40+ Memorable Quotes from “Wedding Crashers”

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Putting on snappy clothes, adding a dash of bravado, and remembering the essential rules will get you there. What is the result? No invitation? It’s no problem! A plate of prime rib and a swing around the dance floor don’t require an invitation to enjoy “Wedding Crashers.”  You’ll have a good time that lasts until the morning or at least until the next day. Check out the best “Wedding Crashers” quotes if you need inspiration for your next Instagram post this wedding season. They’ll leave you laughing, making you want to watch the movie again.

Best General “Wedding Crashers” Quotes

When Wedding Crashers first hit the big screen, this romcom-meets-bromance was the perfect solution for guests and surprise crashers. You’ll enjoy repeating and sharing these memorable quotes from “Wedding Crashers” more than any wedding vows.

  1. “We use only 10% of our brains, but I think we only use 10% of our hearts.” – John Beckwith
  2. “It’s important that you keep your mouth shut when talking to me!” – Mrs. Kroeger
  3. “Yeah! Maryland loves crab cakes and football!” – Flip
  4. “There is something crazy about you that makes you think that you are already a member of the family.” – Claire Cleary
  5. “It’s a relief that you won’t leave me. Good. I’ll get you!” – Gloria Cleary
  6. “True love is when your soul recognizes its counterpoint in another.” – John Beckwith
  7. Is that how you’re going to blame me for your inability to stand on your own two feet? ” – John Beckwith
  8. “I’m trying to tell you guys that love doesn’t exist. And I’m not picking on love because friendship doesn’t exist either.” – John Beckwith
  9. “My painting is called Celebration, and I thought you might like it.” – Todd Cleary.
  10. “Make me a bicycle, clown.” – Young boy at a wedding reception
  11. “The word hillbilly isn’t even familiar to me.” – John Beckwith
  12. “If you fall off your bike, I hope you knock out your two front teeth! Your selfishness is disgusting! I’m left to take grenades in the trenches, John! ” – Jeremy Grey
  13. “He claims to believe in art, but all I’ve ever seen him do is smear his blood all over a canvas! ” – William Cleary
  14. “Yeah, it could have been the soft mattress. Or the art show in my room. One of those probably added to the lack of sleep.” – Jeremy Grey

Best “Wedding Crashers” Quotes From Vince Vaughn 

Vince Vaughn steals the show as the character with the most popular quotes in “Wedding Crashers,” whether you call him Jeremy Grey or Baba Ganoush. Although his dance moves, cake-eating, champagne-popping, and balloon animals are hilarious enough to keep us laughing ’til our sides ache, Vince Vaughn’s “Wedding Crashers” quotes are equally hilarious. ‘Tis wedding season, kid, so get ready to relive all the fun!

  1. It’s time to catch that beautiful butterfly, pal! Grab that net and catch it.”
  2. When I’ve had a rough week, I like to put a little maple syrup in my hair with maple syrup. What holds it together, Slick?”
  3. The band is awesome, but it’s terrible. It’s like pizza, baby.”
  4. “Completely different situation. She was a family-oriented girl. And was very into her grandmother.”
  5. I have a stage five clinger. I have a stage five virgin clinger.”
  6. What a wonderful idea! Why don’t you feed me to the lions? Step on my head when I drown.”
  7. This is the real world, lady! You can’t just shoot people at random!”
  8. She is still in the house, you motor boating son of a bitch! Where is she? She remains there, aren’t you?”
  9. Having a scone would be too traumatizing for me.”
  10. Friends in need are pests.
  11. Imagining you flipping over your bike and breaking your front teeth is disgusting! You selfish bitch! You leave me to take grenades in the trenches!”
  12. No one is perfect, including me.
  13. The big bear will attack you if you get in here.
  14. I apologize if it seems like I am not eager to jump into a forced, awkward, intimate situation called dating.

Funny “Wedding Crashers” Quotes From Will Ferrell

A small role by Will Ferrell as Chazz Reinhold generates big laughs! Chazz, the lovable idiot, hooks up at nuptials and scores big.

  1. Nature’s most powerful aphrodisiac is grief.
  2. You don’t even realize that I almost nunchucked you!
  3. Yeah. A hang-gliding accident killed this guy.
  4. That’s what an idiot does! Ahh! I’m hang-gliding!
  5. Honey, take a picture of me…I’m dead! I’m shocked.
  6. My dream is coming true.
  7. Fishing with dynamite is like fishing with a bomb.
  8. It’s so beautiful! Every passing brings a new beginning.
  9. Life goes in cycles. We’ll be fine.

Two-Way Conversations Wedding Crashers

Moreover, wedding crashers provide us with numerous conversations which we can use under any circumstance that might arise! Therefore, you must read this list if you want to know more about these two friends’ adventures or if you want some meaningful words of wisdom on love that will enrich your life.

  1. Jeremy Grey: How often are you going to do this shit? Rule #32: You don’t commit to a relative unless you’re positive they have a pulse.
    John Beckwith: Rule #16: Give me an up-to-date family tree. That was your mistake. You made me look like an idiot.”
  1. Jeremy Grey: Do you know what that awareness is, Gloria?

Gloria Cleary: What?

Jeremy Grey: That we’re all one. That separateness is an illusion.

  1. Secretary Cleary: We will see two of America’s most famous families, the Lodges and the Clearys, reunite once Sack and Claire tie the knot.
    John Beckwith: And then you can challenge the Klingons for interstellar dominance.
  1. John Beckwith: Why can’t we hunt something cool like a hawk or an eagle, something with some talons?

Jeremy Grey: That’d be awesome. We could get something like a big game. Even like a gorilla or a rhinoceros or a human being! That’ll get you jacked up.

Wrapping Up

Love, marriage, and divorce are all different topics, but they are somehow related. We see these three topics intertwined in Wedding Crashers as two divorce mediators crash weddings. However, they also learn about true love in a twist of fate! They make up a bunch of hilarious rules. At Callie, we have hundreds of gifts that can be personalized, and you can easily give them to your loved ones.

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