Lock In The Memories With Your Mother This Mother’s Day

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Every child has some unforgettable memories with their mother, whether a celebration or a sad moment. Your mother was always there for you when you needed her the most. So, why not give her something that can lock in those beautiful memories forever that you’ve made with time this Mother’s Day.

We’ve curated some extraordinary gifts for your mother that you can present to her and cherish memories.

Lock-et, Pop It, Wear It

A mother is the first person close to a child, like so much close that she pushes you out from her body. She took care of you like nobody else, and you and your family can’t survive without her. 

At Callie’s, we have an Engraved Unique Family Tree Photo Locket. It’s an elegant sterling silver necklace with a family tree as the locket. And that family tree is engraved with shiny green gemstones as the leaves. Then you open the locket and add a picture of your mother or maybe a family picture. How cute!  

You can also add a Mother’s Day note or say “I love you mom” engraved behind the locket. This beautiful piece of excellence is perfect for her to feel that she is an integral part of the family instead of only giving her mothers day pictures. 

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Engraved Unique Family Tree Photo Locke

I love You To The Moon And Back

Every child’s first love is their mother. The bond that a child has is unmatched. Every time you see your mother cooking for you or taking care of you, your heart is in awe. And you felt like hugging her or saying I love you, but you couldn’t. Because of this, we combined the heart because this is where our emotions are captured along with our favorite memories. So, what is it? 

The answer is our 3D Photo Wave Line Heart Crystal. It is a modern way to get your photos saved forever without those boring wooden frames. It’s is a heart-shaped crystal with I love you to the moon and back engraved on the rim of the outline. The heart can be 3D printed with any happy memories inside and it can also be laser engraved with a custom message. It’s an intricately designed heart crystal that you can light up with LED light that resonates from the base. It will make an ideal piece as an accessory or decor on your mother’s nightstand or coffee table.

Instead of searching for mothers day greetings, get her this.

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3D Photo Wave Line Heart Crystal


Mother is The Missing Puzzle Piece

Our mothers play an essential role in our lives. She is our first teacher to teach us how to be civilized humans. She’s our nurse who takes care of us when we are sick. Sometimes she’s even our best friend with whom we can share our problems without being judged. The puzzle pieces that complete us. 

At Callie’s we’ve incorporated this idea and made is the state-of-the-art piece called Mom Puzzle Wooden Sign. This sure doesn’t have any photo elements, but the concept is unreal. Without saying much, you’re conveying a lot of love through this. It’s a circular wooden piece with the word MOM written in the middle with a heart at the end. You can get custom mothers day quotes printed on the top part. You can have family names like your sibling’s names printed on the puzzle’s pieces at the bottom half. This whole piece depicts that she is of significance to you and is the missing piece to your puzzle. So beautiful and meaningful!

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Mom Puzzle Wooden Sign


Grab The Keys

Mothers have a lot to do in a day. They are house makers, they take care of their family, work, and even study. They have so much to do. But they work tirelessly with her ultimate horsepower without complaining. So, when they step out of the house, often, they forget the keys. Because of so much going on in their head.
Our Leather Photo Keychain Horse Girl Gift is designed to be gifted to special ones. This leather keychain is high-quality with a horse girl silhouette marked on the front. The other side is customizable where you can get her name and a message for your lovely mother. You can get an image attached too to make it completely personalized for the exciting part. Lastly, you can choose from various leathers offered according to her preference.
Pair this up with a greeting card with an emotional Mother’s Day message to mom and gift it to her. This way you can cherish memories with her while giving her something beneficial. 

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Leather Photo Keychain Horse Girl Gift


Watch Out The Time

Memories are about those moments that have passed, either happiness or sadness. But people mostly remember happy moments. And clicking tons of pictures in those happy moments is the best way to secure those moments forever, until the time machine is invented, of course. Haha!
Another way to safeguard our memory with your mother is by presenting her a gift that she can use too. So that whenever she sees it, she’s reminded of it.
Callie’s have this amazing and unique Colorful Bamboo Photo Watch Back Engraving. It’s a wristwatch made entirely out of bamboo. How exciting! It’s a sturdy watch that has a mosaics vibe to it. It is a vibrant piece of jewelry for her wrist. This wristwatch is very lightweight and makes a fashion statement whenever she wears it. It uses the Japanese Miyota 2035 Quartz Watch Movement. You can choose from dial designs according to what she would like. The band is adjustable, so you need to worry about the writs size. It’s one-size-fits-all.
Please give her a fashionable and cute wristwatch and don’t waste your time searching for a mothers day sale.

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unique Colorful Bamboo Photo Watch Back Engraving

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