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Celebrate International Women’s Day in These 10 Meaningful Ways

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Around the world, many countries celebrate International Women’s Day. The trend began in Europe and North America around the 20th century. From then on we celebrate this day every year, 8th of March.

Nowadys it is celebrated all over the world with its full prominence and reach. Also IWDs is a mainstream day for talking about women rights and their promotion. 

We have also contributed our part for this special day and at Callie, we have listed many ideas for saluting women around the globe and their contribution to society. Whether you are a working woman or a homemaker, a university student or a working professional, a teenger or a senior citizen, these celebration ideas will definitely make you feel proud for this great day. 

Celebrate International Women’s Day in the Workplace

How can corporations be far behind from adding their contribution in IWD 2024. As a HR professional, you might be looking for ideas on how to celebrate in your organization? Then no need to look any further as these two ideas will be enough to civer every aspect. 

Host a Panel Discussion

There are plenty of women from every diverse industry who are considered leaders of their respective professions. You may arrange a panel discussion by featuring those influential women within your company. Give them the opportunity this time where they may share their life experiences of how they were judged for being a woman at work and how they were successful enough to make their place in the market. 

Obviously, it will be helpful for young women who are struggling in their careers just for being a woman even in first world countries. Although the governments take initiative there are thousands of taboos that still remain in the industries specially in men dominated industries. 

Recognition Awards

On every special, annual or bi annual event of the company, honor outstanding female employees for their contributions in the form of bonuses and international trips with family. Not with the intention of retaining them as an employee, but to honor them for what they have gone through in their career. 

Celebrate International Women’s Day at Home

While it is a great day to go out in the streets, “I am a woman, here my roar”, Mums who stay home in order to take care of the little ones can’t join a big party to celebrate this important day for us women. 

These are the two ideas below to join your sisters in honouring our contribution and value to society in the safety and comfort of our home. 

Movie Night

Host a movie night at home featuring films/ documentories directed by women or centered around strong empowerment ideas. Not only movies, you may select some special award winning short films with the same base idea. 

GIFs for International Women’s Day

Do you want to make the chats more humorous? Use Clipchamp and free GIF video templates to create a fun International Women’s Day GIF. Regardless of whether it’s funny or heartfelt, you can create a GIF from a video meeting, old office footage, or an interview with a woman at work (with her permission, of course). Add some text animations, add some stock footage, and save it as a GIF. The video editor even allows you to add GIPHY stickers.

Celebrate International Women’s Day at School

Trying to figure out what to do with your children to celebrate International Women’s Day? These are two brilliant teaching ideas and resources for International Women’s Day!

Educate students about International Women’s Day’s history

Educate your students with a deeper understanding of women’s struggle for equality. Give them a presentation about the history of international women’s day. Through wikipedia or other resources, you can easily find out this history. 

Create a wonderful International Women’s Day classroom display

Decorate your classroom with posters explaining IWD. Brighten up your classroom with ready-made International Women’s Day banners that you can use as titles for your display. Apart from that, display brilliant famous Women Heroes Posters. The posters must include facts and beautiful illustrations of inspiring women from multiple disciplines, like science, politics, and aviation.

Celebrate International Women’s Day Virtually

We’ve compiled a list of the best virtual celebration ideas for women’s day at work. You can celebrate International Women’s Day in the office with games, gifts, and educational entertainment.

Women’s History Month Trivia

  • Women’s History Month Trivia is a great Women’s Day competition idea for remote teams. In this fully-facilitated event, women’s history knowledge is tested in a 60-minute virtual team competition. With fun and challenging mini games and pop quizzes, the event pays homage to influential female figures throughout history.

Storytelling workshops

  • During Women’s History Month, storytelling workshops are a great way for women to share their experiences. A two-hour virtual workshop that teaches attendees how to craft impactful stories using proprietary frameworks. 
  • Participants will create their own pieces after the host discusses techniques and demonstrates the format. At the end of the event, stories will be shared, critiqued, and discussed in groups. 

Celebrate International Women’s Day on Social Media

Certainly! Launching a social media campaign highlighting the achievements and stories of female employees within your organization for International Women’s Day 2024 is a powerful way to commemorate the day and promote gender equality. Here’s how you can approach it:

Campaign Theme and Messaging

Choose a theme that aligns with the overarching message of International Women’s Day 2024, such as “Empowerment Through Diversity” or “Breaking Barriers, Building Futures.”

Craft messaging that emphasizes the importance of recognizing and celebrating the achievements of women in the workplace, while also inspiring others to advocate for gender equality.

Selecting Participants

Reach out to female employees from diverse backgrounds, departments, and levels within your organization. Invite them to share their stories of success, challenges they’ve overcome, and words of wisdom they’ve gained throughout their careers.

Gathering Stories and Content

Conduct interviews or surveys with participating employees to gather insights into their experiences and accomplishments. Collect photos or videos that showcase them in their professional roles and highlight their contributions to the organization.

Creating Compelling Content

Develop engaging narratives for each participant, highlighting their achievements, leadership qualities, and impact on the company. Incorporate quotes and testimonials from colleagues or supervisors to provide additional context and validation. Design visually appealing graphics or videos to accompany each employee spotlight post. Ensure that the visuals are inclusive and representative of the diverse workforce within your organization.


At Callie, we continue to empower, support, and uplift women, not just on International Women’s Day, but every day, as we strive for a more equitable and inclusive world for all.

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