Essential Back to School Supplies for 6th Grade

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Is your child graduated from 5th grade and just entered the 6th? Well, it’s a big transition from elementary to middle school. Make sure to prepare your child for this transition. His pattern of studying is going to change now. And so are the back-to-school supplies. After all, he is a sixth grader who will have to move from one class to another for different lectures. Although supplies may vary, there are some basics that your child should own.

Here is a list of back-to-school supplies for 6th grade that will you prepare your child for mid-school. Go through this checklist to equip your child with all the back-to-school essentials.

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A new backpack for a new academic year makes the beginning exciting for students. So a backpack must be added to the back-to-school supplies for sixth graders. The mini water-resistant backpack is beautifully designed to carry your goods.

Beautiful to carry and practical to use. This iconic backpack comes in a water-resistant fabric which is very durable. The exterior zip and slip pockets provide more room for things that you want to keep in the bag. Doesn’t this bag feature a contemporary silhouette? Yeah! An amazing backpack for six graders to carry their books and stationery.

USB cable

In mid-school, students have to work on assignments in school and at home. They will have to transfer important assignment files from mobile to the computer. For this, a 3D printing name USB cable is a must-have for your child.

The length of the cable is 1.5m. This cable is super-cute and designed especially for children. You can personalize it with the name of the student so that it will not get mixed with others. Choose the color of your choice to make it unique.


Your child has just started his mid-school. The routine will be a bit more hectic for him than before. So make sure that he takes a tumbler with him to take a sip of relaxation. Our personalized DIY teacher tumbler will be the best back-to-school supplies for 6th grade. 

The pencil pattern on the tumbler is super-cute making it suitable for students. Customize the name right in the middle part of the tumbler to make it unique. The colorful pencils and font add more to this eye-catchy and adorable tumbler.

We have done image printing on the cup using sublimation technology. There are no harmful coatings and no chances of images peeling off. Isn’t it amazing?

Pencil case

A pencil case is the basic need of every student, no matter in which grade he is studying. So make sure to add it to the list of back-to-school supplies for 6th-grade students. Our personalized dinosaur pencil case is something that your kid will love.

Especially if your child is a boy, this design will inspire him a lot. The high-quality canvas makes a durable item to hold all the little things together. It has a wide capacity for storing pencils and rulers. Isn’t it a great way to store your stationery and keep it well organized?

Pen holder

In the mid school, there is a need to write with different pens. Pencils, markers, pens, and a lot of stationery are required for teachers and students. So a pen holder is necessary for 6th graders.

The shape of the holder is inspired by that of the book. The apple pattern signifies wisdom and knowledge. Engrave the name of the person on the front to make it belong to you. This pen holder is available in four different exciting colors. Blue, green, orange, and grey. We have used translucent material so that your stationery is easily visible to you.

This pen holder provides your child with a practical yet stylish way to hold your pencils and pens.

Glitter pens

Make sure to add a bit of sparkle to the back-to-school supplies for 6th graders. It’s possible with our personalized name glitter multicolor pen. The design is super simple. Just twist to open this pen and start writing.

Who doesn’t need a pen for writing? This glittery pen is a vital stationery item for your child. Add an exclusive touch to it by customizing your name on the pen. The ink of the pen is black, which every student needs daily. A charming pen to write with. Isn’t it just wow?


Your child is back-to-school after vacation. Check out whether his stationery is complete or not. A ruler is something that he will need at school. A metal ruler will be best for students as it will not break. So the durability is assured. The length of this ruler is 9.25 inches which is long enough for six graders.

This metal ruler will add a vintage-style elegance to your stationery collection. We have made it from steel and added a gold-plated handle to make it a bit more attractive. A combination of gold and silver in a metal ruler. Isn’t it something unique?

Flash drive

The mid-school will upgrade the assignment style for your child. He will require a flash drive to save his homework and submit it to the teachers. Our 3D Print name USB flash drive is a funny and creative accessory for sixth graders.

People usually forget their flash drives at school or office. But this one having a keychain is vibrant enough to be noticed. And the name customized on it is another reason it will never get lost. We have added the metal keychain at the end to make it multifunctional. A student may hand the key to his locker in it.


The elementary school may have never demanded your child to become a bookworm. But in mid-school, he will have to read a lot of books. Callie’s custom leather bookmark for a bookworm is a go-to choice for such students.

It’s a magic wand for the magical world of books. You can engrave anything memorable on this bookmark. The personalized embossing will make it super-special for the receiver. Choose your favorite color combination for embossing. We are offering you eight different colors to choose from.


Do you know what the most fundamental and vital item on the list of back-to-school supplies is? It’s a notebook that every student needs to write on. Callie’s personalized birth flower notebook is an amazing notebook for anyone who wants to write.

Every person is born on a specific day that aligns with a birth flower. And his personality traits are somehow dependent on the birth flower. And we have used this birth flower to make an elegant cover for your notebook. We have made a design chart to help you choose out of the 12 birth flower designs available. The paper quality is premium, so that no worries about ink seepage and ink feathering.


Where you have equipped your child with a pen and ballpoint, make sure that he has markers too. From marking important points to writing headings, there is a lot to do with markers in mid-school. The Avery markers will let your child mark the points with different colors.

The tip of these markers is 0.5mm, which is ultra-fine. You will get a set of eight colored markers. And the best thing is that these eight colors include black, blue, and red. These are often required for students. This product is non-toxic and water resistant. You can draw fine lines on any surface with these assorted markers.

Ballpoint pens

In mid-school, there is more need for pens than pencils. It’s time to limit the number of pencils in the stationery collection and add more pens to it. Callie’s personalized ballpoint pens are superb for writing.

This pen provides you with a lot of room for customization and personalization. We are offering a total of five styles in this pen. And each style has a wide range of colors to choose from. Plus, you can get your name engraved on it with laser technology.

We will deliver this pen in a gift box. The material of the pen tube is well-constructed and durable. These adorable pens will give you a fancy yet fashionable writing experience.


There will be a lot of important points to highlight in the mid-school lectures. The sixth grader will surely need a highlighter for this purpose. A flower highlighter is a colorful stationery item that every student will cherish.

Your child may have used many highlighters so far, but this one is very innovative. This bright highlighter is five in one. Yeah! It offers you five different highlighting colors to use. A little tool that is handy, durable, and super-cute. A fun way to organize and emphasize your notes.


Six graders will have to keep a lot of books. But the mid-school is not all bout books. There is a need to beautify the reading area so that your child will find interest in reading. Callie’s 3D printed name bookends will give your child a lovely way to place his books.

This 3D printed craft is customizable. Tell us the name or words that are special to you and we will craft them on this bookend. It will not only keep your books organized but also decorate your bookshelf or table.


Your child has grown up now. Transferred from elementary to mid-school. Sensible enough to keep a pair of scissors for assignments and artwork. Golden acrylic scissors are stylish yet durable. Perfect to be added to the back-to-school supplies for 6th grade.

The handle is white. The golden tone of the shears gives it a chic look. We have used metal and acrylic to make this pair of scissors for you. The length is 9 inches, and the width is 3.5 inches. These dimensions are suitable to be kept in a backpack.

Ring Binders

A 6 grader will have to bind the assignment sheets. He will also need to bind the notes he has made in class. All such tasks need durable view three-ring binders. The dimension of the slant ring is 1.5 inches. It has a capacity of 375 sheets which is large enough for six graders.

The material of binders is non-stick and durable. This black binder is suitable for making school binders. You can customize the cover with a personalized design to make it one-of-a-kind. There are four interior pockets in the binder where you can store extra sheets. We have used nonstick plastic that will never lift the print on the pages stored in it. 


Hope this list helped you find the back-to-school supplies for 6th grade. These are the essentials for sixth graders. So don’t miss out on any of these products. Still, if you are looking for something else, visit our store. We have various products to help you find the one that aligns with your demands. Happy shopping!  

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