Fun & Meaningful Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Teenage Couples

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Valentines is the sweetest and most romantic day where you get to express your love freely for that someone special. And for a teenage couple, it’s a bit more thrilling than average. You see, we surely understand the arousal and want to help make it extra memorable.

So, here are gorgeous valentine’s day gift ideas for teenage couples. Don’t get stressed and check them out. (They don’t break the bank either…Sshh..)

Handmade Universe For Them

Now whether you are in the first base or are planning to ask them out, for now, your world is surely revolving around them. Right? Haha…We know. And we have had crafted an ensemble that replicates those feelings in just the way.

Our Handmade Round Universe Necklace. It’s one of a kind of necklace not exclusive to any gender. It is a miniature handmade universe with all its secrets and sparkling milky way captured most romantically. The cluster ball is the compact pendant that they can wrap around their necks, which will remind them of you. Plus, it has a coin pendant, whichh can have an initial engraved. So, you can get yours or theirs engraved, which will add a personalized touch, making it your sweet universe.

Explore the mysteries of the universe together while falling in love. Buy Here 

Handmade Round Universe Milky Way Pendant Necklace with Initials



There’s A BALL-POINT To Love

Teenage couples have a lot going on around them. Studies and love life are the two integral parts and each couple wants to excel in both of them. So, why not present your special someone with a gift which can be helpful for their studies but will also showcase how much you mean to them?

At Callie’s, we have engraved wood ballpoint pen set. A retro ball-point pen designed to stand out whenever put to use. Each element of this set is made out of high-quality and sturdy wood which will last a long time- just like your love. You can either go classic and choose the wood’s original color or go bold and choose the color of passion.

You can get any custom message written on the box to make it personalized. A tip here: get a romantic phrase engraved that is reminiscent of your love for each other. Plus, both pens in the set can also have names engraved on them, making them distinctive. And, you also get to choose the color of the ink that you’d like to have according to their liking. These features give it a more customized feel while still being simple and retro.

Let them get their notes with these pens! Buy Here 

Engraved Wood Ballpoint Pen Set



Love You Too Pieces

Love is a beautiful feeling to experience in your teens. The world suddenly just stops when you see their face and your heart just lights up. It’s like, you found your missing piece and you are complete with them, just like a puzzle set. I mean, what more can you ask for than spending time with them.

We have the perfect gift for your perfect puzzle piece. And that is Custom Jigsaw Photo Puzzle. It is a playful way to show them how you truly feel about them and make them know that you both fit perfectly with each other. It is a high-quality puzzle set that can be made in different sizes. But the best is that you can have your favorite memory of the two of you printed into the jigsaw puzzle. How cool is that! The vibrant color and premium quality print enhance the overall feel of the photograph.

Go ahead and have fun putting the pieces together and transform your happy memory into a playful one that locks in the lover forever. Buy Here 

Custom Jigsaw Photo Puzzle | Callie

Project Your Heart Out

Giving a ring whether a proposal ring or a promise ring is a classic way to bind in the bond among two people. Especially when you’re a teen boy, this whole new feeling of loving one girl with all your heart is very new. And you’re are constantly looking for ways to show affection, love, and care to her. But sometimes, all you want to do is make her feel that you’re there with her. 

And we, at Callie’s, have Personalised 100 Languages I Love You Projection Ring. This unique and elegant ring will make her feel your presence everywhere she goes. This intricately designed ring is embellished with dainty sparkly crystals that look more delicate yet simple. The middle of the ring is a carved-out petite heart with a projection stone inside it. The projection stone will have a photograph of the two of you either in color or black and white, which she can see whenever she likes. And, to oomph up the whole experience, the phrase I LOVE YOU FOREVER, or I LOVE YOU will be projected in 100 different languages. You can choose which phrase you’d like. Plus, you can choose the ring in any color according to her liking. All she will need to look at the photograph is a flashlight from her phone. This is the most elegant and meaningful present to give her, which will make her smile. 

So, let her wear your favorite memory everywhere she goes and embrace your love. Buy Here 

Personalized Heart 100 Languages I Love You Projection Photo Ring

​​Remember one thing! Buying such an item that has a personalized message or even made custom, bought for a special person has a unique value. No other cheap or expensive gifts can be compared with the importance of personalized gifts. It shows the effort of your beloved. Callie is working on adding value to your lives. Buy any type of custom gift for any occasion.

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