How to Plan A Bridal Shower That Will Be Memorable and Fun

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Marriage is a beautiful element, and so is a bridal shower. It’s a day when the bride is appreciated with gifts and new experiences in anticipation of the big day.  It’s a day reserved for fun and games that will leave everybody in attendance in awe.  

To help you, this piece will aim to uncover the best bridal shower practices and how you can make them a success. So without much further ado, let’s get straight into it.  

What Is A Bridal Shower?

A bridal shower is a special occasion where the bride goes to a party just before the big day and is offered numerous gifts on her upcoming journey with her partner. 

While the idea was started in the 16th century, it has massively evolved to its modern-day form, where games, gifts, and food mostly mark the event. 

Even though it’s a predominantly female activity, the male partner and his best friends are sometimes invited to make the day more exciting.  

Who Throws The Bridal Shower?

The whole responsibility of a bridal shower normally lies on the maid of honor and sometimes the bridesmaids to make it a success. 

They are in charge of ensuring that the food, activities, gifts, and guest list is in order and happens in the best possible way.  

However, while doing so, the bride’s preferences should be considered since it’s her material day.  The theme should be set in a way she would like and in the colors of her choice.  

Does The Groom Go to The Bridal Shower?

Generally, people have tagged bridal showers that it’s predominantly women and that men or the groom should not be anywhere as it’s a women’s affair. However, this is far from the truth; grooms have recently appeared at the event based on their preferences and requirements.  

Sometimes certain bridal shower games might require the presence of the groom and his best man; however, the focus should always be on the bride as it’s her red letter day.  

Who Do You Invite to A Bridal Shower?

The bride’s dearest friends and family members, including the maid of honor, mother, bridesmaids, sisters, and relatives, are usually invited. Ladies’ close friends and relatives of the groom are also suitable to invite, as they will become part of the bride’s wider family after she marries. 

Furthermore, neighbors, colleagues, and other ladies close to the bride may be on the guest list. While compiling the guest list, consider the size of the location and finances in mind and the bride’s choices for the ceremony style she desires.

What to Wear to A Bridal Shower?

Deciding what to wear at a bridal shower might be daunting; however, if you have the right guidance, it can be a simple process that takes a couple of minutes to complete.  

You need an outfit that matches your style and the theme you’ve set for the bridal shower.  Don’t be a friend to put on a few light accessories to match your style and stand out on your big day. 

Who Pays for A Bridal Shower?

Generally, the bridesmaid and the maid of honor are expected to take on the responsibility placed on them and pay to organize the bridal shower so that the bride and others can have an amazing time and other guests. 

However, that has changed, and nearly anyone participating can take charge and fund the event to make it successful. 

Of course, there are limits to how much you can spend, but no one should be coerced into the idea. While that’s the case, the best thing is that everyone has fun at the end of the day.  

How to Plan A Bridal Shower?

Planning a bridal shower requires attention to key details such as the price, theme, food, drinks, games, gifts, and the groom’s style. However, if you’re new to bridal showers, you might have difficulty making everything work.  To help you, here’s what you need to know before planning a bridal shower.  

1. Decide On A Bridal Shower Budget 

When deciding the budget, consider the number of visitors, venue, meals and drinks, centerpieces, and activities. It’s also critical to convey the budget to all parties engaged in the strategic plan so that they are on the same page and can operate within the financial constraints. By selecting a proper budget, you can ensure a successful and pleasurable wedding shower without spending much money.

2. Set A Date For The Shower 

Choosing a date for a wedding shower may be difficult since there are so many aspects to consider. The most significant variable to consider is the bride-to-and-be guests’ availability. To choose a date that works for everyone, check with the bride-to-be and her dearest relatives and friends. It’s also crucial to consider other anniversaries or events that could clash with the planned date.

3. Create A Bridal Shower Guest List 

A wedding shower invite list is an important element in planning. While creating the guest list, keep the bride-to-preferences and the size of the venue in mind. The bride’s immediate  companions, and the groom’s female relatives, must be included. 

It is critical to check with the bride to verify everyone is included.  While drafting the invite list, keep the budget in mind since the number of visitors will affect the expenses associated with the occasion.

4. Choose a Suitable Location 

It can only be a complete bridal shower with the perfect location to bring the event to light.  You must choose a location that fits the bride’s preferences as it’s her day. 

Also, you must ensure that the location fits her style and beloved theme to make it a special moment.  Ideally, you’ll also need to check the pricing to ensure it meets the required requirements.  

5. Decided the Bridal Shower Theme

To decide on the bridal shower theme, you need to check in with the bride and identify the predominant theme she’ll like to be on her great day. Once you have this information, you can pick the theme and implement it in readiness for the day.  

6. Send Out The Shower Invitations 

The success of a bridal shower lies in sending the shower invites early so that the attendees can plan and set aside the day to attend.  Moreover, sending the invites early helps the attendees budget and get a reasonable gift matching the bride’s interests. A good invitation should have the time, date, and venue where the event will take place. Additionally, it should be concise and straight to the point.  

7. Set the Menu

While planning the meal, keep the hour of the day, the number of guests, and any dietary requirements or inclinations in mind. Pies, small quiches, fruit and vegetable trays, and cakes are common finger meals on a bridal shower menu. 

Espresso, coffee, and wine are all acceptable beverages. While picking the menu, it is crucial to consider any sensitivities or nutritional limitations of the visitors and to give alternatives as needed.

8. Find Shower Décor

The right decor ensures the bridal shower is home and exciting. However, all this must be done based on the bride’s preferences. You can use her favorite color and flower theme to make her feel special on her day.  You can also create a section where attendees might take quality snaps with the bride.  

9. Plan Games and Activities

It can only be a complete and successful bridal shower with the right activities and games to grace. There are numerous activities and games, such as the scavenger hunt, that you can try out on this day to make it more interesting and exciting for everybody. 

You can have gifts for everyone who completes a challenge to make people work harder and get more involved.  

10. Create a Playlist

Nothing is more interesting than a cool playlist to which the attendees and bride will enjoy and dance. A bridal shower is a day to have fun, so matching it with quality music will be a creative way to ensure the day is remembered. 

Moreover, you can go with romantic songs or inquire with the bride about the songs she’d like to listen to. Also, you can play songs based on requests so everybody can play their favorite song.  


Take advantage of the fan that comes with a bridal shower by not knowing how to prepare effectively to make the day a success. The key is having the right budget and idea to make the day successful. However, be bold and try new things to make it a unique experience you have never encountered anywhere else.

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