Why Rabbit is Considered a Must-have Symbol of Easter

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The bunny and seasonal chocolate eggs have no evidence in the religious scripture, that is why its evidence usually becomes less clear. Some traditional historical sources say that easter bunny is a symbol of fertility because they are known for energetic breeding.

But there is a whole story that started this tradition. Let’s discuss!

How do rabbits represent Easter in America?

German immigrants brought the tradition of Easter bunny in America when they came here and get settled in Pennsylvania inherited the tradition of egg layer hare which was known as “oschter haws”. They build net in which rabbits could lay their colored eggs. This is how the custom eventually spread all over the US and a whole industry of gifts, decorations, chocolates were boosted.

Strengthening the bond of Relationship

An ideal gift you are looking for your better half to give on this Easter. Jewelry is the weakness of every girl weakness when it comes to perfect selection for her. This is the reason this elegant necklace is a beautiful accessory she’ll love. It features an easter egg-shaped font with bunny openings in the letters. Pretty suits the theme, right? And the best part is that it comes in 3 different kinds of material, you can choose whichever you like the most or even all of them. Plus the option of personalized color and chain based on your preference.


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Treat for the whole family

Rabbits are considered as a typical element of a new life in every upcoming spring and of course on Easter Day as well. This personalized wooden easter bunny decoration with a custom name printing option is an adorable gift for the whole family. It incorporates all types of colors that stand better for spring. Kids will surely love this adorable rabbit-shaped decor along with their names on them. The best part is that all colors are solid.


Comes with a jute rope roll to decor the bunny by handing it on the wall with a tie. No need to worry about the material quality as it is safe and nontoxic. The custom name printing option gives you the freedom of ordering it with the name of all family members. If you’re arranging a party this year then you can also place them inside a basket and keep them on the tables or anywhere else. ‘Hanging two to three bunny decor pieces on the wall will glorify the party as well.

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Final take

As we discussed the reason for the symbolic presence of bunnies in the Easter celebration and how they are not even left behind in gift production. But if you want something other than that to gift your loved ones on this Easter then we also have amazing personalized gifts for everyone regardless of their age and gender. Custom-made gifts are not only best for an occasion but also work in giving presents to anyone other than any special occasion.

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