50+ Quotes About Fall to Capture the Beauty of Autumn

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Fall is one of the best seasons to capture on camera. The trees change colors and show off their beauty with lush leaves. The first fall day in September is hard to beat when it can be chilly outside yet beautiful and warm inside.

Quotes about fall

Fall is in the air, and crisp weather, beautiful flowers, and fall foliage come to some really great poetry. If you happen to be in this season of beauty, then here are more than 50+ quotes about fall.

  1. “Fall is the season of change, promise, and renewal when we move from the heat of summer to the coolness of autumn.”
  2. “Fall is a time for outdoor activities, like leaf-peeping and pumpkin-picking, which are also good ways to spend time with family and friends.”
  3. “Autumn is the most beautiful time to visit the country because there is more color everywhere you look!”
  4. “It is not just about changing leaves anymore—it is about turning leaves into memories! Autumn is when we can reflect on what has happened since summer ended, what we have learned or accomplished, and where we will go next!”
  5. “The fall of leaves, the first frost, the first snow are the precursors of winter in autumn. Yet, at the beginning of autumn, I feel as if I were waiting for something which will never come.”
  6. “Autumn is a beautiful season. It is not too hot, but it is not too cold either. It is warm enough to get out and walk around your neighborhood but still cool enough that you can wear your jacket.”
  7. “One of my favorite seasons is autumn because it is when all the colors of nature change from green to red and gold.”
  8. “It is a kind of poetry that comes out only in autumn; this changes from day to night, from green to yellow, from blue to black.”
  9. “Fall is the time to start with the big things in life, not just with the little things.”
  10. “Autumn is a time for being thankful for all that we have, appreciating all that we have, and preparing for all that you have yet to receive from God’s loving hands as He guides you through this time in your life!”
  11. “Autumn is the first step on the road to spring, the beginning of a new life that begins with the first falling leaf and ends with its last dying flower.”
  12. “For me, fall is the ideal time for books, movies, and football games. It is also a good time for preparing for winter.”
  13. “The leaves have all fallen off their trees; the grass has turned brown; it is cold outside, and there are no more summer parties.”

Fall inspirational quotes

Autumn is a great time to reflect on your life and what you have learned. So here are some beautiful quotes about autumn that will inspire you to take a good look at yourself, your goals, and your dreams:

  1. “Autumn is the season of life’s quiet hours.”
  2. “All things seem more real in autumn than in spring.”
  3. “The first autumn leaf is an earnest of better days to come.”
  4. “Autumn is the greatest time of the year,” said some wise person who had lived long enough to see it.”
  5. “Only an autumn blossom is more lovely than a flower.”
  6. “The true adventure of discovery is not just exploring new landscapes but also having fresh eyes.”
  7. “Autumn has always been my best season since it reminds me of my childhood memories when I would sit outside in the garden with my grandfather while he told me stories about his childhood on an Irish farm.”
  8. “Fall is the season for comfort, not for fashion.”
  9. “My favorite season has always been autumn because it reminds me of my childhood–the smell of leaves burning in the fireplace, the crunching sound of leaves underfoot, and the feeling of crisp air on my face.”
  10. “The first day of fall is like the first day of spring.”
  11. “Autumn is a time for everything to change. It is also a period of fresh starts, new hopes, and new dreams.”
  12. “Autumn is for lovers, those who have fallen in love, and those who have been betrayed and left behind.”
  13. “The autumn of your life is for things you might otherwise put off until tomorrow.”
  14. “As autumn touches our lives with its changing colors, so should we touch others’ lives with our compassion and love.”

Funny fall quotes

Autumn is a season of colors, smells, and tastes. It is a time to slow down, reflect and appreciate the beauty of nature. Autumn is also an excellent time for sharing stories with family and friends. So here are some funny quotes about fall that will make you smile:

  1. “Falling in love is like going to a foreign country. You do not know what to expect, but it is exciting.”
  2. “The autumn season is ideal for curling up with a good book.”
  3. “I hate autumn because it reminds me of the school; everyone wearing down jackets and dragging their feet on the way home.”
  4. “Autumn is my favorite time of year. It takes me back to my childhood when I would go outside and play in the leaves with friends.”
  5. “I do not know what I like best about fall – maybe it is just because I reside in Canada, where we have lots of sunny days all year round, but still, every year, I cannot wait for September!”
  6. “It was ideal for planting a tree 20 years ago, the second-best time is now, and the third best time is never.”
  7. “Fall is my favorite season since it reminds me of Christmas: cold, damp, and full of leaves!”
  8. “Autumn has always been my best season. There is so much color everywhere: reds against yellows, oranges against browns…it is incredible!”
  9. “I love autumn because all the leaves fall off at once.”
  10. There is a lot of beauty in autumn. The trees turn color and go dormant, the sun gets a little lower in the sky, and the air smells like burning leaves.
  11. “The only thing that makes sense about autumn is that it feels like winter does not feel like summer anymore.”
  12. “Autumn is nature’s way of saying, “I am losing my mind.”

Short Fall quotes

Fall is a magical season that brings us memories of past seasons while promising an exciting new beginning. Here are some short quotes about fall that capture some of the beauty and beauty of life!

  1. “In the autumn of our years comes wisdom; in the springtime of friendship comes love.”
  2. “The days grow shorter, and it is almost winter.”
  3. “Autumn is a state of mind rather than a season.”
  4. “Autumn is when we realize what summer took from us.”
  5. “Autumn is only the winter before spring.”
  6. “Autumn is a sad and lonely season, but it has beauty.”
  7. “Autumn always makes me think of my future.”
  8. “The leaves fall off the trees, lying on the ground like golden ornaments.”
  9. “Autumn brings in its wake a plethora of emotions.”
  10. “Fall is a season of transition – but it is always a good time to make a wish.”
  11. “Fall also has one of my favorite things: football!”
  12. “Autumn is a time of beauty, but it is also a time of sadness.”
  13. “The autumn comes, the nights draw in, and we are still on our way.”

The Final Take

Fall quotes can help us remember that there is beauty in the world around us, even when we undergo significant changes. So if you are feeling discouraged and overwhelmed, look through some great fall quotes. You may find the inspiration and motivation you need to realize that things do get better.

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