17 Father’s Day Gifts for Your Husband That He’ll Love

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Just like how mothers are appreciated lavishly, fathers should also be celebrated. When a husband receives a gift from his wife for Father’s Day, it’s a great way of showing her love and affection for whatever he does for the kids and the family.

So, down below, you’ll find 17 of the most extravagant Father’s Day gifts for husbands.

Beer glass

Every once in a while, it’s good to sit down, relax, and unwind from hectic daily schedules. Imagine sipping on a chilled beer with a bunch of friends while enjoying some BBQ. And you know, husbands sure love to spend this chilling time with their friends. Now, we at Callie’s have this fantastic beer glass.

The Custom Inverted Beer Glass is a unique-looking beer glass designed to appreciate the bond best friends share. The glass is entirely transparent, with an inverted bottle design carved inside. The outside has silhouettes of a person hugging the beer bottle. On top, the phrase ‘best friends’ is printed. You can get custom two initials underneath the silhouette printed in any color you’d like for him.   

Personalized wallet

Sounds to cliche? Well, wallets are part of your husband’s everyday routine. No matter how often you buy them wallets, they’re overused over time. Plus, your man deserves to have different wallet options in his closet, especially if the wallet holds sentimental value.

The Personalized Leather Wallet is a high-quality leather wallet with a classic ensemble. The dark brown wallet has 15 spacious compartments to hold cards and cash quickly. The outside of the wallet is where personalization happens. You can upload any picture of him or the family together, and we’ll engrave it to the front of the wallet in premium quality. 

Baseball wooden frame

If your husband is a baseball fan, this one is for him. The Wooden Baseball Frame is a fantastic photo frame made for all the daddies. The frame is made out of plywood and has the elements of the baseball stuck onto it.

In the middle is the title to add the photograph. And on top, you can customize whatever phrase you’d like. Below the photograph tile, we have a message printed, but you can even write your own message if you’d like.  

Customized retired fishing shirt

For our dads who are retired and love to go fishing in their newly obtained spare time, we have this vibrant t-shirt showcasing the love of fishing. The Custom Retired Fishing Shirt is a pure cotton black shirt with a colorful print on the front.

Throughout the print, you can customize it by adding the name and the year of retirement he took. And we’ll print that in a clear, attractive, matching font. Lastly, you can pick out the size perfect for him.

So, the next time he goes fishing, he can wear this wonderful shirt.

DIY fishing tackle box

Above, we had the t-shirt for hubby, who loves to fish, but here we have a DIY Fishing Tackle Box. This big tackle box is made for people who love to go on fishing trips every day. This complete bamboo box can hold all his fishing hooks etc., used for fishing.

On the outside of the box, you can have a heartfelt message printed on it to convey how much you love him and his contribution to being a father.

Gaming keychain

A keychain is a handy item. And giving this as a fathers day gift for the husband makes it even more memorable. Since we know how our husband loves to play video games on gaming consoles like PS4 or PS5, a gift that represents that love can show them you care. The Gaming Keychain With USB is a 2-in1 keychain. The game control looks like a keychain and doubles like a USB flash drive. The keychain also has a disc charm with a lovely phrase engraved. You can do that if you’d like to add a custom phrase.

BBQ heat resistance gloves

 Hosting a BBQ party is fun to catching up with loved ones. Like chilled beer, super delicious BBQ lets you have a good time with friends and family. And since hubby’s usually do all the grilling, the BBQ Heat Resistance Gloves are ideal.

These insulated multilayer gloves are heat resistant and thus protective from the high temperatures of the BBQ. But the best part is that you can customize these gloves. You can change the color of the gloves, select the pattern of the phrase ‘Grill Father’, and even add custom content to the gloves. 

Photo print wooden watch

Who says watches can’t be wooden! The Photo Print Wooden Watch is a state-of-the-art piece made for all the dads. This classy watch has a natural dark brown wooden color with the wood’s grains emphasized. The watch’s dial is circular and has the feature of holding a cherished memory. Just upload the photo you’d like to be printed inside the dial, and we’ll print it in the highest quality.

This addition of a watch will accelerate his looks and outshine his watch collection.

Custom kitchen apron

If your kids love eating the food your husband makes or if your husband is a chef by profession, here’s something to give him for Father’s Day. The Custom Kitchen Apron is a sturdy and premium quality polyester apron with huge pockets. The apron comes in two colors only which are black and white. And the print, no matter what color you select, will be done in gold for a luxurious feel.

You can add his name, the kitchen name he likes to you, and even the year when he established his kitchen or restaurant.

The exquisite look and luxury vibe will buck him up in his kitchen.

Leather shield birthstone bracelet

Fathers are the shield of the family. They protect their family, especially their kids. To depict this idea beautifully, we have made Leather Shield Birthstone Bracelet.

An entire artificial leather bracelet with neat stitches and a modern cut-out shield for the modern aesthetic. The centerpiece is a shield with ‘we love you, daddy’ printed. You can add a rectangular charm on each side with the respective birthstone for each child. Just give us the kid’s name and select his/her birth month, and we’ll engrave the stone and name in utmost clarity.

Now even dads can showcase their love for their children in a modern way.

Best dad boxer

Funny boxers are all the rage right now. So, why not give this as a Father’s Day gift to your husband? The Best Dad Boxer is super comfy boxers made with soft and breathable polyester. You can select the boxer’s color according to what he prefers. Then, the phrase ‘best dad’ with a red heart will be printed all around the boxer. And you can have his face all over the boxer as well. Upload his face photo, and we’ll print it along with the phrase.

This comic boxer is a must-have in his closet.

Custom tic tac toe

Board games are always fun to have around. They are easy to play with and the best indoor activity to have. Instead of playing on the conventional board, get a Custom Tic Tac Toe wooden board.

This custom board game is a classic tic tac toe game with a personalized twist. Instead of using the traditional circle and x, you can use any two initials to play the game. And for Father’s Day, you can choose his and your initials as the playing pieces.

Also, you can add custom text on the front of the board like his and your full name. This will make for an ideal board game to enjoy while sipping coffee.

Dog tag bottle opener

A bottle opener comes in handy no matter where you are. Whether he’s out there enjoying an adventurous trip or just sitting at home watching your favorite show, a compact bottle opener can make your day. Therefore, we have a Dog Tag Bottle Opener. This minimalistic bottle opener is a metal opener that is easy to carry. For ease, we have added a key ring so he can attach it to his daily keys. On the opener itself, it’s a dog tag-style bottle opener with space for custom content. So, make use of the space and give him this handy dandy bottle opener.

Custom cooler bag

If they have the bottle opener at hand but not any chilled bottles to open, it can spoil their mood. So, get them this ultra-sleek Custom Cooler Bag. It can hold up to 6 bottles at one time and keep them cold for long hours. You can slide the bottle opener into the pocket on the side too. This lightweight and durable cooler bag is easy to carry. You can have his name engraved in big, bold letters right in front of all this.

Weight lifting belt

Staying fit is a great way to lead a life. It helps your muscles rejuvenate and makes your bones stronger. But if your darling husband has taken this up a notch and does weight light in the gym, give him a Weight Lifting Belt is made with leather and metal to protect and balance out the waist during weight training. You can choose any size and color and even have his name or lovely phrase printed right on the front of the belt.

Money clip

At Callie’s, we have a  Custom Money Clip. Money clips are slim and light cards and money holders that don’t consume a lot of space. These money clips are made out of resin and wood to give them a personalized design. You can have his initials printed on the clip and give him a present for a father’s day.

Coffee subscription

Almost all adults need coffee to wake up in the morning and start their day. And for fathers who love their caffeine, monthly subscription coffee DrinkTrad. Here, he can try over 400 coffee sources from 55+ roasters every month. He can find his favorite combinations and try new tastes for added fun.

Our thoughts

The above list is made for all kinds of husbands. But if you want to check out more options for Father’s Day gifts, click on our unique collection made for them. Or visit our store Callie to explore a variety of personalized gifts for everyone. 

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