21 Decor Ideas for Church Weddings That Will Impress

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Are you planning a church wedding? If so, you’re likely looking for ways to make your ceremony and reception beautiful and meaningful. One way to achieve this is to incorporate decorations that reflect the spiritual atmosphere of your venue.

You don’t have to break the bank with fancy décor either; plenty of simple and affordable ideas can add a special touch. Here are 21 decor ideas for church weddings to help get you started.

1. Incorporate A Gorgeous Sign At The Entrance To Welcome Guests

Surprise your guests by guiding them into the ceremony with a sign. You can add a few blooms to make the sign stand out.  The trick is to make the outside display represent the beauty waiting inside.

You can engrave your names as couples or just a shouting welcome thought on the sign. For example, “Love Is Patient, Love Is Kind.” 

2. Install A Lush Floral Arch At The Entryway

The lush floral arch frames the entrance perfectly, making a beautiful statement.

For example, a white arch made of roses and foliage for an elegant look or colorful blooms such as lilies and daisies for a more vibrant display.

Incorporate tulle through the arrangements and railings for a cohesive theme. The entire entrance will be decorated, and you’ll have a beautiful photo backdrop. 

3. Decorate the Interior With Palm Leaves

Palm leaves are a great way to add texture and color to your decor, giving your ceremony a tropical and relaxed atmosphere. 

If you plan a tropical reception, you can tie your ceremony with giant palm leaves. It also does well with a planned beachside reception. 

You can hang them from the ceiling, drape them around pews, or use them to line the aisle.

4. Use Long-Stemmed Blooms As Decor

Long-stemmed blooms help to bring a touch of luxury and romance to your wedding decor. 

Place tall arrangements along the aisle or around an altar for a magical effect. You can also use the stems to line a staircase or balcony for added drama.

The incorporation of white gladiolus and eucalyptus makes it more stunning.

5. Decorate The Altar With Candles

You can decorate the altar on a budget using candles. You can incorporate handmade pastel-colored wildflowers with candles of different sizes for a whimsical appearance.

Candles actually add romance to the perfect beauty of your wedding.

6. Match The Wreaths With The Flower The Bride Will Carry

Matching the wreaths with the bride’s flower will surely be charming.

A handmade wreath of eucalyptus, boxwood, and larkspur with a few peonies and ranunculus for a pop of color matches perfectly.

Your bouquet flowers should engage with the rest of your ceremony decor. Make small wreaths from them that can hang inside and outside the church.

7. Use Garden-Party-Inspired Arbors

A garden ceremony will bring life to your venue if you love nature. Just as outside, it will work perfectly inside.

Garden-party-Inspired arbors feature flowers, branches, and other greenery in the church. Place it at the front of the church if there is enough space.

You can balance the venue with delicate fabric and white flowers for a fresh, eye-catching moment.

8. Display Flowers Both Down The Aisle And In The Ceremony Arch

An extensive flower display can make your starting point clear and beautiful.

Cover the archway with the same flowers within your bouquet. You place the same flowers as your bouquet at the end of every aisle with various sizes of lanterns.

It will create a magical atmosphere right before your ceremony.

9. Decorate Pews With A Swatch Of Tulle That Match The Bride’s Dress

Change the dullness of church pews with a swatch of tulle that matches the bride’s dress. 

You can hang each tulle swatch on the pews with a simple knot or create a bouquet. Tulle will tie the ceremony’s colors together, creating an elegant atmosphere.

This will bring a touch of sophistication to your wedding decor.

10. Install A Wall Of Greenery

A greenery wall is advantageous to couples getting married in a historic church and would like to keep the church’s history.

The natural beauty of a greenery wall is unmatched. You can organize the branches very well for a rustic look at the church. The wall can either be hung with lights or left natural to entice the guests.

11. Tie Mini Bouquets To The Pews

With flowers that match your scheme, you can tie mini bouquets to the pews.

You can bring a sweet touch by matching white roses with seeded eucalyptus—just a few added blooms tied for presentable mini bouquets.

12. Line The Aisle With Ornate Lanterns

A countryside or a rustic vibe wedding calls in for these ornate lanterns along the aisle.

This uniquely charming idea gives off floral installation, which is much tiresome. You can create a clear picture of simplicity and beauty from the lanterns.

13. Use Romantic Lighting Design To Lit Up The Room

When taking vows, you can feel the room with warm color and light to make it a more contemporary church setting.

It’s ideal for smaller, wooden chapels; you can hang string lights with exposed bulbs across the top of your sitting area. Also, you can speak to whom you are as a couple by designing the lights with artistic touches.

14. Install Hydrangea Wreaths At The Front Doors

If you are featuring your wedding during the spring or summer, consider installing these hydrangea wreaths at the front doors. It creates lovely and festive wreaths.

You can hang the wreaths on the front doors with satin ribbon with the color of your scheme.

15. Line The Path To The Church Entrance With Potted Plants

Show how your love will naturally grow by bringing around from the entrance to the front; potted trees, flowers, and branches.

You can use this as an easy way to decorate and dismantle plenty of greenery and garden roses. It brings the church to life; they look for natural growth in the church, indeed, the beauty of nature.

16. Try Using DIY Items As Wedding Decor

Your crafting skills are also a perfect venture of decor for your classic wedding.

This is a simple and easy way to decorate the church using your creativity rather than money. Its beauty at your hands.

You can create paper bouquets from paper weaves at the church pews on the entranceway and the altar.

17. Hang A Sheer Fabric From The Ceiling

A sheer fabric is an excellent way of creating a romantic look at the altar. You can make an ethereal look by hanging an array of sheer fabrics.

You can hang the fabric from the ceiling with a color or pattern that complements your wedding theme. The shimmery fabric makes the church dreamy, perfect for a rustic setting.

18. Frame Your View 

Your mountain town or countryside church takes advantage of the surrounding view.

You can take your decorations simple, natural, and low to complement your venue’s background. The backdrop already shouts with its beauty manipulating your decor; very accurate.

19. Use Living Plants Along The Isle

Live plants are an excellent way to add a pop of color and liveliness to the church.

You can line the aisle with potted plants of various sizes. You can also hang plants with macramé hangers; this creates a bohemian style, perfect for the rustic look.

20. Place Pillar Candles Along The Aisle

If you use a high colors scheme like spreading deep reds, pinks, and greens, the warm color scheme can be highlighted by lining the aisles with pillar candles.

Ribbons and fresh roses collectively create the beauty of the church decor with color schemes.

21. Stay Symmetrical With Your Designs 

Just like yours, many churches are balanced and symmetrical by design.

You can do the same with your aisle and altar decor, this will keep things clean and classical in a traditional place. It makes it easy, and there are no complications.


With these ideas, you can make your wedding day truly unique and memorable. Make sure to start planning early so you have enough time to bring each of these decorations to life. Good luck, and happy planning!

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