10 Impressive 9th Anniversary Gift Ideas That Your Spouse Will Love

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Nine years together seem an extensive period. Don’t you think it was just a little ago when you tied knots together? Yeah! Time flies. Nine years passed and you made a lot of memories together. Together you laughed and cried. The 9th anniversary demands you to celebrate this togetherness in full swing. 

And when it comes to celebration, what can be better than giving each other some beautiful gifts? It will increase the love and provide you with a keepsake to remember this event for years.

9th Anniversary Gifts: Traditional or Modern

9th-anniversary gifts can be traditional or modern. The choice is all yours. Traditional 9th-anniversary gifts are represented by willow and pottery. Wondering why pottery and willow? Pottery symbolizes flexibility and adoption of the shape according to circumstances. This is how a nine-year-old relationship behaves. It also represents family, love, and home.

Willow symbolizes stability and strength. It is the accurate representation of two souls interwinding in love. The modern 9th-anniversary theme is leather. Leather is not only durable but also flexible. It represents the success of your togetherness.

 Finding a gift for your spouse can be challenging despite spending nine years with him. Here we have mentioned some modern and traditional 9th-anniversary gifts that are amazing.

9th-anniversary gift for him

Something graceful yet stylish

Your husband may have used many keychains to carry his key. But here you go with something unique. A personalized leather cover keychain is something quite interesting. Open the screw with a screwdriver and put your key inside it. The surface of the cover is super smooth for protecting your key.

The size is perfect to fit your key. You can upload a logo and text of your choice to engrave on it. Leave a meaningful message on it that your love will remember for years.

One if he loves chic things

Men love to carry chic style. So why don’t you give your man a personalized men’s photo leather wallet? Crafted from high-quality leather, it’s a fantastic 9th-anniversary gift for your husband.  

There are 15 compartments in the wallet, of which 11 are the card slots. You can put your ID card in it as it has 2 ID windows. The zipper closure protects your card from slipping. Get the photo of your loved ones engraved on it to make it personalized.

Encourage him to pen down his love

Every girl wants her husband to write her love letters daily. Why don’t you give your husband the willow wood pen? It will be a practical gift as he will use it in his office daily. The pen is handcrafted from willow wood, making it a fantastic 9th-anniversary gift. This pen may encourage your husband to pen down his love.

Be on the point

You can follow the theme as it is instead of finding relatable products. Give him the willow tree cuttings that he can plant in his yard. Let you see this plant grow as your love grew in the past nine years.

These trees will show many shades and last for more than 55 years. What gift can be more beautiful than the one that persists for half a century? The growth rate of this plant is 10 feet per year.

Frame the memories

You have made innumerable memories in the nine years. It’s now the time to extract the best ones and frame them. A solid natural willow wood picture frame will let you hang the best of your memory on the wall.

You can choose the size from a lot of sizing options available. Place your favorite picture with him in this frame and gift it to your husband. Let him place it on his worktable to breathe your love even at his workplace.

9th-anniversary gift for her

Keep it well-organized

Is your wife fond of organizing her jewelry? Give her something practical that she can use. The personalized leather name jewelry box will be perfect for her. You can choose from 3 different box styles and 12 birth flowers. It’s great to store your rings, necklaces, and earrings.

The material is leather which is a perfect modern anniversary gift. Two dividers are removable so that you can adjust them.

A sip of romance

Have a romantic cup of coffee with your wife in an engraved name enamel mug. You may have many mugs in your home but this one is unique. The mug comes with a leather keychain. This is why it finds its place on the list of modern ninth-anniversary gifts.

The mug provides a unique combination of hardness and softness. Putting leather on an enameled cup sounds unique. Isn’t it? Either lanyard lets you easily hang the cup on hooks while traveling. The mug has a 350ml capacity which is more than enough.

Add more to her style

Your wife seems you the most stylish lady on this planet, right? Add more to her style by giving her an oversized handwoven clutch with pearl. The size is large and will make room for all your essentials. The rattan body of the clutch aligns with the willow wood theme of the 9th anniversary.

This clutch will always go with her outfit, whether an outdoor gathering or a formal dinner. The natural wood color makes it ultra-versatile.

One for the food lover

If your wife loves to cook, here is a unique traditional ninth-anniversary gift for her. The willow tree cutting boards create a whole mood for her while cooking. The board material is walnut. But the beautiful willow tree engraved on it matches the traditional theme. Add a personalized touch by engraving your anniversary date and names on the board.

Let her set a trendy tablespace

Is your wife passionate about setting dinner tables as per the latest trends? Give her the bee and willow home wicker charger plate. This plate will remind you of your 9th anniversary every time you have lunch or dinner. Isn’t it a wonderful keepsake to be kept for years?

The design is handwoven and useful for outdoor and indoor lunches. And the durability is remarkable. It’s tough to break these plates.


You have found the best 9th-anniversary gift for your partner, right? Still, if you are longing for something else, visit our store. Callie has an amazing gift collection. Find a thoughtful gift and get ready to wish your partner a happy 9th anniversary.  

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