20 Easter Basket Gifts for Adults -Delightful Surprises for the Grown-Ups!

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Planning to give an exquisite Easter basket but don’t know what to add in it? Well, adults aren’t that difficult to please, you see. They have so much going on that small trinkets like earrings or necklaces or pampering things like Yankee candles or edible stuff like chocolates, or champagne can genuinely put a smile on their faces. So, here are 20 of the best gifts you can add to an adult Easter basket.

Cute Bunny Plush Coin Purse

The wallet is designed in the shape of an adorable bunny, with a vibrant macaroon color scheme that adds joy to Easter celebrations. The inclusion of a wrist strap enhances its versatility and safety. Customization options allow you to personalize the wallet with the name, creating a unique gift that combines the charm of a cute bunny with the individuality of a personalized accessory.

Bunny Egg Non-Slip Welcome Doormat

The doormat features a cute design with rabbits and eggs, symbolizing the arrival of spring and the emergence of new life. This unique Easter symbol creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Personalization options allow for the carving of your partner’s or your own name on the doormat, adding an extra touch of happiness to this special gift.

 Bunny Ears Photo Socks

These adorable socks feature pink bunny ears on top of photos, creating a playful and charming look. Adding to the festive cheer, the socks are adorned with vibrant and colorful Easter eggs. The eggs showcase a variety of hues, patterns, and designs, reminiscent of joyful Easter egg hunts and celebrations. The multicolor Easter eggs create a playful and lively atmosphere, making these socks the perfect accessory for family gatherings, Easter parties, or birthday celebrations during the Easter season.

Bunny Eggs Table Runner

This table runner is specially designed for your Easter table, featuring cute and charming bunnies, colorful eggs, and the festive slogan “Happy Easter.” The fringed corners add coziness and vibrant colors, making it more appealing than traditional table flags. It makes an ideal Easter gift for family or friends, expressing your heartfelt wishes and care.

Bunny Pattern Sweatshirt Hoodie

This personalized multicolor bunny pattern sweatshirt is a fashionable and unique Easter gift. Its stylish design showcases charm and creativity, while the customizable name adds a personal touch, making it a truly one-of-a-kind piece of apparel. This Easter gift is sure to be cherished and enjoyed.

Burlap Jute Tote Bag

Elevate your style with this adorable tote bag featuring four charming bunny designs, each sporting adorable glasses. This tote bag is the perfect Easter gift for friends who love bunnies. Its versatility makes it a thoughtful and practical gift that can be enjoyed long after the Easter festivities.

Ceramic bunny coffee mug

As you grow up, caffeine becomes an essential part of your life. It gives you a head start for starting your day. So, a Ceramic Bunny Coffee Mug makes sense to add in an adult Easter basket. This bunny ceramic mug serves as a meaningful Easter gift, spreading warmth and happiness to family, and friends during the holiday season.

Easter bunny alphabet name necklace

The Easter Bunny Alphabet Name Necklace is one of a kind. The funky chain can be customized as per the requirement, so no hassle on that. The main piece is the pendant which will be the name’s initial cut out with bunny ears and a small tail. How cute! You customize the material, color and even get their complete names printed on the side of the pendant.  

Easter lovely bunny name necklace

If you think the above necklace option with the initials-only pendant isn’t enough for the receiver’s taste, our Easter Lovely Bunny Name Necklace is the perfect option for you. This is a unique necklace but on-brand with the Easter bunny theme. The necklace’s pendant would be the name of the receiver with alphabets cut out in various bunnies’ positions. You can select the size of the chain, material, and color of the necklace. 

Plus, this comes in a delicate gift box, so all you gotta do is add it to the Easter basket and that’s it. 

 Bunny egg name necklace

Another great option for necklaces is the Easter Bunny Egg Name Necklace. The pendant of this necklace is an actual bunny with bunny ears & feet but in the shape of an egg. You can choose the size of the chain, the color, and the material of the whole necklace. You can even get the receiver’s name printed on the pendant for an extra layer of personalization. 

Wooden easter basket name tag

Okay, so this one is not an actual present but can accompany any present or goodies that you’d like for your Easter basket. Pair any present with Wooden Easter Basket Name Tag. You can use this name to personalize the whole basket. Tie on the handle or place it like the greeting card. This comes in bunny cut out or egg cut out with the name printed in the middle. So, make it extra special using this. 

Since it’s made of wood, it’s very sturdy and will grab attention when you present the Easter basket. 

Easter wooden decor

A Wooden Name Easter Bunny Décor is a bunny décor perfect for your Easter basket. Why? Well, they are colorful wooden bunnies that come in a bunch of pastel colors. And each bunny has the feature of adding the name on the front part, making it lavish & personalized. Once you order this, you’ll get a roll of jute to tie a bow around the necks or the bunnies or use the jute to tie them on the wall. 

So, if you think the above name tag isn’t what you’re looking for, try making this 2 in 1 wooden décor into a name tag or a décor piece for the Easter basket. 

Custom photo badge crystal wine stopper

Once you pop the bottle of wine and rose and there’s still a lot left what should you do? Of course, you screw in the stopper and put it back in the wine chiller until next time. But we have an awesome and exciting wine stopper that grabs attention more than you think. The Custom Photo Badge Crystal Wine Stopper is a crystal that can be cut out into a diamond or a square as per your requirement. This sturdy crystal is a photo frame which is fun wine decorations too. The crystal wine stopper sits on the top of the bottle and will hold an etched photograph of you in multicolour or white. WOW! 

An exciting and breath-taking gift to add along with some booze. 

Champagne glass for two

You got the rose, the stopper, so what about the champagne glasses? Well, here they are. Our magnificent Personalized Set of 2 Champagne Glasses Gift.Craft craftsmen hand-blown these delicate lead-free glasses to give them a truly exciting feel. If the receiver is a newlywed couple or married for 10 years, this is perfect. Both the glass have patterns that display bride or groom vibes. And you can add their wedding date along with their respective names on each glass. After all, nobody likes to wine and dine alone!

Funny face boxers briefs with easter egg

This is a hilarious boxer for men with faces and eggs printed. YES! The Funny Face Boxers Briefs with Easter Egg is brief-style underwear for men with a snug fit for the curves but with soft comfy polyester for them to unwind in all day long. It comes in a bunch of colors to choose from for them. And for the face, just upload your funny pose and we’ll print your face all over the boxers with decorative colour eggs. 

Give him a good laugh with these boxers. 

Easter photo gift wrapping paper

If you think your face isn’t enough just being on his boxers, wrap the gift up in this awesome funny wrapping paper. We have this high-quality Easter Photo Gift Wrapping Paper in various Easter-themed designs like eggs, carrots, and bunnies. And along with this Easter-themed stuff printed, you can get your face or anybody’s face printed on it too. We’ll add bunny ears to every face printed on the wrapping paper for added fun. Awesome!  

Since it also comes in a bunch of colors for you to choose from, you can use this wrapping paper as decoration around Easter time too. 

Charcuterie boards

A cheese board is a gift idea that brings people together. From huge cheese boards that could feed a wolf pack to small charcuterie boards crafted for displaying a tasteful platter. Our own, Custom Walnut Cheese Board will let the Easter basket display their cheese board decorating skills. This multifunctional walnut cheese board comes in different styles and patterns which you can customize as per requirement. And you can have their names printed right in the middle of the board. Even if the receiver isn’t too fancy about charcuterie, they can use this sturdy wooden board as serving boards like for burgers, pizzas, etc. 

A fantastic apron 

If you think that the cheese board can encourage the receiver to cook up something delicious, then why not add in a sturdy high-quality apron too. Our Canvas Work Shop Aprons with Pockets & Leather Strap. This apron is like no other. It has huge pockets giving plenty of room to hold any tool. You can customize the apron by picking out the size and color for the receiver. Also, you can add a name tag or a logo that represents the receiver. 

Handmade pet statue

If the receiver is an animal lover they will surely love this addition in the Easter basket. Our Handmade Pet Statue is made with clay and has a base for a sturdy grip so it doesn’t slip anywhere. Plus, you just need to send the picture of the pet you would like the statue of and we’ll hand-make it. Also, a name tag will also be added with any date of your choosing. 

Easter gnomes

If plushies aren’t your style, we have Easter Gnomes. They are the softest gnomes with long beards and big Easter bunny ears. They come in a bunch of colors and you have the option to pick out whatever is required. And on their tall hats, you can get the receiver’s name or any phrase embroidered on it. Pretty cool, right!

Closing thoughts

The items above are the best gifts to add to an adult’s Easter basket. But if you’d like to see more options, visit our store Callie, where we have an immense variety of Easter-themed goodies for adults that they’ll love.  So don’t miss out the chance of making them smile this Easter!

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