is the highest result of education.
  4. Graduation is the beginning of a new chapter of the book called Life.
  5. Do whatever you can to make the best life for yourself.
  6. Only lessons. No regrets!
  7. What you imagine will preview what is coming next in your life. Keep your imagination high!
  8. I know you have the power to move the mountains. All you need to do is to recognize the spark you have within you.
  9. Life is short. Make it as beautiful for you as you can with your knowledge.
  10. Never confuse the two terms, life, and work. Your work is only a part of your life.
  11. Opportunities look like work and dressed in overalls. This is the reason most people miss them.
  12. Make a living but don’t forget to make a life.
  13. There is only one impossible journey. It is the one that you haven’t started yet.
  14. When leaving, never forget the bundle of knowledge this place gave you.
  15. The purpose of education is to let an open mind take the place of the empty one.
  16. Graduation is the beginning of a thrilling and adventurous period of life.
  17. The road to success never ends. It’s always under construction.
  18. Be on the dance floor and see how the opportunity dances with you.

College graduation quotes

These college graduation quotes will be best for all college graduates. Have a look.

  1. I succeeded because I failed over and over.
  2. Don’t let this degree make you settle for less. Passion is to always strive for the big in life.
  3. Every day provides you with an opportunity to change your life and make it the way you want.
  4. You can only enjoy success when you have it.
  5. Making your parents proud is a big achievement, and congrats! You did it!
  6. Graduation is an amazing way for a college student to make his parents proud.
  7. Keep looking for sunshine even after graduation.
  8. It requires courage to make a change. Be courageous!
  9. Never quit trying. When you quit, you fail.
  10. Failure turns into extraordinary achievement with persistence.
  11. If it challenges you, it will change you.
  12. College Graduation is the perfect age to dream of new dreams.
  13. Success chooses those who look for it all the time.
  14. Whatever you need, you already have it within you. It’s time to feel it.
  15. Graduation is the celebration of what you have done and the determination of what you must do.
  16. It’s time to conquer the world with your goodness.
  17. Time flies is the bad news. But don’t worry. The good thing is you are the pilot.
  18. Your passion will lead you to your purpose. Follow it!
  19. Keep doing small things in a great way.
  20. Know the value of this moment before it becomes a memory.
  21. You will hardly find little responsibility and big pay coinciding together. 
  22. A lot of stupid people graduate from college every year. Why can’t you?
  23. Your mind is like a parachute. Keep it open if you want to keep it working.
  24. You have maximum energy, enthusiasm, and brain cells today. Don’t hesitate to set your goals bigger and bigger.

kindergarten graduation quotes

Here are some Kindergarten graduation quotes written especially for children.

  1. You are smarter than you believe, braver than you expect, and stronger than you feel.
  2. If it comes to your mind, you can definitely do it.
  3. This day will give you a sense of accomplishment and pride to drive through the next phases of life.
  4. Happy graduation to this kid who has grown up all of a sudden.
  5. Kindergarten graduation shows you are following the right path in the right way toward your dreams.
  6. Many people dream. Some people try. And very few people achieve. Those who graduate achieve!
  7. Be courageous and bold to give your best.
  8. The one shining this bright on his kindergarten graduation will surely bring creativity and betterment to this world.
  9. The world has a lot to offer you. It’s only the beginning.
  10. Spread happiness with your success everywhere in the world.
  11. This day is providing you with a strong foundation for your bright future.
  12. You are a sparkling treasure in your classroom which is full of potential.
  13. You can become a superhero with your kindness and courage.
  14. This kid is a shimmering rainbow that brings hope and light after the storm.
  15. This day will let you bloom like flower petals.
  16. Little legend is growing so fast to leave his mark on this world.
  17. Always stay humble, curious, and determined in life so that you can do amazing things.
  18. We knew you could do it. Keep using your wings to fly high.
  19. Today is an honorable day for you. This graduation is proof that you have the potential to conquer the world.
  20. It’s time to jump from the alphabet to adventures.
  21. Finished chapter one of learning. There is a lifelong journey waiting for you.
  22. They came and played, and they conquered kindergarten.
  23. My little one is ready to dazzle the world.

Short graduation quotes

Don’t want to go into detail? Here are short graduation quotes.

  1. The journey is a bigger reward than success.
  2. Come forward to set this world to fire with your utmost talent. 
  3. Character combined with intelligence is the true achievement of graduation day.
  4. Here the fireworks begin.
  5. Learning with pleasure will always be permanent.
  6. Move the mountains with this piece of paper in your hands and a bundle of knowledge in your head.
  7. It’s not only the graduation, not just a diploma; it’s the knowledge you celebrate.
  8. Believe in your beautiful dreams and let the world have a legend.
  9. As every beginning has an ending, every ending has a beginning too.
  10. Stumble from one failure to another without losing your enthusiasm, and you will be successful one day.
  11. Your dreams can be achieved easily when you never underestimate your power.
  12. Graduation never ends your education as you pursue it every day.
  13. What comes ahead is far better than what is left behind.
  14. The sky is only the beginning. It’s not the limit at all.
  15. Creating a future is far better than predicting it.
  16. Prefer making opportunities over finding them.
  17. A ship is not built to stand in the harbor. 
  18. A mind will never regret learning in life. Keep on learning even when you are graduated.
  19. Life is your college. Try to graduate from it and have some honor. 
  20. Do you know where the key to success is? It is under your alarm clock.
  21. The validity of your dreams never depends on who you are. Whoever you are, you can achieve them because they are your dreams.
  22. Someone’s ideas or words can change a life.
  23. Effort and courage need purpose and direction to make something successful.
  24. While leaving a place, never forget why you came here.
  25. Never wait for the right time. If you have the strength to do it now, now is the right time.
  26. Don’t try to fit in because you are the one who is born to stand out.
  27. Following your fear will lead to the destination you have longed for years.
  28. You write something that the coming generations would love to read or do something that keeps you alive.
  29. Overeducated is never a word in the dictionary of a successful man. There is no limit to education.
  30. You will find myriads of tempting parking spaces on the road to success.


Seems like you have found something to write on the graduation card. Your loved one goes through a flurry of emotions on his graduation day. Your words of inspiration can make a difference for them. Whether you send words of wisdom to congratulate them or best wishes for the future, make sure to be inspirational with your words. Don’t forget to visit our website and pair your greetings with an amazing graduation gift.

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