Best Affordable Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas – You Don’t Have To Go Broke!

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Every year people spend a lot of money trying to impress their special someone on Valentine’s Day. Like buying expensive jewelry, Instagram-worthy bouquets, and what not. Of course, if you can afford it, do you. But if you can’t, we’re here for you. After all, what’s the use of getting broke each Valentine’s day when it repeatedly comes every year?

Therefore, here are some top-of-the-list affordable gift ideas for your boo.

Roses That Last Forever

Flowers are used to express every kind of emotion. Like red roses for love, white flowers for peace, and yellow for friendships. They’re just so beautiful and their vibrant colours and scent tell a different story on each occasion. But plucking them just to see them wilt over the days is just dreadful. Plus, a bouquet costs a whole of money and if you buy them, then ramen dinner is the only option for that month for you – literally! But are you thinking of giving a fancy bouquet to them? We’ve got the solution.

At Callie’s, we’ve Wooden Name Rose. These are wooden carved roses that help you express your feelings without even wilting. It’s made of high-quality and sturdy wood that can withstand test time. Elegantly painting flowers buds come in a variety of colour for you to choose from to showcase your emotions. And you can even get their names carved on the stem of the roses. The best part? They won’t fade away or get wilted over ever. They can be kept for as long as they would like.

Just buy them these flowers that will stay with them forever, and express your love.

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Musical Memories

When you’re in a relationship, you experience good times and bad times. And Valentine’s is the perfect excuse to remember those good times spent together with your special someone. No matter how many days, months, or even years, you both are together, all that matters is that you both love each other immensely and are willing to spend the rest of your life together.

We, at Callie’s, have Personalized Photo Album Music Record Player. This is a photo frame, that captures your favorite memory dancing to your favorite romantic song. It is a music player and photo frame, 2 in 1. It allows you to frame your good times and pair them with a song of your choice. You can add any photograph of the two of you together which will be carved into a vinyl record. Then, pick out any romantic song that is important to the two of you together. And add in the number of years or months or even days you both have been together which will be displayed on the player’s needle.

Let this multifunctional wooden piece preserves your memories to the tune of your song.

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Pearl Necklaces Are Not Necessary

Jewelry is usually is associated with women, especially those expensive pearls and diamond necklaces that most women love. But it’s completely fine if it’s out of your budget. There are plenty of options floating around in our store that are most beautiful and have a deeper meaning. Hence, we’ve come up with a necklace idea that is simple yet impactful and most importantly, affordable.

Our very own, Vertical Name Necklace. A shiny sterling silver necklace that she’ll always cherish. This necklace will have her name in carved-out letters that will go vertically. The chain of this necklace is extremely intricate and elegant and goes well with the pendant. A gleaming surface will complement her neck when she wears it, enhancing the refinement of the piece. It also comes in a bunch of colors for you to choose according to her liking. A bonus tip, you can get any phrase customized as the pendant too instead of her name like your meshed-up couple name which she can wear everywhere around.

Give her this and let her wear it around her neck every single day.

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It’s Better Than A Diamond Ring

Rings are a classic gift for Valentine’s Day. And all these jewelry shops know that. I mean, have you looked at their price tags? Anyhow…

Whether you go pick out a ring for her or him, they can surely break your account. That’s why we made something sleek and unisex that can be personalized in a bunch of ways.

The Sterling Silver Initial Stacking Rings. They are your best options when it comes to Valentine’s Day rings. Sterling silver rings have been trendy in the last couple of years. The band is very sleek without too much going on. And for the middle part, you can get anything engraved in the disk shape. From complete name to heart symbols to both of your initials, it’s all up to you. You can get it for them in a bunch of different engraving which they can stack up. Or even better, pair them with other rings to make a style statement.

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It’s alright if you didn’t really vibe with Valentine’s gift options in the article above. We at Callie’s have a ton of different options that you can have a look at, which are affordable and cater to every interest. We stock up on high-quality unique gifts that can be personalized accordingly. A little something for everyone on every occasion.

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