10 Inexpensive Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas – Mind-blowing Presents are Waiting

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Giving your teachers appreciation gifts to show them care and make them feel important is a good idea. But when it comes to sharing so many teachers a token of appreciation, you need to be mindful of your cost.

So, we’ve curated some inexpensive yet beautiful teacher appreciation gift ideas to make them smile.

Flower coffee mug

Teachers love receiving presents that are meaningful yet exquisite. And for that, we have Ceramics Birth Flower Coffee Mug that has a lovely flower garden growing where only love is produced. For each month of the year, a designated birth flower is printed in high-quality and vibrant color, showcasing how your teacher nurture’s all students.

If you’d like, you can also get their name and birth flower for your teacher printed on it to make it unique for her. The sizeable open handle gives it a comfortable grip, while the sturdy base makes it fit for everyday use.

Flowerpot with bamboo tray

Like flowers, students are small saplings, and the teacher nourishes them with their wisdom and helps them grow into successful civilized human beings. Therefore, our Ceramic Flower Pot with Bamboo Tray is viable. 

This small ivory pot can grow small plants which they can keep at their desk as it comes with a tray, so there are no drain issues. The phrase ‘Thank you for helping me grow’ is engraved on the pot. And on the other side, you can add your name or your teacher’s name.

Movie code

Movies are a getaway into dreams. These larger-than-life depictions of characters in movies that resonate with real-life events and experiences connect with the viewer deeper. The world is filled with education, comedy to sci-fi, thus making it perfect for every taste. And for your teacher, this is just the best present. Giving them a movie code of their favorite movie as a present will be an excuse for them to relax and take some time off.  

Apple name necklace

Teachers have this aura to them that is selfless and encouraging. Throughout their career, there are dedicated and compassionate and want the best for their students, even when you can’t see it at that moment. And to appreciate whatever they do for you, you can give them the Apple Name Necklace For Teachers.

This elegant and beautiful necklace has an apple pendant, just like ‘teacher’s apple.’ You can choose it from three different colors and various chain sizes. The hollowed-out apple pendant is sleek with no harsh edges and features the space inside for custom content like the teacher’s name. And as a bonus, this necklace comes in a special gift box, so grab it and present it to them.

Rotatable apple appreciation card

Being on the apple theme, we have another way to show your gratitude and love for your teacher inexpensively. The Rotatable Apple Appreciation Card is an appreciation card with a twist. 

The card is in the shape of a red apple, and the greeting is inside the rotating mechanism. A small window is made on the top of the apple for the message to be visible. Each time they rotate, they’ll see custom content, like their name, your message, and your name. A cool appreciation card for teachers to remember.

Room service

As the name suggests, this is a fun activity that you can plan for your beloved teacher and make them smile. Design an exclusive ‘room service menu’ on any piece of paper. 

The menu will hold food or drinks from the local favorite spot or whatever your teacher likes to drink, e.g., coffee or juice or a bagel. Or you can be her butler for one day in the school doing her chores, like grabbing notes from the staff room. You can design the menu however they’d like, which is feasible for you, making them not leave the classroom. A fun way to celebrate your teachers.

Website membership

As teachers, they’re busy checking and grading students most of the time. After all, this is a significant part of their job. But as a teacher’s appreciation gift, you can make this easy for them.

A website like TypeForm is the answer. By getting them a membership for a month or a year, you can give them a taste of hassle-free grading depending on how much you’d like to spend. Your teacher can input questions and answers, make any subject quizzes like maths or science, and automate test scores. Your teacher will love this!

Bling pen

The valuable item that a teacher needs every day is a pen. These inexpensive items are necessary for a teacher who can use many of them. So, our Personalized Glitter Name Pen is a unique pen design with shiny glitter.

This bling pen is in many colors that you can choose for. And on the glitter part, you can have their name printed. So, whenever they use it, they’ll remember you.

Whistle keychain

This one is especially for your P.E. teacher. A regular whistle is a bit boring. But our Personalized Whistle is a metal whistle with loud, clear sound and custom design options. On the round part, you can have your teacher’s name printed in a bunch of different designs and colors.

Give this one-of-a-kind appreciation present to your P.E. teacher and make them smile instantly.

School supply goodie bag

A great and inexpensive teacher’s appreciation gift is a school supply goodie bag. In a small bag or pouch-like Customized Telescopic Bag, which has the feature to engrave a name on the front, add little trinkets that are school essentials. Like hand sanitizer, pens, sticky notes, chalk, erasers, highlighters, etc. And for added fun, you can even throw in treats like iced tea packets or granola bars. Or add in a small handwritten note too. Decorate it with ribbons and lanyard, and make this teacher’s only goodie bag in their favorite present.

Our Two Cents

Teachers play an essential role in a child’s life, no matter how old or young. And for appreciating them, if you think these gifts aren’t enough, you can checkout store Callie. You can also look at our curated teacher’s gift section, which holds plenty of presents made especially for teachers.  

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