12 First Father’s Day Gift Ideas for New Dads to Welcome Them in the Fatherhood Club

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A momentous occasion in any man’s life comes when he becomes a father for the first time. Since Father’s Day is around the corner, you can make it unique for all the new dads around you. There are many common ways to mark this particular day, but the most excellent present for the new dad in your life is a must-have. 

We’ve compiled a list of gifts to celebrate new dads. Scroll down to see our top picks for Father’s Day gifts for new dads. These gifts are high-tech, awesome, and affordable at the same time. So let’s begin!

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Socks to wish Father’s Day in a funny way

Wish Happy Father’s Day to new dads in a funny style with personalized funny face socks. These funny socks are made from high-quality material, comfortable, soft, and stretchy. 

Upload a single photo and our designers will turn it into a fantastic recurring pattern on the socks. This pair of socks will be a great gift for new dads on Father’s Day. The unique design will make our new dad smile whenever he wears it. 

Keychain to announce that you are a new dad

Fatherhood is not a thing to hide. It is a moment to announce and celebrate. Let the new dad announce this precious moment of life. Gift him Callie’s announcement keychain on Father’s Day. 

Put a family photo on one side and a sweet message from the baby on the reverse. Dad can keep it forever, so he will always have a memento of the first Father’s Day. With this Callie keychain, you can remember the baby’s birth date, height, and weight.

Wall art to commemorate the first Father’s Day

Do you want a gift that will help the new dad commemorate the first Father’s Day throughout his life? Here you go with Callie’s Mum & Dad Baby Holding Hands Wall Art. The Parents holding the hand of the baby symbolize that they are guarding and caring for him. 

This is a unique way to celebrate, remember, or mark a memorable occurrence this Father’s Day. This frame will create a wonderful first Father’s Day gift for a new dad. It’s fully personalized. Choose your favorite background and wording. Then enter Dad’s name and the baby’s name, plus the year for a truly special keepsake.

Frame the memories

Is there anything better than a first Father’s Day gift celebrating the father’s love for his child? You can observe this love using the personalized look at this photograph and wood picture frame. It is made from high-quality, environment-friendly wood. This frame is more suitable for home decorations. Choose the frame color, matting, and type of glass to match your decor.

A glass to enhance the taste of your drink

This elegant whisky glass with a wooden base will impress your father. The lines are sleek that sparkle beautifully in the light. We guarantee you that it will make any drink look great. Its base is made rigid so that it will not easily break. Also, it will resist the temperature changes in the drink. Ideal for sharing any type of drink on special occasions with family or friends. Packed in an elegant gift box, this glass makes an ideal gift for Father’s Day.

A mug signifying the heroism of fatherhood

Fathers are heroes for their children. Let the new dad experience this heroic sense on the first Father’s Day. Give him the personalized You Are My Hero Custom Mug to make the moment exciting for him. 

High-grade porcelain is used to make the mugs. The material is chip-resistant and durable. Due to the smooth glaze, the mug is very easy to clean. Say bye to all the coffee stains with this reliable coffee mug. Suitable for dishwasher, freezer, and microwave oven.

Cutting board to make memorable cuts

Do you want to make kitchen moments memorable for new dads? Gift them the Callie’s personalized cutting boards on first Father’s Day. These cutting boards can be used to cut any kind of food anywhere. Quite durable, heavy, and thick enough to bear the cutting stress. 

This board is available in two different materials and sizes, i.e., Ebony and Bamboo. You can choose the one that suits you the most. And the best thing is the name engraving. Engrave the names on it and make it unique and super-special.

Mark the date with the bottle opener

The first Father’s Day is a day worth remembering. So let the new dads mark this day in their life history with a magnetic bottle opener and kitchen decor. The magnet is made from stainless steel and can serve as an opener and a decorative ornament on the fridge. It combines aesthetics with functionality. You can delicately display any special engraving without the fear of fading. You can mark any particular day of your life on its back to remember for a lifetime.

Cutlery set to make the dinner exciting for new dads

Do you want to add a pinch of excitement to the dinner table of a new dad? This dad’s personalized spoons cutlery set will help you in this regard. The silver cutlery set includes a knife, a fork, and a spoon. You can select the images based on the new dad’s interests. Seven different patterns are available in this set. Put the name on the handle of the cutlery to make it unique.

A fun boxer to make the moment funny

Looking for a fun way to express your love for your father? Here you go with a personalized dad face men’s boxer, which is the perfect gift for new dads. Make a surprise by sticking your face on the boxer shorts. It is a unique and special gift for new dads on Father’s Day. For your choice, Callie offers 9 colors of men’s underwear. This funny custom boxer will make the day for new dads.

A crystal to showcase your memories

Finding a gift for the new dad, who is a simple and thoughtful person? Then gift him this adorable 3D Personalized Laser Etched Crystal on first Father’s Day. Inside a 3D crystal, the dad and baby’s photo looks exquisite and innovative. The material is free of any impurities and ensures complete transparency. You can add an extra sentimental touch to this luxurious gift with the engraving of your own choice.

A baby towel to soothe the baby’s emotions

New dads are always excited to perform fatherly duties. And one such duty is giving baths to the newborn and then performing the post-bath actions. You can help new dads in this regard by giving them a custom name baby animal hooded towel. This distinctive towel will help the new dad soothe his baby’s emotions.

This towel is made with a soft and comfortable fabric. The towel has the best absorption capacity. And the best part? You can choose from six different animal designs and colors. Special technology is used for embroidery on the towel. This technology adds a three-dimensional touch to the embroidery.


Father’s Day celebration is a must, especially for new dads. So make sure to find a perfect gift from our store. You can make the first Father’s Day super-exciting for all the new dads around you. After all, nothing is cooler than making a moment special for someone for a lifetime. So play your key role in bringing a cherished smile to a new dad’s face. All you need to do is to find a beautiful gift from Callie’s amazing collection of Father’s Day gifts.

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