23 Christmas Games for Adults: Maximum Fun at Your Holiday Party

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The holidays are approaching, and throwing a get-together for friends and family is a great way to spread the holiday spirit. Adults should enjoy the holidays just as much as children do, even though kids may get their fair share of Santa Claus and candy canes. This year, if you want to spice up your Christmas party, we’ve put together a list of 23 adult Christmas games that are sure to make you laugh, smile, and maybe even feel a little competitive.

Movie Bingo for Christmas

Make bingo cards including lines or sequences from well-known Christmas films. Check off the matching squares as you watch these timeless films for a chance to win a holiday Christmas present.  

Ugly Sweater Contest

Host an ugly sweater contest to inspire your visitors to embrace the trashy side of fashion. The winner of the title of “king or queen of Christmas kitsch” will be the one with the most outlandish sweater.

Exchange of Secret Santa Gifts

Enjoy the festive season by participating in a Secret Santa Gift Exchange! Transform the custom by matching gift-givers and receivers anonymously using an online generator. To maintain fairness and fun, establish a budget. This game is a holiday classic because of the suspense and surprise it offers, guaranteeing that each player receives a thoughtful and enigmatic present. Await surprises, merriment, and the delight of giving as your Secret Santa event progresses! 

Christmas Charades

Play a game of Christmas charades to include everyone in the festive fun. To keep it interesting, blend traditional holiday sayings with references to popular culture. Learn more about the game here.

Carol Karaoke

Turn your living room into a festive improvised karaoke platform. Carols are a guaranteed way to spread the holiday mood, whether you’re singing the classics or the more recent successes. Make sure there are enough tamborines and other jingling instruments to make it more fun.

Guessing Game with Ornaments

Ask your guests to guess how many Christmas ornaments are in a jar filled with various ornaments. The jar is given to the winner as a joyous memento.

Christmas Trivia

Play a trivia game to see how much your guests know about all things Christmas. To ensure that the competition is intense, include questions regarding historical events, popular holiday films, and customs.

Christmas Pictionary

Give the traditional sketching and guessing game a festive makeover. Make a list of phrases with a Christmas theme for a fun and creative task. Add coloring pencils to the table to make the drawings more artistic and real. 

Gingerbread House Decorating Contest

Give a gingerbread house kit to each visitor or team, then let their imaginations go wild. Give out prizes for the most imaginative, festive, and structurally sound gingerbread creations.

Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Create a scavenger hunt with a holiday theme that leads players around various rooms or sections of your house. Hide festive hints that will eventually lead to a treat or large prize. You can get the details on how to play the game here.

Snowman Slam

Make a snowman-themed game at home by constructing snowmen out of white cups and snowballs out of bean bags. To earn a gift, guests attempt to topple the snowmen one after the other. The game details, material needs, and how to play are available here.

Christmas Photo Booth

Arrange holiday signs, Santa hats, and reindeer antlers as backdrops for your photo booth. Take pictures of the celebration to leave your guests with treasured memories.

Mistletoe Kiss Challenge

Arrange a centrally located mistletoe and invite couples to exchange merry kisses beneath it. Give rewards for the smooches that are the most imaginative and animated.

Christmas Song Emoji Quiz

Using emojis as hints, compile a list of well-known Christmas tunes. For a lively and engaging game, challenge your guests to interpret the tunes.

Holiday Poker Night

Arrange a Christmas-themed poker night and deck the cards with holly boughs. Add chips and snacks with festive themes to create a lively gaming environment.

Stocking Stuffer Relay Race

Form teams of guests and organize a relay in which they stuff tiny things into stockings. The team that finishes the stocking stuffing task first and runs to the finish line or place in the house wins.

Pin the Nose on Rudolph

Give the traditional party game a festive makeover by having players blindfolded and tasked with correctly positioning Rudolph’s nose. A joyful and lively reimagining of a childhood classic

Naughty or Nice

Make a list of situations that involve Christmas and ask attendees to choose if an activity is “naughty” or “nice.” A playful method to inject humor into the celebrations.

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Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle Race

Select a jigsaw puzzle with a holiday theme and make it into a fun contest. A prize is awarded to the first group or individual to finish the puzzle.

Stocking Guessing Game

Provide guests with a mystery box filled with objects, and let them guess what’s inside by feeling the outside. The stocking can be won as a prize by the guesser who is the most accurate.

Christmas Bingo Drinking Game

Incorporate drink-related obstacles into the traditional bingo game to give it a more sophisticated feel. Winners make the decisions, so this is a fun addition to your celebrations. You can get the game details here

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Reindeer Ring Toss

Using reindeer antlers or cutouts, create a fun game of ring tossing. For a chance to win tiny prizes, guests can try throwing rings onto the antlers in turn.

Christmas Cheers

Raise a glass to the holidays as you wrap up the evening. Make a special Christmas cocktail for your visitors to sip from, and raise a glass to the happiness, good times, and memories that have been shared. Each adult will come out and individually have a small shout-out. 

In Conclusion 

With these 23 fun adult holiday games, your Christmas party will be remembered this year. These games will liven up your celebrations with their classic favorites and inventive takes on time-honored pastimes. These suggestions suit all interests and inclinations, whether you’re throwing a little get-together or a grand celebration.

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To a Merry Christmas full of love, laughter, and treasured memories!

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