Best 40+ 40th Birthday Wishes and Funny Messages

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40 is an age that signifies the start of new beginnings, growth, and discovery. This can be a challenging moment in life, as it requires us to step back, reflect, celebrate the past, and move forward. 

However, it is essential to realize that they have not changed much as they have gotten older. The same old friends still have the same interests in sports, lifestyle, food, or anything else you may be interested in. So when one friend turns 40, you want to send them a charming and thoughtful message. 

40th birthday messages to a friend

These 40th birthday messages for your friends can boost their morale or give them goosebumps. Whatever it is that your friend likes or loves, sending them one of these messages should make her feel good and loved by sending them on such an important day of her life.

Meaningful 40th birthday messages

  1. You are growing old, but you are still a beautiful person. I am glad you have been able to enjoy your life and are full of energy and enthusiasm for the future.
  2. You are doing well in life, aren’t you? I hope so. You have worked hard for the last 40 years and well deserved all the success that has come your way.
  3. I wish you a joyous and beautiful birthday filled with love, laughter, pleasure, and happiness! May God bless us all with good health, wealth, and success! Happy Birthday!
  4. I cannot believe that you are 40! You are so much more than your age. You are a fantastic person with a heart of gold and a soul that is as big as the universe.
  5. It is time to celebrate another year of your life. Happy Birthday! You have shown a lot of courage in the years you have been alive, and it is time for you to be rewarded. 
  6. I wish you all the best as you embark on this journey into adulthood. You have worked hard all these years, and now it is time to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor. 
  7. You know life is a journey, and we all must take it one step at a time. And I think celebrating your 40th birthday is the next step in your life journey.
  8. You have a heart of gold, and your soul is filled with love. I am so happy to have known you over the last few years. Happy Birthday!
  9. I am glad you are enjoying your 40th birthday today. It is a special day for you, and I am honored to be a part of it.

Sweet birthday message for a best friend

  1. On this great day, I wish you many joyful returns, not only because it is your 40th birthday but also because it is the day you have become an essential part of my life.
  2. Happy Birthday! I Hope That You Enjoy Your 40s More Than Your 30s.
  3. You can be the most critical person in my life. You have been and continue to be. Happy birthday, dear friend!
  4. You are my constant source of inspiration, motivation, and joy in my life. I am so happy to have you as part of it! Happy Birthday!
  5. My love is the most significant present I can give you right now, which will continue to grow as time goes by. Our friendship will become more meaningful as we grow older together!
  6. I am so glad we met and got to know each other. You will always live on in my heart; Happy Birthday!
  7. Happy 40th birthday to my best friend. I love you so much and am delighted that we have been through many things together. I hope we continue growing old together and enjoy every moment of our lives together.
  8. It has been an exciting journey, but it has also been one filled with lots of memories. Happy birthday to you!
  9. You are so important and unique to me, and I hope we can continue our friendship for many more years. Happy Birthday!

Birthday message to a female friend

  1. I love how special you are to me and how much we care about each other! Happy birthday, babe!!
  2. We have many shared memories and have been through a lot together. You have become such an essential part of my life, and I could not imagine living it without you here by my side.
  3. I’m so glad that we are best friends, and even though we do not always see eye to eye, we can still stay in touch. Happy Birthday!
  4. You have made my life so much better over the years that it is hard for me to believe sometimes that it is your 40th birthday today. Happy Birthday!
  5. The days go by so fast, but they seem to last forever when I am with you! Happy Birthday!
  6. Your birthday is one of the most joyful days in your life, so ensure it is everything you ever wanted it to be! Happy Birthday!
  7. I wish you a happy 40th birthday. You have been our best friends, and we have shared many great times.

Birthday message to a male friend

  1. You are a great person with a good heart and a great personality. I love spending time with you and being around you.
  2. Thank you for sharing all these years with me!
  3. You are a fantastic person, whether you are 20 or 40. Hope your big day is filled with great memories!
  4. Happy birthday, my friend! You are so loved and cherished by me. I cannot imagine how much you mean to me.
  5. I hope this year is as remarkable for you as it has been for me. I feel exceptional to have you in my life and that we have gotten this far.
  6. I hope you have a day to remember, full of laughter and joy. Thank you for being so supportive during my life’s journey!

Funny 40th birthday messages

  1. 40 is not just a number! It is a milestone! It is an accomplishment! It is a reason to celebrate! So, what are you waiting for? Let us make it count!
  2. You are 40 years old and still look like a kid, so I would say that was a pretty successful birthday.
  3. I am glad we have time to slow down and appreciate what we have now!
  4. You are not too old to learn new tricks. You are never too old to have fun!
  5. You have done so much in your life already, yet you are still right where you started: amazing!
  6. Do you know how vital 40 years is? Do me a favor and make each year better than the last one!
  7. I wish you all the best, but I want to congratulate you for making it to the big 4-0!
  8. I love you more than I can, and I will not try. Happy birthday to my favorite person in the whole world.
  9. You are not that old; you are very wise. Being 40 is like being a teenager all over again. Happy Birthday!

Final Words

A birthday is one of the most critical days in a person’s life. A person who has lived for 40 years deserves to be celebrated and remembered. However, gift-giving is always a significant concern when it comes to birthdays. So Callie has some great presents that you might want to consider when planning a gift for your birthday!

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