Got Stuck? Try These 10 Bracelets for Father’s Day !

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When we talk about jewelry pieces, mostly men are forgotten. We usually associate necklaces, bracelets, etc., with women. So why not give your dad a Father’s Day bracelet we can wear proudly. We have included some of the best men’s bracelets

Beaded Leather Bracelet 

Leather bracelets are popular among men. These bracelets have an edgy look and enhance the overall appeal of a man. Though it’s a small trinket, it creates a significant impact if it has an emotional element. 

We have a Beaded Leather Bracelet. This bracelet is made with artificial leather but looks hyper-realistic to genuine leather. Also, the bracelet is a braid-style accessory with a thick band. You can select the band color as per your father’s liking. 

But the stainless steel beads aren’t just ordinary beads. Each bead can hold a family member’s name on it. The bead can even have a heart printed. All this depicts the love and affection of a family. 

And every time your father wears this, he will feel close to his family. 

Braided Wristband

We have taken the above bracelet’s concept and made it into a thin style bracelet. The Braided Leather Bracelet is for those fathers who don’t like wearing thick bracelets. We have got you covered.

The Braided Wristband is a thinner version of the above bracelet. It has thin braids like strings, and multiple strings are in one piece. The metal beads clasp the strings together, giving it a festive look. On each bead, you can have the family member’s name. 

Nautical Bracelet 

Nautical things are used to climb mountains, hike, etc. They have a lot of strength and endurance. Many fathers have this quality as well. Our fathers protect us from harm and provide us with whatever we need. 

Therefore, we took a nautical rope and transformed it into a flawless Nautical Bracelet

The bracelet has the rope as the wristband and the small buckle as the centerpiece. 

You can pick out the rope color according to your daddy’s preference. 

Also, along the length of the rope, you can add custom-engraved beads with family members’ names on them. This whole concept showcases how your dad has tied the family together. 

The bracelet is a souvenir of the love and strength of your father. 

Leather Weave Bracelet

Leather is the most used material type in men. Of course, women have leather bags, shoes, etc. But leather goods are primarily made for men. And in today’s day and age, people prefer buying shiny and artificial jewelry. But for retro lovers, there are limited options. 

So we have combined leather and retro vibes for a fathers day bracelet, so your dad can have the best of both worlds. 

At Callie’s, we have a Leather Weave Bracelet. The bracelet is made of soft leather to ensure comfort for long-hour wear. The main design is the weave with big loose loops. Each loop is customizable. Laser engraving is used for this bracelet to engrave your custom message. Ideally, the loops should have the names of loved ones so that he can wear them anywhere he likes. But for extra spunk for your father, you can add a phrase instead of names. Also, you can pick out the color of the bracelet as we offer this in only two retro colors. 

This bracelet comes in an exquisite jewelry box, so you can just hand it to your dad. 

Morse Code Bracelet 

Morse code is a secret language used to transfer messages. It’s a series of dots and lines that only the receiver and the sender understands. The morse code gives the bracelet an upscale feel. So, why not make your pops feel exclusive and send him a message that only you two know. 

The Morse Code Bracelet is like no other. It’s a simple and sophisticated bracelet with not many elements. The wristband of the bracelet is made out of leather. It’s thin and soft, making it perfect for long-time wear. 

The main feature is the morse code in the middle part of the bracelet. In the middle, a metal plate is attached with the code printed. You can get absolutely anything that you want for your father. But if you’d like, you can get it in plain font. 

Leather Shield Bracelet 

Father uses all his energy and strength to protect his family against all harm. He stands like a shield in between his family and any possible danger. And this father’s day, you can appreciate all the efforts that he has made. With the Leather Shield Bracelet, you can make him feel loved and cared for simultaneously.

The bracelet is a fantastic and modern style leather accessory but with a much deeper meaning. The main feature is the shield right in the center of the bracelet. The bead is an exact cut out of a shield. You can select the color and customize the text on the shield. 

On either side of the wristband, you can add the family member’s name with their respective birthstone. All you have to do is tell us the name and month they are born. We will add a small and sparkly birthstone on their custom bead. 

All this makes the bracelet one of a kind piece. 

Couple Bracelet Set 

This bracelet isn’t just for your father. We have designed this fantastic accessory with a couple’s set for your mother and father. The Couple Bracelet Set is a two-piece bracelet. It has rope-style wires that are adjustable for various wrist sizes. But the best part is the magnetic beads that get attached when brought close. You can customize each bracelet by picking the color and custom content on the bead. 

Hip-Hop Chain Bracelet 

If your father is into hip-hop, get him this shiny Hip-Hop Chain Bracelet. The bracelet is made with stainless steel. The surface is polished for extra smoothness and shine. The chain is customizable, so you can select whatever size is perfect for your father. The center has a blank tag that holds custom content, and you can customize the size of the tag too. You can have a heartfelt message engraved for your father on the tag. 

Buffalo Infinity Bracelet 

Buffalo bone and wood represent love and a natural bond. The material also showcases the knack for adventure and outdoor excursions. Our bracelet is made with natural materials showing a knack for adventure and outdoor excursions. The Buffalo Infinity Bracelet is a black color bracelet made with buffalo bone, wood, and nylon rope. 

The nylon rope is braided to give more character. The center can hold custom text like the name or initials. 

Woven Hobbies Bracelet 

The last one on the list is the Woven Hobbies Bracelet. It’s a woven-style bracelet with a metal charm in the center. The charm showcases the favorite hobby of your father. So, you can pick out the hobby, and we will add the symbol. The bracelet is a classic and minimalistic accessory for fathers. 

Our Two Cents

If you think the above father’s day bracelets aren’t enough for your pops, look at our curated selection of gifts for Father’s Day. If not, visit our store Callie to find present ideas. 

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