13 Inexpensive Mother’s Day Gifts Ranging from Under $15 to Not More Than $25

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Since our mothers deserve royalty, it’s challenging to find an excellent affordable present that doesn’t look or feel cheap. Maybe you’re on a budget or trying to save up, and we have some stunning and thoughtful gift ideas which cost less than $15 to not more than $25. Here are the best 13 inexpensive gifts for Mother’s Day.

Under $15

Name and monogram headband

If your mum doesn’t like too extravagant presents and loves practical gift ideas, this one is for her. The Name and Monogram Headband is a soft elastic headband. But it isn’t just an ordinary headband; it absorbs sweat quickly and keeps the hair out of the way while not compressing the head too hard. 

The elasticated material makes it super comfy, thus making it perfect for activities like exercise, sports, and outdoor trips. Also, you can add your mother’s name as a monogram on the headband. So, pick out the color of the headband, and your customized present under $15 is ready.

Birth flower tea towel

With all the hard work that your mother does daily, it’s nice to give her something to look forward to relaxing. Like a relaxing and fun tea time? So, to make this tea time memorable, we have a Birth Flower Tea Towel. This mesmerizing tea towel is so breathtaking.

This tea towel is super soft and has the birth flowers printed in vibrant colors & the finest quality. The flowers help brighten up any space while lifting spirits and looking pleasant. Real flowers can wilt, but these flowers aren’t. So, you have to select her birth month, and we’ll print the corresponding birth flower on the tea towel.

Personalized birthstones copper ring

Personalized Birthstones Copper Ring is another meaningful yet affordable gift. These handmade copper rings are made to perfection for everyone. The birthstone is hand-wired, which makes it so festive. The colorful stones amplify the uniqueness of this ring.

We offer this ring in silver, gold, and rose gold which complements the deep vibrant colors of the birthstones. Since mother’s jewelry, she’ll cherish this thoughtful piece.

Under $20

Schitt’s creek wooden spoon

Wooden spoons are a necessity for the kitchen. And any mother who is into cooking loves to hoard as many cooking utensils as she can. The Schitt’s Creek fame is grand; therefore, this humorous Fold in the Cheese Wooden Spoons is here.

This great wooden spoon comes in two options. One is the Moira Rose, and the other is the David Rose. Each has their face printed inside the spoon. You can also order one or order both of them together to complete the scene.

Plus, you can add custom content on the spoons’ handle. These excellent and sturdy wooden spoons would be her favorite in the kitchen.

Spacious tote bag

Mothers are usually out and about running errands. So, they typically need a lightweight tote bag that they carry around easily. Our Custom Tote Bag with Ribbon is a rustic lightweight bag.

The bag itself is very spacious and has a zip-top closure so she can keep all her stuff inside without worrying. The bag handles are sturdy for easy holding and are made in tan color for a sleek look. One side of the handle also has a ribbon wrapped for a sensitive touch. You can pick out the color of the ribbon.

Also, the best thing about this is that you can conveniently get her name engraved on the top of the body of the bag. Plus, you can select the color of the name and the bag color.

Wooden name rose

Flowers are fascinating things on this planet. Their fragile petals and vibrant colors are as pretty as a picture. But the sad thing is they wilt very quickly once plucked. We have Wooden Name Rose for Women, which will stay forever.

They are wooden, real-looking roses with stems and leaves. But you can add your mother’s name length-wise on the stem. It will be carved out neatly, making it pop. Since each color of a rose represents a different meaning, we have them in lots of colors for you to choose for your mother.

You can make her a bouquet of roses that will never wilt away. She can use these later as decor pieces to add some tone to the house.

Printed family name throw pillow

Another decor-related mother’s day gift that holds sentimental value is the Printed Family Name Throw Pillow. Pillows are the comfiest things used to relax and can also be used as statement pieces to change up the setting of a room.

Therefore, this wonderful throw pillow is a minimalistic pillow with your mother’s kid’s name. Whether she is a mother of six or one, seeing her kid’s name right in front of her every time will make her happy.

Multi birthstone ring

Your mother can have her entire family wrapped around her finger with this ring. This Multi Birthstone Ring For Women will make her feel close to her family everywhere she goes. This exquisite and sparkly band-style ring is embellished with gleaming birthstones.

You can choose the color of the ring itself and the size of the birthstones. You can get the entire family’s birthstone placed as the centerpiece. The colorful and glassy birthstones will remind her that she is around her family every moment.

Personalized logo t-shirt

To take the fam jam up a notch, we have Personalized Logo Cotton T-shirt. This 100% cotton t-shirt unites the family together flawlessly. A freely customizable t-shirt that you can do so much with. Add your family’s logo or photo, printed in the highest quality.

There’s a place for custom text underneath the logo, which can be anything you’d like. And this custom text will be embroidered. This impactful t-shirt profoundly captures the emotion of a family.

This t-shirt is loose cut, offering a wide range of sizes to fit almost every body type. The customization options for this t-shirt include the color of the t-shirt, style of the font, the color of the text, your custom text, and size preference.

Let your mother embrace her family and showcase how much she loves each one with this meaningful t-shirt.

Under $25

2 in 1 sewing tool

A practical gift for a mother who enjoys sewing is a 2-in-1 Seam Ripper and Stiletto Custom Sewing Tool. As dull as it may sound to you, she will shout with joy with this present. This 2-in-1 sewing tool is a handy must-have item for her sewing box.  

One end is a seam ripper, which is traditionally used for removing buttons, ripping seams, and opening stitched buttonholes. And the other side is a stiletto which is mainly used for poking holes, precisely pulling seams too small for a seam ripper, turning the edges of applique, and so much more.

With golden sides, we’re offering this in many marbleized colors that have a beautiful feel to them. And, you can have your mother’s name printed right in the middle of these colors.

Birth flower necklace

Make your mother feel like beautiful and fragrant flowers with a Personalized Sterling Silver Birth Flower Necklace. This delicate piece is for women to remind them that their lives should also be like a flower, just like how your mother is a rare flower in this world. 

The necklace’s pendant is her birth flower, which you select by telling us her birth month. Then, the flower will be laser cut with sleek edges for a softer look. Also, there is a petite charm on the side of the pendant for holding a birthstone. It adds an extra layer of glow to the overall feel of this necklace.

Family name peeps apron

An apron comes to use for everything. Whether working in the garden or the kitchen, she can protect our clothes with Family Name Peeps Apron. This high-quality apron will have peeps printed in your selected color. And each peep represents a family member. You can add the member’s name and custom content printed on the apron.

Women’s satin night cap

Satin is a luxury material that is super-soft against the skin. And a satin nightcap is a very bougie thing. The Custom Women’s Satin Night Cap is a hair bonnet made entirely of satin. You can add different symbols, pick out the color, and add custom text for her.

This inexpensive gift would make her feel like a million bucks every time she wears it. 

Closing thoughts

The above list entails the best affordable gifts, But if you’d like to see more options, check out our store Callie, where we have a plethora of personalized presents that will make her happy. In minutes, you’ll find her perfect present, from charming jewelry pieces to enchanting decor.  

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