20 Must-Have Anniversary Gifts for Parents – They Will Love These Awesome Gifts

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It’s your parent’s anniversary, and you want to celebrate them in a way that each of them feels loved. After all, they have spent a long time together and taken care of you all these years. 

Now anniversary gifts for parents may vary depending on the type of parents you have, like food lovers, travel-loving, gym enthusiasts, and so on. And we have picked out gift ideas for all kinds of parents. So, sit back and scroll through these fantastic anniversary gift ideas. 

Portrait art 

Your parents have seen many things together. And they profoundly cherish their happy and romantic moments with each other. So, if they have a favorite memory together that you know of, bring that memory to life. 

The Portrait Art is a metal decor piece in the exact shape of the picture you’d like. Pick out a romantic image of your parents together, like their wedding photo, and we will take them down memory lane with this metal decor. 

Love tree lamp 

The proof of their bonding is that they brought you into this world as parents. And with their anniversary, you can remind them of their bond as a couple. At Callie’s, we have the Love Tree Lamp, a luminescent light for the night. The lamp is made of acrylic and wooden and lights up everywhere. On the trunk, you can have your parents’ initials printed to remind them of their bond’s strength.  

3D photo crystal 

Pictures are a great way to capture lovely moments in time. And with people clicking pictures everywhere, putting them on display is equally important. After all, looking at that photo reminds me of that particular memory. Therefore, as an anniversary gift for your parents, give them the 3D Photo Crystal.

The photo crystal holds the photo in 3D. Inside, the image will be etched for a premium effect. So, now make their photo a beautiful crystal for them to put on display. 

Street sign art  

You must be familiar with the famous phrase, ‘opposites attract,’ and have an idea of what this means. The whole concept of this phrase is that different people usually become couples and go on to start a family together. And this beautiful intersection of two different personalities is depicted in this gift. 

Street Sign Art is an image of street signs in opposite directions and showcasing the intersection of love exquisitely. You can have your parents’ names with their respective birth years on each street sign. Since the ink lasts a lifetime, they can put it up on display for everyone to admire. 

Photo print frame

For any marriage to last, the first year is crucial as well as very significant. And if your parents have passed that time stamp, regardless of how many more anniversaries they have celebrated, their love is here to last. So, for them, we have a Photo Print Frame.

The photo print frame is made of paper and wood that depicts the fragility & purity at the start of a marriage and a beating heart that represents love. Also, it has the silhouette of your parents to make it extra impactful. 

Custom cutting board

If your parents love food and love to cook, this present idea is for them. The Custom Cutting Board is a high-quality wooden cutting with many patterns and colors. Pick out the one they’d like and aggravate their love for food even more. 

Keepsake wedding card

There is a lot of emotion involved on the wedding day, and happiness sprinkled with excitement is one of the most prominent emotions. And long before that, when they have a look at their wedding card, the adrenaline is unmatched. For anniversary gifts for parents, the Keepsake Wedding Card is perfect. It’s a wooden wedding card with two rings engraved inside of it. The card has a text feature so you can have a lovely message for your parents, their names, and the wedding date. 

Couples champagne glass set

On wedding days, champagne is opened as a mode of celebration. Everybody lets loose and enjoys that party and champagne to the fullest. And, your parents must have done the same. Therefore, we have Couples Champagne Glass Set on the list of anniversary gifts for parents.

On each glass, the words ‘Mr.’ and ‘Mrs.’ are printed along with their last name. Now they can taste their wedding day all over again with these glasses. 

Puzzle keychain set

Do you feel your parents complete each other most romantically and passionately? If yes, here is the present idea you should give them. The Puzzle Keychain Set is a two-piece set made in the shape of a puzzle piece fitting perfectly together. 

Each piece is a separate keychain that lets your parents keep their keys organized with hints of love. 

Personalized blanket  

Blankets keep us warm and cozy in the cold evenings and nights. And if the blanket has your lover’s face, it can make you feel as if you are hugging your lover and nestling in their arms. Our Personalized Blanket is an anti-pilling flannel that makes one feel comfy. On top of the blanket, you can have your parents’ lovely pictures printed in premium quality. There is no doubt that this will make them smile.

Music record player

Have you ever thought of having a record player that only plays one song close to your heart? You can give them a Music Record Player for your parent’s anniversary. The record player isn’t an ordinary player. It’s a photo frame with your parents’ photo in the place of the record. The player’s needle is your parents’ name with the years they have been together. 

Couples personalized mug 

You might have seen plenty of personalized mugs floating around, But our designers came up with the design that holds the true essence of love for your parents—the Couples Personalized Mug

The mug has a couple printed, which you can customize per your parent’s appearance. Also, it has some beautiful love phrases printed on it. Add your parents’ names and offer them this mug as an anniversary gift. 

Anniversary map candle 

A candle that reminds your parents of the time they tied the knot is a great idea. After all, a candle brings light, hope, and symbols of everlasting love. The Anniversary Map Candle is champagne-scented that commemorates with personalization. You can have their names, wedding dates, and a map of where they got together. 

Family story-time

When it comes to love, showcase it by valuing their wisdom. For a year, Storyworth mails a question every week to its recipients. Afterward, the answers are compiled into a unique keepsake book. You can invite your parents to respond individually or as a couple, choosing from a list of existing prompts or writing your own. Reflecting on their relationship will be a worthwhile experience for them this year. Next year, they’ll enjoy their finished, printed book.

Chocolate congratulations

It is best to keep it simple and sweet, especially if you are on a budget. This gift is offered under 10$. The Chocolate Congratulations is an artisan chocolate bar encased in a greeting card. It’s premium chocolate with a simple congratulations for anyone who wants to celebrate yet keep it classy. 

Self-sufficient garden

If you have parents who love gardening but aren’t able to afford enough outdoor space, they’ll enjoy this small indoor garden. The Self-Sufficient garden gives the right amount of sunshine and water to the plants, so your parents won’t have to move their hands. It’s the first time the system includes nine plant pods: three tomatoes, three lettuces, and three basil. It will be stocked with fresh fruits and veggies in a few days!

Espresso machine

As adults, coffee is the one drink most parents get hooked on. After all, they have busy schedules, and coffee gives them that much-needed energy boost to start their day. Then get them a Nespresso by De’Longhni. Chances are that your parents have a coffee machine, but this upgrade will be fruitful in the long run. 

Kissing mugs 

The second most important thing that goes together with coffee is a mug. And of course, you might have seen many mugs available all over the internet, but this unique mug is like no other. The Kissing Mugs come in a bunch of colors for you to choose from for your parents. The mugs are made in the shape of kissing lips with closed eyes for a realistic effect. 

Throw blanket

A second last item on this list is an embroidered Throw Blanket. This blanket’s fabric is soft cotton, thus making it perfect and cozy. With love and perseverance, they’ve made a beautiful union. Celebrate their most recent milestone with this gorgeous throw that celebrates their dedication to each other.

Stars necklace 

The last present idea for your parents is the Stars Necklace. This necklace is specially designed for star-crossed love. Show your admiration for your parents by wearing a necklace full of sparkling stars with a custom message. It comes with a set of diamond stars representing your appreciation, an ethereal moon, and stars at the top.

Two cents

Giving your parents gifts on their anniversary is a gesture of love and puts a smile on their faces. But if you would like to see more options, we have curated anniversary gifts, or directly visit our store Callie’s, for a wider variety of options. 

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