11 Gift Ideas for Horse Lovers That You Should Know

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If you’re finding the perfect gifts for a horse lover, you’ve come to the right place. Buying them gifts can be a struggle, but these hippophiles will love the present ideas we have in store.

1. Custom horse portrait

Making sculptures is an art that has been there for years and is used to replicate real-life objects like humans, animals, and even gods. And even though those statues are gigantic, the idea of having a realistic-looking model that reminds them of the object is excellent. Therefore, giving hippophiles a cute little statue of their favorite horse that they can keep next to them is perfect.

Our Custom Horse Portrait is a high-quality and refined statue made entirely with pottery clay. Our highly experienced artists ensure that every little detail is incorporated into the sculpture. You need to upload the picture of the horse from all angles, and we’ll take care of the accuracy and precision.

The statue has a sturdy base and a nameplate where you can add custom content like the horse’s name, any date, etc.

2. Horsehair brushes

As a horse owner, one thing on the top of the list is grooming your beloved horse. The horse’s luscious hair requires extra attention and thus different types of brushes. Therefore, giving them Horsehair Brushes for grooming is ideal as a gift for horse lovers.

These brushes are high-quality natural wood and bristles that comb the hair and provide a light massage to the horse for extra relaxation. There are three styles of brushes, and you can get one or all three. Each brush can add custom content on top, like the horse’s name, which will be laser engraved.

These brushed will not make the horse feel calm but will help enhance its beauty and make them feel its owner’s love in the best possible way. 

3. Custom horse halter

Almost all kinds of horses wear halters. But giving the horse lover a unique kind halter specially made for their beloved horse will instantly smile on their faces. Our very own Custom Horse Halter is a nylon halter made with love. These are customizable halters and come in three colors for you to choose from. And the overlay can also be in any color you’d like for the hippophile. On the halter, you can have custom content embroidered, like the name of the horse or any phrase.

An extraordinary halter for a remarkable horse. 

4. Horse face leas holder

The horse face leash holder is another helpful item with complete customization that they’ll love. This wooden leash holder has the face of the horse whose leash is hanging. Along with that, the horse’s name is also added in cut-out letters. You need to give us the photo and the name, and we’ll take care of it. This is a fancy leash holder for amazing horse lovers.

5. Photo horse keychain

Keychains are the most useful items. And carrying a keychain that makes them feel close to their favorite horse is a great idea. Our Photo Horse Keychain is a leather keychain like no other. The leather is the main focal point where the silhouette of a girl and a horse is embossed, giving it a classic look. The photo is added to another charm attached to the leather part. You can add custom content on the keychain for added personalization.

6. Horseback phone case

A customized phone case for her phone with a horse, isn’t it a fun idea? At Callie’s, we’ve got Horseback Phone Case. A sturdy phone case made with vibrant colors makes her phone look more exquisite. The issue can be customized in many different ways. You can select the background color from the various colors available. The central part of the phone case is the girl’s silhouette riding the horse. You can pick out the style of the horse, the color of the girl’s clothes, her boots, pants, and hairstyle. And along with this, it also has the feature of adding custom content.

We offer this case for many phone models, so there’s no hassle.

7. Horsey water bottle

When going on a horse-riding trip, staying hydrated is a must. Therefore, having your water bottle with you can save you from the horrors of dehydration during horse riding trips. Therefore, our Horsey Water Bottle.

A simple stainless-steel water bottle makes a great gift idea for anyone who loves horses. With this bottle, you can carry 500 ml of water at one time. But the most exciting part is the bottle’s outer. The water bottle has a horse face printed on the bottle. You can customize the style of the face and add custom content to the bottle. The white color of the background makes the horse and custom content pop even more.

8. Personalized saddle bag

 Saddlebags are a necessity when it comes to horse riding. When riding a horse, the fast galloping and running make items like phones, money, keys, etc., fall out of pocket. So, at Callie’s, we have a Personalized Saddle Bag.

A leather bag with enough room to hold all the small trinkets you need to keep safe while riding. We offer this in multiple colors, so select what the receiver would like. And also, you can get a custom text like their name engraved on the bag.

9. Custom horse couple ornaments

A small trinket that any hippophile can hang up for a pair of horses that they have is so heartwarming. Therefore, we designed Custom Horse Couple Ornament. It’s a heart cut out with each side printed with one horse and their name. In the middle of the heart is a blessing already printed.

They can hang this up in their room, car, or wherever they want.

10. Custom horse photo frame

Putting up pictures in photo frames to cherish memories has been done for centuries. Therefore, we made a unique Horse Photo Frame that significantly celebrates the love of horses. The wooden frame is a cut out of a horse with a girl with very sleek edges. Inside the cut-out, you can add many pictures as you’d like. They’ll be added as a collage, thus making it into a timeline for anybody who sees it. You can choose the color of the frame and the size of the frame. This creates a one-of-a-kind photo frame for horse lovers.

11. Horseshoe birthstone necklace

 Having a horseshoe necklace in the jewelry collection of a horse lover is a must. Plus, if the necklace is personalized and has a lot of shine, it automatically will become her favorite. So, we’ve got Horseshoe Birthstone Necklace.

The elegant horseshoe-shaped pendant is embellished with white gems making it ultra-sparkly. And the center of the shoe has the feature of adding a birthstone. So, just pick out their birth month, and we’ll add the coordinating birthstone for them.

What we think

With many people having a knack for horses, we have an exclusive selection of gifts for horse lovers that would work like a charm. Also, check out our store Callie, where we hold a plethora of personalized items for everyone.

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