12 Fantastic Gifts for Grandparents That Show You Care

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Grandparents are the best! They’re the ones who tell you when you’re wrong, and they’ll always hug you and comfort you in hard times. But, sometimes it’s hard to show your grandparents that you care. But not anymore. Since Grandparents Day is just around the corner, you can express your love and affection by giving them grandparents’ day gifts. 

So, if you’re looking for a gift that will make your grandparents feel special, here are some of our favorite gifts for grandparents that will bring them joy and happiness on this special day.

When is grandparents day 2022?

Grandparents Day is on Sunday after Labor Day, September 11, 2022. Grandparents Day is a day to celebrate your grandparents, who have been so important to you throughout your life. It’s also a great time to think about how you can be even more supportive of the ones you love.

If you’re looking for ways to show your love and appreciation for the grandparents in your life, consider giving them a little extra special something—a gift that shows how much they mean to you and their family. 

Personalized gifts for grandparents

If you’ve been thinking about what to get your grandparents this year, why not make their day by giving them a thoughtful gift that will last forever? Here are some ideas:

Hooked with grandfather

We’ve got the perfect decoration for your grandfather: a wall-mounted fishing rod with each grandchild’s name on it. Everyone will be able to see how much you and your siblings love your granddad!

The use of environmentally friendly thickened wood makes this decorative painting more three-dimensional and firmer, making it more durable than ever. The fishing rod and hook’s three-dimensional design is vivid, making it look right there in front of them.

Add your custom name to this fishing rod, or let your family members appear on it—you can customize it any way you want! 

This fishing rod is just one of many great Grandparents Day gifts we have in stock at Callie!

Make cooking more fun

As we all know, the wooden spoon is the most indispensable cooking tool. And now you can get one that’s just as indispensable to your grandparents’ cooking skills—but with a twist!

These Fold in the Cheese Wooden Spoons are perfect gifts for fans of Schitt’s Creek: they’ve got a beautiful design by Callie and a wood material specially treated to preserve its natural color and texture. The spoons have fixed content but can be personalized with engraving or other embellishments.

And what’s even better than surprising your grandparents with these?

Showcase family history

Personalized Pebble Art Family Tree Picture Decor is a unique and fun way to commemorate grandparents’ day. 

The picture frame is constructed of wood and comes in 4 colors: grey, white, black, and wood. Its unique feature is that you may select a character image made of cobblestones, such as a man, woman, child, dog, or cat. Each cobblestone is unique, highlighting how three-dimensional the characters are. It is an unusual piece of house decor.

The names of family members can be shown on a fixed family tree. To create a complete family photo frame, place the family name and a statement you want to convey in the upper left corner of the frame.

It makes a great present for grandparents. So what are you waiting for? Add this fun and unique gift to your order today!

For the love of plants

Grandmothers love plants. They always want to give your indoor and outdoor living areas a unique makeover with plants.

So, why not surprise them with beautiful flower pots? A variety of vivid flower pots will add ornamental beauty to any space. With a bit of energy, ceramic pots from our impressive range are a lovely way to display your indoor or outdoor plants and a unique way to make your Grandmother happy.

These Birth Month Flower Pot can be customized with her name and flowers of your choice.  

Grandmothers are wonderful women who are crucial at each stage of our development and provide us with unending love and affection. To honor their commitment, this product uses the birth flower from the garden to represent the kids.

On grandparents’ day, honor them with this exquisite birth flower pot.

Pendant of affection

Pendants can make the best grandparents’ day gift for your grandma. Why? Well, because grandmothers love to wear pendants. Especially the ones they receive from their beloved grandchildren.

You can choose a variety of gems to round this pendant of love. Each gemstone stands for a different family member, and you can personalize the love heart with whatever message you like to show your affection.

Three colors of silver, gold and rose gold are available for the love pendant, which is constructed of sterling silver.

This Grandma Heart necklace is the ideal way to show your Grandmother how much you care by conveying the idea of a tightly packed family.

Sweet like a hummingbird

This beautiful personalized hummingbird necklace is a perfect grandparents’ Day gift for your Grandmother!

This necklace features an engraved hummingbird with a birth flower and birthstone. It’s the perfect combination of sweet and beautiful that any grandmom would love to wear as they celebrate their day. 

It also comes in cubic zircon and sterling silver, so you can choose whichever color you prefer.

An excellent gift for any occasion, this necklace is sure to be cherished by your grandma!

A memory of warmth and coziness

This personalized flannel blanket is the perfect way to show your love and appreciation for your grandma.

On the back of the blanket are words like “I love you” and “Happy Birthday!” in white script font. This makes it easy to write whatever message you want!

You can choose from various colors for your personalized flannel blanket: yellow, pink, purple, blue, or green. You can also customize it with fun details like glittery hearts or rainbows after your Grandmother’s name!

Display the affection

This personalized wood Grandma’s Garden art with a photo frame is a great way to display the bond you and your siblings have with grandma, and it’s the perfect addition to the home decor!

This piece is made from wood to be durable and long-lasting. It features an image of your favorite grandma in a garden scene. 

Each birth flower has a distinct significance and is thought to represent the traits of persons born in that particular month. Use these lovely flowers to symbolize each family member in the house.

This multi-variety, richly colored, and exquisite symbolic birth flower design is ideal for the living room or bedroom and will give a sense of warmth and elegance to your home. And yes, a fantastic gift for grandparents’ day. 

DIY gifts for grandparents’ day

Are you willing to go extra special this grandparents’ day? You cannot find a better option than making DIY gifts. Below we will be sharing a few options.

Use the much-renowned pom poms

Yes, with the help of cute pom poms, you can make a brilliant gift for your grandparents. This idea is specifically for those grandparents who love their tea or coffee. Gather pom poms of different colors and stick them together to make coasters for their mugs. Not only is this hack easy but also cute enough to express your love and affection. 

Personalized picture pendants

Personalized picture pendants never go out of trend. And the most fun part is that they do not require a lot of things to come into being. You can follow a simple and easy-to-understand tutorial to make a beautiful pendant that looks cute when wearing and holds many memories of you and your grandparents. So, don’t let the second thoughts hold you back.

A Beautiful Watering Can

So, your Grandmother loves to keep plants? Yes? Then there could be no DIY gift than a personalized water can. You can create a can of any color or design by following these simple steps. The possibility of a lot of customization makes it not only easy but fun to make. 

A DIY cutting board

This DIY craft is well worth it. Give the grandparents this beautifully monogrammed cutting board as a decorative kitchen essential that they will use all year long. You can sketch a simple design with a pencil on the wood and then use a wood-burning tool—shockingly affordable and accessible at any craft store—to burn the design into the wood.


When you’re looking for gifts for grandparents, it’s important to remember that they are your family members and deserve treats as much as anyone else. Nonetheless, check out Callie if you want to go with something else. This online store has everything you will ever need. From gift items to accessories, they have got your back. 

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