20 Romantic and Unique DIY Valentine Cards Ideas With Tutorials

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February is all about spreading the love because it’s Valentine’s! Since Valentine’s Day is approaching, you must be hunting for Valentine’s day cards. Homemade cards are best to show your love to your significant other. Although a homemade valentine’s card will require your effort, it will touch the heart of the receiver.

Here you go if you are looking for Homemade Valentine’s card ideas. Don’t worry about implementing these ideas because we have provided you with a tutorial for each idea.

  1. Flower-cut card to give a lovely vibe

Flowers are the best way to show your love to your significant other. Take the paper and cut   a flower from it. The construction of this card is a bit tricky. Follow the tutorial, and the rest will be easy for you.

Embellish the flower center with candies and other stuff. Choose the colors from the red family, so the card goes well with Valentin’s theme.

  1. Unique scratch-off card to reveal your love

Your valentine is unique, so should be your card. Come up with a unique card for valentine’s day by making a scratch-off design. The recipient will be excited to receive this card and scratch to see what message you have for them. It is an amazing idea for those who love surprises. Here is the tutorial for you.

  1. Heart and balloons, all in one

This is a perfect gift for you if you are looking for a card that is easy to make and lovely at the same time. You need oil pastels to make heart balloons that will show the love in your heart to your special one. Your valentine will be overjoyed to receive this cute card from you. It is super easy to make because you can watch the tutorial here.

  1. Hearts and hearts everywhere

Spreading little hearts all over the card is another amazing idea for making a valentine’s day card. These cute hearts will overload your card with love, happiness, and joy. And the best thing is that you will only need paint color, a toothbrush, and a junk mail piece to make this card. Follow the tutorial and make this amazing card.

  1. One for the love of lollipops

Does your sweetheart love lollipops? If yes, a lollipop heart card will be best for them. These will not be the cards but a little treat for your love on Valentine’s Day. Lollipop, heart, and flower. This card incorporates too much in its design. Here is the tutorial if you want to make it.

  1. Add some fun and humor.

Craft a hilarious Valentine’s Day card and let your partner have some fun. Adding a humorous touch to Valentine’s Day cards is a unique way to bring a smile to your partner’s face. And complete the message with a heart in the end.  Get the tutorial here to make this card.

  1. A healthy treat

Candies and chocolates are common on valentine’s day. Why don’t you go for something healthier this Valentine’s? Get your love the cute printable cards on Valentine’s day. This card is the healthiest treat for your special one. It will show them how much you care for them. Here is the tutorial.

  1. The sweetest “I Love You” card

Here is the sweetest way to say “I love You” to your partner on Valentine’s Day. Alphabetically define your love on Valentine’s day cards. Use red to highlight I, O, and U. Paste a heart-shaped chocolate on O to say, “I Love You.” Here is the tutorial to find the step-by-step making procedure for this card.

  1. Your eyes are on them

Giving someone Valentine’s card symbolizes that you have been observing and loving that person for so long. Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to confess this to your crush. Make a magnifying glass-themed card to show your love. Here is the tutorial.

  1. Addition of Glitz and glam

Love adds glitz and glam to your life. This should be depicted in your Valentine’s Day card. Make a glittery heart card for your significant other to pour a cascade of your glittery love on them. The more you add glitters, the better this card will look. Follow the tutorial to make a perfect glittery heart card.

  1. Layer your love

Layering your card in a heart shape will show that your love has many layers. This DIY love layered card is meaningful and attractive at the same time. And the best thing is that it is super easy for beginners to craft. Follow this easy tutorial to make this layered card.

  1. A jar card to shake your love

Jars are used to keep flowers. Add glitters to your jar on the card, and let your partner shake your love. The glitters will spread in the air, but the jar will be a keepsake to remember. It can be kept for years as a symbol of love. You can easily make this card by following this simple tutorial.

  1. Your heart fell for them.

Tell how your heart fell for them at first sight. Make a falling heart card for your special one. You need heart-shaped stickers to make this card. Mark the dotted lines to make the falling hearts. This card is simple yet sophisticated. If you are still confused about making this card, look at the tutorial.

  1. Love is hope

Love becomes your sunshine. It gives you hope. Let this concept appears in your Valentine’s Day card. Make the sunshine card for your significant other. The center of the sun is made using a lip balm to incorporate a gift in the card. Here is the tutorial so you can easily craft this meaningful card for your loved one.

  1. Send your love in a card

Hugs and kisses are the ultimate way of showing love. You can send this to your partner via Valentine’s Day card. Make this bubbly card for your love and give them a romantic vibe. Watch this tutorial to make this easy card for your loved one.

  1. Stare with love

You love looking at your partner. Let them know you want to stare at them for a lifetime. You have eyes only to look at the wonderful person you once met. Make this unique card, and your love will be amazed at your sense of crafting it. Don’t worry about how to make this card because we have a complete tutorial for you.

  1. Spread the love in three dimensions

Make this card if you want to watch your partner’s heart fluttering with love. Choose whatever paper patterns you love to make the 3D hearts for this Valentine’s Day card. Implement your wild choices for the paper pattern, as there is no limit. You can use glue if you don’t have a sewing machine to stitch the hearts.

Watch the tutorial to make this beautiful Valentine’s Day card.

  1. Hide the message under the bug’s wing

Sometimes, love is hidden. You may want to send a secret message to your special person. Here you will need a love bug Valentine’s Day card. The love bug has wings under which you can write whatever message you want. The hearts symbolize your love and go well with the Valentine theme.

You can craft this lovely card easily by following some simple steps. Here you go with the tutorial.

  1. Choose a bee-themed card

Asking someone to be your valentine is a common practice on this day. So why don’t you select a bee-themed card for this purpose? The bee theme will depict your amazing sense of art. You can attach cute little gifts with this card like a pencil or a bee shaped eraser. The colors will be black, white, and yellow to compliment the bee theme. Watch the tutorial to make a wonder valentine’s day card for your love.

  1. Monograms are always loved

Monograms are a keepsake to keep for a long time. Make a monogram card for your significant other on Valentine’s day. Embellish their name with cute little hearts and don’t forget to add red color. Because red is considered not only the color of love but also the theme of Valentine’s Day. Here is the tutorial.


Hope you got some amazing ideas for making an amazing card for Valentine’s Day. Follow the tutorial and craft an amazing valentine’s day card for you. Do it yourself so it will be a labor of love for your loved one.

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