30+ Most Inspirational, Funny, and Punny Horse Lover Quotes

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Horses are among the most amazing animals on the planet, and horse enthusiasts like you and me cannot get enough of them. When the first horse has tamed thousands of years ago, it was put to work plowing fields, hauling cargo, and transporting people.

Horses have also symbolized power and prestige from their first encounters with humans. They have also appeared in stories and myths throughout the world. So it is not strange that many people have had a lot to say about these incredible creatures.

You may be an enthusiast or admire horses in general, but whatever the case, we have a fantastic collection of horse lover quotes for you to enjoy.

10+ most hilarious quotes for horse lovers

People love Horses worldwide for their magnificent beauty, intellect, and faithful companionship. Even those who do not ride themselves can appreciate the beautiful bond between riders and horses.

However, if you seek a unique way to express your love and appreciation to the horse lover in your life, here are some funny quotes for horse lovers to smile on any equestrian’s face.

1. “I am not addicted to horses – we are just in a committed relationship!”

2. You can lead a horse to the water, but you cannot make it drink. But if you put vodka in it, it will drink.

3. “Horses are like potato chips: you cannot have just one.”

4. “Never come close to a bull from the front, a horse from the rear, or a fool from any direction.”

5. “You are a horse lover when seeing a golf course and think about it as an excellent pasture.”

6. “A fly can sting a stately horse and make him wince, but one is an insect, the other a horse still.”

7. “Everyone is sharing all these fancy nail art pictures and videos, and I am here over like… HORSES!”

8. “Always remember! There are horse-crazy people, and then there are crazy people with horses. Know the difference!”

9. “I know it is Spring. I am all covered in horsehair from the waist up and mud from the waist down.”

10. “You did not buck off; you fell off. I have a horse that can teach you the difference.”

11. “You know how some people say that horseback riding is good for the soul? Well, I do not know about that, but it sure is good for the butt!”

10+ Lovely quotes for horse lovers that will melt their heart

Horses are amazing animals. The bond that forms with them is solid and unbreakable. Likewise, their relationship with humans has always been deep and meaningful. The words of those who have had relationships with horses are the most trustworthy and honest approach to explaining the passion for horses.

Moreover, their words convey the depth and true meaning of their connection. Here are some of the most profound and most emotional quotes for horse lovers:

1. “A horse is a companion… a friend… an entertainment.”

2. “Horses are the most beautiful things on earth. They are as graceful in their movements as any ballet dancer and as powerful as any Greek god.”

3. “Horses are great teachers for people who need to learn to communicate effectively with other species.”

4. “When you work around horses, you learn a lot about yourself and how much you can take on without breaking down.”

5. “The point where the horse goes from being an animal to being a friend is when you begin to understand them.”

6. “If there was ever a time for every decent man to come to their country’s rescue, it is now! And if ever there was an animal that deserves its freedom from human exploitation, it is the horse!”

7. “Horses are the great extension of our eye, the winged shoes of the mind, and partners in all our highest aspirations.”

8. “Horses are smarter than people. You cannot get a horse to pull a plow or haul bales of hay with a whip and a threat.”

9. Horses are unique and magical creatures, and we humans can learn a lot from them. I’ve seen how their presence has transformed many people’s lives, including mine.

10. The horse is a poem of beauty and strength, symbolizing freedom and grace. He is the embodiment of all that is wild and free in nature.

11. “Horses are the most honest creatures God has made. They’re not like people who have to pretend they’re something they’re not.”

12. “If you love horses, what better way to live than to spend your life taking care of them?”

Our 10+ favorite quotes to inspire

We love horses! Horses are strong, powerful, and beautiful. And they’re also the most amazing creatures on the planet. Here are some of our favorite horse quotes:

1. “The horse is a generous beast who shares his oats with the hungry traveler.”

2. “A horse is not a pet. He is a person with feelings who has been left out in the rain.”

3. The horse in motion is poetry—no bull or mechanical contrivance can approach the lightness and grace of his action.

4. “The horse is a gentleman: he has good manners; he gives his opinion with modesty; he is a very noble animal.”

5. “A horseman is spiritually and physically superior to a man on foot.”

6. “Horses lend us the wings we lack.”

7. “There is something about riding down the road on a galloping horse that makes you feel like something, even if you are not.”

8. “The exterior of a horse is good for the inside of a man.”

9. “Life is like a horse – either you ride it, or it rides you.”

10. “The wind of heaven blows between the horse’s ears.”

11. “People who say I am in it for the money have no idea how much money there is in horses!”

Final Thoughts

Horse quotes are a great way to share your love of horses with others—after all, it’s difficult to express just how much these majestic animals mean to us. Moreover, being a horse enthusiast, you can witness an enormous amount of philosophy and wisdom in the world of horses.

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