The Perfect White Day Gift Ideas For Parents – Make Them Feel Extra Loved On This Day

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Since White Day is all about love how can you forget about your parents! They love you from the second your existence is known to them till their last breath. They stand with you when you need them the most.

So, even though you must have found the love of your life, here are some of the best gift ideas for your parents.

A Family That She Can Wear

Parents are the core part of the family. They keep their families together and work hard to give you the correct upbringing. So as children’s giving them a present that is reminiscent of that family’s love and unity will surely put a smile on their faces.

Our very own, Family Tree Necklace with Kid’s Name & Birthstone is what depicts family’s love in the best way possible. A dainty necklace that is sure made to complement your mother’s neck. You can choose the color of the pendant according to her preference. Also, we can make it in sterling silver or stainless steel, you can customize that too for her. But her comes the star of the show, which is the pendant.

This elegant pendant is divided into two parts. The inner is a family tree growing inside of a heart. A beautiful definition of how a family grows because of a mother’s love. Inside the leaves, there are fruits which will be the birthstones of each kid. Each kid is the family’s gem which will be the sparkly birthstone. You can pick and choose every sibling’s birth month and we’ll get the gemstone engraved. No stress. Plus, their corresponding names will be engraved on the outer ring, which is the second part of the pendant. It can have as many as 1 kid’s name to more than 5. So, if you’re a big family, don’t worry about the birthstones – haha.

Let her wear her entire family and keep them close to her heart every day.

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Family Tree Necklace with Kid's Name & Birthstone

It’s Dad’s Ring

A father plays a major role in a family. For kids, they are the champions and superheroes who protect them no matter what. And since it’s all about White Day, we combined this concept into a sleek ring. But why a ring? He can wear the ring everywhere he goes and still be connected with his entire family in the most alluring way.

At Callie’s, we have, Flip Dad Ring with Kids Name & Birthstone. This chunky accessory is not just any ring, it was designed to make your dad feel extra special. A band-style ring that has the words World’s Best Dad engraved in a cut-out fashion. Each side of the ring also has some meaningful patterns. One side has a tooling pattern that symbolizes the amount of hard work they put into the family. And the other side has a milk bottle and beer bottle pattern which symbolizes a loving comfy relationship between a father with his child. But the exciting part is the flip section which contains the true magic. When you flip the phrase on the top, inside he can have his children’s names engraved with their respective birthstones. And anytime he feels like he is missing them, he can just flip the plate and see their shiny names. Also, this flipping motion indicates how a father protects their child no matter what.

Present your father this ring and make him feel loved.

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Flip Dad Ring with Kids Name & Birthstone

Remember The Good Times

You must have had multiple memorable memories with your parents, like a trip to the lake or maybe a theme park picnic. All those good laughs and funny moments that you all have shared can easily be encapsulated in the form of a photo frame.

We have, 3D Personalized Laser Etched Photo Crystal. You can choose any favorite picture of yours together with your parents and get it lasered etched inside the K9 crystal in 3D. You can customize the size of the crystal. And, also get custom content lasered as well which can be a memorable date or a loving phrase.

Give them this to remind them of the beautiful time spent together.

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3D Personalized Laser Etched Crystal With Your Own Photo

Cook Till You Drop

Are your parents’ good cooks? Like maybe your mother or father spew up some delicious meals that are restaurant quality? I mean, there’s nothing tastier than a home-cooked meal. But for White Day, give them this and let them enjoy their cooking a bit more.

We, at Callie’s, have Name Kitchen Chef Apron with Pockets. This is a high-quality waterproof polyester apron with big pockets to hold their knives. And, the fine sewing and interlocked hems give it a sturdy and clean look. But the best part? You can get custom content engraved for them like their names or any professional kitchen name they would like to carry forward. After all, it’s their kitchen – haha.

Give them a taste of a restaurant chef’s experiences right in their own kitchen. Plus, you’ll get to eat some more yummy food. A win-win situation.

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Name Kitchen Chef Apron with Pockets in Black/White | Callie

Though our list is curated to give you the best White Day’s gifts for your parents, you can still check out our store for more heartfelt and meaningful presents. Our large collection consists of unique personalized items that are both useful and would make them feel appreciated.

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