Foolproof Graduation Gifts for Fresh Grads – We Asked 2021 Grads To Curate This List!

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Seeing that most colleges no longer hold traditional commencement ceremonies, you might have to choose the perfect gift to celebrate the class of 2021 and the future alumni too of school, college, and university. So, don’t get worried. For this year’s graduating class we’ve some ideas for graduation gifts. For the most part, a graduation celebration with family is the ultimate graduation gift after a year and a half of being unable to travel and staying away. But you can also get items that help ease the transition from college to adult life by bringing a bit of fun and celebration.

Here is a list of ideal graduation gifts.

Exclusivity Is The Only Key

Getting standard keychains is so boring and outdated. With fresh grads, you need to give them something useful yet personalized. As they’re hyped up about their unraveling adult life, a custom keychain with graduation message or graduation greetings can be ideal. This will give them a homey feel while they put in their house keys or car keys to this wonderful keychain.

We, at Callie’s, have Personalized Graduation Silhouettes Keychain 2021 2022. This is a premium quality keychain with unlimited personalized features. You see, the keyring has three chains. One has tassels, which you can customize according to whatever colour you prefer. The second chain has the year. You can pick the year of the graduated student. Lastly, the third chain has a graduating student silhouette. And, you can pick the gender, choose a hair colour, hairstyle, clothes style, sash colour, skin colour, and cap style to make it look realistic. Isn’t it amazing!

This keychain will surely stand out while giving a real-life feel.

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A Graduating Teddy Bear Is Adorable

Children are so cute, so, why not give them something that matches their pure honesty and looks as cute and fluffy as them? A soft and plush graduation bear would be a popular choice since they’re fans of stuffed animals.

Our Graduation Teddy Bear Engraved Name Class and School Badge is the answer. This one is especially for children because when we think about fresh grads, we often forget them.  This bear has refined embroidery and crisp clothes with an overall neat look. Also, the bear is wearing a graduation cap and holding a degree in one hand. But the feet of the teddy bear can be engraved to add customization. The left foot will have the name of your child and the right one the year of graduation. Plus, you can also add their school badge will be attached to the chest of the bear. This will serve as a comforting reminder for your kid’s accomplishments and also make them happy.

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No CAP, At All!

After not being able to go anywhere for more than a year and a half, a small graduation party invitation for a trip can be delightful. And the best way to explore new places is by walking. So, a really cool cap can surely come in handy. Plus, funny graduation captions printed on it can add more fun while your fresh grad strolls around wearing the cap.

You can get a Personalized Sport Hat with Number & Name. A unisex classic cap that suits every style of outfit. Whether you’re in your bathing suit or in t-shirt jeans, the rustic look makes it even more upbeat. You can add a fun caption or their respective name on the top of the cap in any colour. Also, the adjustable and elastic velcro makes it convenient for any hairstyle like a messy hair bun or open hair. They’ll rock it. For extra personalization, choose their favorite sport to match the cap style and add text on the brim of the cap too.

A perfect way to turn a simple piece of clothing into a fun and meaningful graduation gift!

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Keep Loved Ones Closer

Fresh grads are usually hyped about their upcoming life. They’re thrilled most of the time, yet still have bags of mixed emotion at their graduation. At this moment, giving them a sense of relief by making them feel that their loved ones are close can help them not lose control. Plus, the cap they wear can also be modified just a tad bit.

At Callie’s, we offer a valuable photo charm for graduation caps. The Memorial Photo Charm on Graduation Cap is a retro photo charm that can have a photo of a late loved one that they would want to keep close on their special day. The basic charm can only hold one photo. But you can choose to add style discs, which can hold graduation wishes. You can pick any style of photo charm and can add on up to four discs as well. Plus, you can also choose the colour according to their preference and the length of the charm. This is very nifty and heartfelt graduation present for every age group.

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Sparkle For The Queen Of Hearts

Receiving a dainty and sparkly necklace as a present can never be out of fashion. So, why should it be exempt from our list? Buying a thoughtful and gorgeous necklace that is mixed with graduation sentiments can be extraordinary.

Our talented designer has created very appealing necklaces. But we have curated Personalized Heart Name Graduation Necklace 2021 for graduation. This sterling silver necklace has a heart-shaped pendant with a graduation cap on the top of the heart. This necklace comes with customization options as well. You can pick from many colours and also change the chain length. The sparkly gemstones and elegant heart can have their name and the year of graduation too. How pretty!

The perfect choice for a queen to celebrate her graduation day. You can also order an exquisite jewelry box with it to make it look more attractive.

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