12 Stylish Ideas for Your Back-to-School Gifts for Kids

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Back to school is a fun time for kids. The kids are hyped up for a new year in school and are filled with mixed emotions. But you can make it extra special by giving them a fantastic back-to-school gift for kids that will put a smile on their faces. 

Below we have curated the top 12 back-to-school gifts for kids that are creative and useful.

Custom keychain

Keychains have been given as presents for every occasion for decades. The keychains are small trinkets and helpful gift ideas that cater to any gender or age. That’s why we have included this fun Custom Keychain in the shape of a pencil. As you know, the pencil is synonymous with school; we have designed this wonderful keychain in this particular shape. 

The whole body is made of plastic with metal attachments for key rings. On the pencil, you can have custom content engraved like the name of the kid or any lovely back-to-school phrase for them in any color that the kid prefers. Plus, the keychain is transparent with visible glitter. And you can customize the color of the glitter too.

Colorful pens set

Creativity is essential for humans. But when we talk about kids, developing their brains to think freely with the essence of creativity is the primary goal. The kids should be able to express their creative side in whichever form they prefer. To aid the kids in this, you can give them Colorful Pens Set

The pen’s set has 24 colors, giving a broad spectrum of color choices. The kids can doodle on their sketch pads or use these pens in their art classes. We recommend this pen’s set as it’s high quality and runs smoothly with no ink smudges. Plus, there are no ink streaks, thus giving it a neat and polished look. 

Water bottle 

If your kid has been assigned the task of a flower girl or ring bearer for an upcoming wedding, this water bottle is for them as a back-to-school gift for kids. The Water Bottle is a large and premium quality bottle suitable for kids. The body of the bottle is transparent with motifs printed. You can customize the print and the content as per requirement. For the flower girls, there is a pink color print for curvy fonts. And for the ring bearer or ring security, there’s a suite motif with coordinating fonts in blue and black. 

You can also have your kid’s name printed on the other side of the bottle in big chunky fonts and matching colors. 

Hand sanitizer case

Hygiene and cleanliness are essential in these given times. Of course, personal hygiene has been necessary since the beginning of time, but kids should be extra careful. They touch many surfaces daily and participate in physical activities giving access to bacteria. So, to encourage the kids to use hand sanitizer, here is a back-to-school gift for kids. 

The Hand Sanitizer Case is a colorful and vibrant hand sanitizer case crafted for kids. The pouch holds an empty bottle which can be filled up very quickly from a large bottle of hand sanitizer. You can pick out a unicorn pattern for girls or a dinosaur pattern for boys. Each design comes in multiple colors so that you can pick out the kid’s favorite color. You can attach the case to their school bags with an easy holder attachment. 

Night light

Nights lights are the perfect amount of dim luminescence required at night to sleep peacefully. The lights help to see in the dark but are also not too bright that disturb one’s sleep. For kids, we at Callie’s have this adorable Night Light

The night light is entirely transparent, with many custom patterns to choose from for the night light. From dinosaurs to fairies to the moon, we have many options available that you can pick out. These patterns will glow when the night light is on. You can also have the kid’s name printed to add customization to the pattern. 

Bento box for kids 

Kids love food that looks good or resembles any cute animal they love. And bento boxes are what most kids love to have for their school lunches. The Bento Box For Kids is a big lunch box with five compartments. You can add fresh cut-up fruit or veggies, rice cakes, wraps, or just about anything the kid prefers to eat. 

You must make their lunch into cute little animals and place them in the box. The box is leak-proof and lightweight for kids to carry. The top of the lunch box is customizable, so you can have playful designs printed. 

Lunch bag + backpack

Speaking about lunch boxes, when giving a playful lunch box, you can also double it with a lunch bag and matching backpack. At Callie’s, we have a Lunch Bag + Backpack for boys and girls. 

The bags are made with durable fabric and have different patterns. The seersucker bags are embroidered with threads like patterns and have a respective motif on the front of the bags. We offer the set in purple, pink, and blue. On the front of the bags, you can have the kid’s name on the show. 

Personalized pencils 

Another idea for back-to-school gifts for kids is giving them personalized pencils. Pencils are a must-have item when going back to school. And kids can’t get enough of them. The kids use the pencils to write, draw, doodle, and possibly do every writing task with them. So, instead of giving the kids low-quality colored pencils, give them Personalized Pencils

These are high-quality wooden pencils with rustic looking outer. The outer of the pencils is polished for an extra smooth look. On the bottom, you can have the kid’s name and a significant date engraved. 

Pencil case 

With the high-quality pencils mentioned above, you can pair them with this unique present. A fantastic idea for back-to-school gifts for kids is giving them Pencil Case with a personalized pencil. And kids who are fond of dinosaurs will love it.

The pencil case is spacious and made with durable fabric for kids. On top of the pencil case, a dino is printed with a pencil in his mouth. You can select the color of the pencil case as per the kid’s choice. 


Sketchbooks are blank canvas that allows kids to express their creativity. So, for kids, we have curated this premium Sketchbook. It’s a 120 pages sketchbook with thick sheets so the kids can use any medium for their arts. 

The sketchbook is 8.5 x 11, giving the kids room to draw or paint with fine details. The cover is abstract and vibrant, showcasing the skills that can be achieved in art. 

Plush toy

In this list, we have included a Plush Toy for kids as plushies are comforting and huggable. You can select the shape to be of owl or bunny. Also, you can add custom text on the belly and feet of the toy. The custom text can be sweet back to school for kids. 

Special effects crayola

The Special Effects Crayola has 120 crayons that give different effects when used, like neon, pearl glitter, etc. These crayons are super fun and interactive. Give this as a back-to-school gift for kids; they will love to use these crayons whenever their creativity flows.  

Final thoughts

If you think the above items aren’t enough, check out our back-to-school gifts section. Or visit our store Callie directly.


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