A Complete Guide for How to Say Happy Father’s Day to Single Mom with Gift Ideas Too

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A single mom working hard to raise their kids all by themselves should be celebrated on Father’s Day. Filled with the demanding duties of a mother and a father, they deserve to be appreciated these days.

How to say happy fathers day to the single mom

There’s nothing out of the ordinary for saying happy father’s day to your single mom. It is just as you’d wish her a happy mother’s day. The idea is simple, make her feel special and cared for regarding whatever she has done for you and your siblings.

Ideas to easily celebrate father’s day for single mothers

 If you’re looking for perfect ways to celebrate Father’s Day with your single mom, here are the top 4 ways you can do that quickly.

Company with her

Time is a resource that never stops, waits, or delays for anyone. And every day of our routine lives, we’re stuck with things like school, work, gym, etc. But on Father’s Day, spend some quality time with your single mom.

Spend the whole day with her without any disturbance. Maybe have a conversation with her as you sip coffee together. This meaningful time will even enhance your relationship dynamics with your mom.

 Send a warm message to thank her

If you stay away from your mom or are out of town for work or study when Father’s Day is around, send your single mom a warm message to thank her for whatever she has done. The message could be a long text on WhatsApp with emojis or a voice message.

Another way to send her a warm message would be by sending her an E-card that drops directly into her mail. Just make sure it is personalized according to whatever she likes and is filled with love and care. 

But if you still aren’t able to make up your mind, scroll down as we have top-rated messages for single mothers.

Prepare a sweet gift

 Who doesn’t like gifts? No matter how old or young they are, everybody loves to receive sweet gifts. The present cost doesn’t matter as long as the gift is given with unconditional love. And you don’t have to worry about gift ideas. Keep on reading as we have curated the best 7 gifts for Father’s Day for single moms below.

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Take her out to a place with a happy memory

Memories are moments in time that can never be returned. Whether that moment made you feel happy or sad, painful or joyful, memories are irreplaceable. So, we figured with all the hardships in single moms’ lives, why not give single moms a sigh of happiness for Father’s Day. Taking her out to a place with happy memories there will make her smile.

As she’ll walk down memory lane and remember all the small details like funny incidents, an achieved milestone, or the food of her favorite restaurant that she has loved since her childhood, for a moment, she’ll forget about her daily worries. The place with happy memories could be anything, you know.

Messages for single mothers

We sure understand that it can be hard to express your love and admiration for your single mom. And sometimes, the words aren’t just playing in your favor even though you want to say something meaningful. So here we have 3 top-rated messages for single mothers which you can use.

You’re loving for two, and that’s amazing

 Incorporating this in your message shows her how much you appreciate her for filling the gap where a father’s love should be placed.

You’re stronger than you think you are

 She is doing a fantastic job at one of the most challenging jobs ever. She is rocking it every day without any helping hand or even expecting someone to take over when she is overwhelmed. 

You’re beautiful inside and out, and so are your children

Moms who adore their children cannot help but glow when their kids smile. They can’t help it. Since they’ve placed them in a comfortable environment where they can be themselves, shine, learn and grow, you should smile.

Gift ideas for single mothers

 By now, we have guided you through everything. In this part, after careful analysis of what single moms would love to receive as a father’s day present, we have shortlisted the most popular gift ideas.

They are helpful yet heartfelt presents that will make her smile instantly.

Spotify keychain

No matter what your mother does for a living or what interest she has, a keychain is a handy item that will come in handy. She can put her office keys, car keys, or house keys on this beautiful keychain.

The Spotify Keychain isn’t just an ordinary keychain. It encapsulates the essence of a sweet memory associated with music. The front of the keychain has the feature of printing a lovely photograph. It can be a cherished memory of you two or your father and her.

And the exciting part is the back of the tag. The back would be engraved with favorite music from her famous artist. Just let us know the name and artist of the song, and the music bar will be engraved flawlessly. Along with this, you can also engrave custom content to make it extra special. It could be a warm message, her name, or just a simple ‘I Love You’ also works.

 Family signet t-shirt

Mothers are the ones who flaunt their love for their children and family in the most outrageous ways. Therefore, we’ve designed an exclusive Family Signet T-shirt for single moms. The unity of your family is effortless. As a signet, you can upload your family photo or any signet pattern that you’d like. Add custom content like family’s name, any phrase your mom associates with, or just about anything. You see, we have developed a unique experience for everyone. This is the most comfortable and breathable t-shirt ever and will make her feel connected to her family even more. 

Mama & baby bear mug

 Since your mama bear is the most adorable and robust woman, give her a token of appreciation that will remind her daily how much she means to you. The Mama & Baby Bear Mug is a fabulous spacious mug with a mama bear and her cubs printed on it. The mama bear is the protective shield of the cubs and stands in front while the small cubs follow her.

You can select the number of cubs you want to be printed on the mug. Also, you can have the name of each kid printed on each cub.

Hummingbird birth flower necklace

Hummingbirds represent joy and luck. And all the single mothers out there need all the chances and deserve all the happiness in the world. At Callie’s, we got Hummingbird Birth Flower Necklace. This exquisite piece is a playful and adorable charm for her jewelry collection. The pendant is a realistic hummingbird with the feature of adding birthstones to the bird’s body. This adds an extra shine and sparkle. Just pick out the birth month, and we’ll add the respective birthstone. And lastly, the flower that the hummingbird is picking is customizable. It can be the coordinating birth flower of your mother.

Mother-daughter wall art   

When it comes to mothers and daughters, they share an incredible bond. So, why not upgrade your mother décor with this sentimental wall art. The Mother-Daughter Duo Wall Art is a minimalistic yet impactful piece of art. The art is a painting style print that you can customize according to your mother and looks. You can pick out the skin color, hairstyle, clothes, etc. On top of the figures, you can add an emotional message for your mother to make this bond even stronger.

Receiving this as a present on father’s day will overwhelm her with joy. 

Name pearl bracelet  

 Instantly make her feel like a billion dollars with this luxurious Name Pearl Bracelet. The complete bracelet is made out of white pearls. Only the clasp is gold, and the centerpiece isn’t a pearl. The center is a style statement. Your mother’s name in gold is the center of the bracelet. You’re almost making her rain in white pearls. This bracelet will become her everyday essential before stepping out of the house.

Knitted card 

Greetings cards are spread everywhere. But this one is a never seen greeting card. The Knitted Card is a plain card with a special knitwork. The corner of the card is a knitted heart of the top quality. As they love as many colors, you can pick out the color of the knitted heart as per the mother’s liking. And on the rest of the card, we’ll print the custom content you’ll like. A sweet card for your mother.

What do we think

Giving a present to your single mother on father’s day is the most loving thing you can do for her. But if the above gift ideas are limited, check out our Best Father’s Day Gifts or Best Gifts for Mothers. And you can always visit our store Callie directly too. 

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