A Complete Guide to How to Use Money Clip

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The concept of a money clip is new and innovative. You may not know how to use a money clip. Don’t worry. This guide will answer all your queries about using a money clip. 

What is a money clip?

A money clip is a sleek accessory designed to hold your cash conveniently. It’s a compact and small object but still can carry a lot of money. As the name suggests, a money clip can clip your money and easily fits in your pocket, offering you the easiest way to handle your money. These are usually metallic. Some magnetic money clips are also available in the market now.

How to use a money clip

Nothing is challenging about using a money clip. But if you are using a money clip for the first time, you may wonder about how to use a money clip. Here is a step-by-step guide to using a money clip.

  1. Stack your bills in order

Keeping your things organized is essential, whether it is a wallet or a money clip. The first step to using a money clip is to organize all your banknotes and cards. Make a neat stack of your paper bills by folding them in half. Place the bigger notes first, so they come on the bottom when you fold them. Then place the smaller bills on top. 

You can also do the reverse if you want to hide the bigger bills and flaunt the smaller ones. This way, you can keep your bigger bills safe from pickpockets.

  1. Slide your stack in the money clip

Once you have made a neat stack of your cash, slide it gently into the money clip. Make sure that the folded side goes in first. Slide them in the clip with your fingers, and the money clip will secure them tightly as soon as the cash goes in.

Keeping your cash secure is all a money clip is going to do. Organize and keep your money in such a way that it remains most accessible for you. The money clip can also store your ID card and credit cards. Use a suitable money clip because magnetic money clips may damage your cards.

  1. Carry the money clip into your pocket

When you have arranged your money and placed it in your money clip, it is completely ready to use. Place it in whichever pocket you want and carry it. 

Front pants pockets are a good choice if you don’t need that pocket for your phone. You can use the rear pocket of the pants to slide your money clip in, but the rear pockets make it visible to the pickpockets. Breast Pockets on the jacket are also a secure option to carry your money clip.

  1. Pull the money gently from the money clip

If you are new to using money up, you may require some practice pulling your money out of the money clip. Take your time when taking money out of it. The more orderly you organize your money, the more convenient it will be to take it out.

However, if you don’t find the required banknote easily, stay calm and remove the clip. Now look through your stack for the required note. 

  1. Tips for switching from wallet to money clip

If you have been using a wallet formerly, switching to a money clip is difficult.simplify, narrow down the content you carry in your wallet. Carry only the essentials and leave the rest. 

Cash strap vs. Money clip

When comparing the cash m strap and money clip, you will find both have their advantages and drawbacks. What you should buy depends entirely on your needs. A cash strap is slimmer, adding no thickness to your money stack.

A money clip will not stretch as it is mostly metallic. But the cash strap will stretch if you carry cash in bulk. And a stretched cash strap can not be used again. You will ultimately have to replace it. Money clip, on the other hand, is a durable product. It’s metal with screws designed to hold your stuff firmly. You can hardly scratch your money clip by rubbing it accidentally with something in your pocket. But still, you can use the scratched one compromising a little on the aesthetics.

Are money clips better than wallets?

When you use a wallet, you make it overstuffed with the things you don’t even require daily. The only reason is that you have extra space. If you want an organized way of holding your cash without over-stuffing, money clips are surely better for you than a wallet, as they only provide a little space. 

From the visuals, a wallet seems timeless in design if it is well-organized. If you have a lot of stuff to carry, the money clip can’t look presentable in such a case. Here comes the need for a wallet to hold your extra stuff.

The most important factor to consider when deciding which is better is what you want to carry. A money clip is better than a wallet if you carry a lot of cash and a few cards. If you have more cards and less cash, go for a wallet. 


Money clips are essential for a person who needs to carry a cash stack with him all the time. They not only provide you with quick access to your money but also easily fit in your pocket due to their sleek design. Now that you know how to use a money clip, you must be thinking of buying one. You can find personalized money clips at Callie that you will love to use. 

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