How the Placement of Your Lucky Ring Finger Can Impact Your Fortune

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The finger on which you wear your lucky ring has direct consequences on your luck. Even the choice of hand has meaning and impact. That’s why we explain here on which finger to wear a lucky ring, so that you don’t make any more mistakes.

The finger on which you wear your lucky ring can change your luck

Have you had an accident or narrowly avoided a disaster? Have you lost a large sum of money, missed a job opportunity, or a romantic relationship? And what if all of this is just because of the finger on which you chose to wear your lucky ring?

Nothing happens by chance, and if you know about the butterfly effect, you already know that a small thing, a detail, can have big consequences. Your lucky ring is no exception.

The difficulty is that we have ten fingers and two hands, which means there are many risks of making a mistake. Indeed, rings not only have a special meaning depending on the finger they are worn on, but they also do not bring the same luck.

Sometimes, wearing any ring on any finger may even attract misfortune. Everything has a meaning. Wearing a ring on the right finger is just as important as putting your shoe on the right foot.

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Wearing the ring on the thumb

This means that you are assertive, aggressive, or trying to become one. You will be seen as someone who works hard to succeed. That’s why wearing a ring on the thumb also indicates that you will live long and in good health. But does it mean anything specific about your sexuality? Definitely not. However, what about luck?

Wearing a ring on the thumb is not common. That’s why it can allow you to profoundly change your luck, in a positive way. Therefore, if you are naturally unlucky, wearing a piece of jewelry on your thumb can change everything. But on which thumb should you wear the ring?

On your weaker hand. Why? Because it avoids injuring yourself and damaging your ring. The thumb is indeed a particularly important finger, as it allows grasping by enabling pinching movements. We use it all the time.

Ring on an Index Finger

The index finger is a finger with strong symbolic power. It is the finger that points, condemns, and represents authority and power. It is not without reason that the index finger is also called the “finger of Jupiter”.

However, the index finger is also the finger of pride, representing someone who is ambitious and authoritarian. Placing a ring on the index finger indicates that you are a person of authority and want to show it. It shows that you have confidence in yourself. Therefore, the index finger should wear the most beautiful ring that you own.

Obviously, placing your lucky charm ring on the index finger will attract luck, but not in just any area of your life. It will serve your ambition. It will allow you to assert yourself at work as well as in your family. This is especially true if you wear it on your right hand, which is the hand of power par excellence.

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Ring on the Middle Finger

If you lack money, do not hesitate for a moment. Wearing a ring on the middle finger is a sign of luck to become rich. This practice represents the accumulation of wealth. The middle finger represents three things:

  • Responsibility
  • Balance
  • Introspection

These are all qualities that are necessary to build a life free from need. However, many people wear their ring on the middle finger without knowing its meaning. Why? Simply because it is too big to be worn on the ring finger. So, sizing mistakes can have their benefits.

Because wealth is often a guarantee of a secure life, wearing a ring on the middle finger often signifies a serious and extremely solid romantic relationship. The middle finger is therefore a preferred finger for rings and has nothing to do with its provocative side.

Wearing a Ring on the Ring Finger

Its name carries the mark of the ring. It is the finger of choice for wearing an engagement or wedding ring. But above all, it is the finger known for having a vein that goes straight to the heart, especially on the left hand. That is why the engagement ring is worn on the ring finger of the left hand.

Often, depending on countries and cultures, the wedding ring will replace or complement the engagement ring on this finger. Indeed, many people wear both rings on the ring finger of their left hand.

In addition to being proof of your love, the ring you wear on the ring finger brings you luck in everything related to your popularity. It even helps you stay rich and, if you are not yet, not to lose what you possess.

It complements perfectly the wearing of a ring on one of your middle fingers. Thus, this latter ring brings you luck to become rich by accumulating wealth, while the second one guarantees that you keep your possessions. A teamwork that you would be wrong to deprive yourself of.

Ring on a little finger

The little finger is particularly suitable for wearing a jade ring. It is said that women wear their lucky ring best on the right hand, while men should wear it on the little finger of the left hand. Why? To protect themselves from hypocrites and malicious people.

Wearing a ring on the little finger will also bring you luck in gambling. Not just any kind of gambling: betting. By now, you may understand why wealthy men often wear rings on every finger and made of different materials. Simply because they rely on the luck brought by their collection of lucky rings.

Do you want examples?

  • Johnny Depp
  • Beyoncé
  • Jimi Hendrix
  • Tupac Shakur
  • Rita Ora
  • Nicki Minaj
  • Ringo Starr
  • etc.

Don’t think that they had no jewelry on their fingers before becoming rich and famous. Luck doesn’t wait, it is provoked. Without bad puns, you now have all the cards in your hands to provoke it yourself. You just need to know which hand your lucky rings should be worn on.

Which finger should a lucky gold ring be worn on?

On the ring finger. Why is that? Because the ring finger is the finger of happiness. It is the one that brings us luck to stay rich. And gold is the metal that symbolizes the preservation of wealth. Isn’t it gold that is often given as wedding gifts in many countries? Gold that couples sometimes keep for their entire lives, or to face a hard time.

That’s why the ring finger is destined to receive a gold ring. If it is the only thing you have left, do not pawn it. It would be a mistake that could lead to even greater financial distress.

Now, if your engagement ring and wedding ring each occupy one of your ring fingers, you can always choose to wear a gold ring on one of your middle fingers. Indeed, being perfect for the accumulation of wealth, a ring placed on this finger can perfectly bring you the luck you need.

As a last resort, you can choose the index finger, which is the finger of power. It therefore relatively matches well with this noble metal, gold. But be careful not to attract a luck that you cannot control the effects of, and be intoxicated by your sudden fortune and power.

Which finger should you wear a silver ring for good luck? 

Silver rings are currently in trend, just like wearing a ring on the pinky finger. That’s exactly why wearing a lucky silver ring on the pinky finger is very stylish. Even better, silver is symbolized by wealth and success. 

So, since wearing a ring on the pinky finger protects against gossip and hypocrites, what could be better than choosing a silver ring to ensure a peaceful life? Especially because gossipers and hypocrites often target people who are wealthier than themselves. It’s best to protect oneself effectively. 

Do you wear a ring on your left or right hand? 

If you wear a ring on your left hand, it’s most likely your engagement ring or wedding ring. That’s where tradition places it. Conversely, the rings you wear on your right hand are usually your lucky rings. The only problem is that the right hand is often the dominant hand. 

Therefore, wearing your lucky rings on the right hand will eventually damage them or cause injuries. What can you do then? Can you change your lucky ring? Yes, that’s entirely possible. Changing a lucky ring will even allow you to enjoy a precious metal recharged with positive energy. 

And you, are you more left-handed or right-handed? 

Never wear a ring like this

How? On the ring finger of the left hand. The ring finger of your left hand is designated for wearing your wedding ring. If you start putting other rings on it, you risk heading straight for disaster. 

It’s even worse than crossing paths with a black cat at night in a cemetery, breaking a mirror, or walking under a ladder. This action will bring misfortune to your relationship. There’s a strong chance that you’ll drift apart from each other before ultimately separating. 

The situation can be even more serious if the ring you’re wearing was not purchased by your significant other, but by your mother, mother-in-law, or any other person. Especially when the giver doesn’t have a very favorable view of your union. Their negative energy will directly impact your future.

In conclusion

The finger on which you wear your lucky ring can indeed have an impact on your luck.  So, if you believe in the power of a lucky ring, why not give it a try? It just might bring a bit of extra fortune into your life.

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