How To Make Baby Shower Book Ideas More Memorable?

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A baby shower is a day for expectant parents to welcome this new chapter. In this event, friends, family and guests send their wishes, cards, and gifts to both the parents and yet to the born baby. But over time, the trend has changed and now gifting books at the baby shower is the new trend. Sending children’s books to the parents is a thoughtful gift as it leaves an everlasting joyous experience.

Why baby shower books are a more practical gift

We have observed that bringing books to the baby shower has gained popularity over the years, and it should be because books are more convenient and sustainable than cards. Here are the following benefits that prove that baby shower books are more practical,

  • Reading the book to the baby creates a fun time for the mom and the baby.
  • It can be used multiple times
  • It is more personal and helps you develop an understanding
  • It enhances the bonding of a mother and child.

But are you afraid of what to write in it? Getting out of ideas? Confuse how to make it more thoughtful and sweet; you don’t have to fret about it because our blog has everything you are searching for, so keep reading.

Baby shower messages that are sweet as honey

Make sure to write something lovely so the parents-to-be can feel your warmth and affection when they read this. Some sweet messages for the baby shower,

  • “Parenthood is not an easy job, but I know you will ace it with flying colors.”
  • “One of the highest-paid professions is parenthood,” where your wage is in terms of pure love.”
  • “I wish you all the best for the journey ahead. It will be like a rollercoaster ride, going up and down with butterflies in your stomach. So chill and enjoy .”
  • “Many congratulations on becoming parents-to-be, and we wish you a lovely and cheerful lie ahead.”
  • “Wishing you all the best for your new chapter. Your kid is blessed to have such amazing and caring parents.”
  • “Don’t be hard on yourself. Your imperfections are perfect in their own way, and you will learn things on the way.”
  • “Congratulations on becoming a mom where you will feel that you are not doing enough every second.”

Baby shower messages that make you laugh

Parents tend to return to the baby shower messages and reminisce about the time they used to anticipate so dearly. Make sure your message makes parents-to-be laugh and brings their tears of joy. Here are some fun ideas for baby shower messages,

  • “Cheers on getting the noblest title of “mom.” Oh! I forgot you can’t drink yet.”
  • “The most difficult hood you can ever get yourself is …. “parenthood.”
  • “Congratulations on becoming a mom. Do remember to stock the air freshers as your room is about to smell like poops.”
  • “Enjoy this shower as much as possible because it will be all about kids shouting and banging the door later.”
  • “On this auspicious occasion, we bid farewell to all your good night’s sleep and welcome you to the hectic life.”
  • “What’s your hobby nowadays? Oh, sorry, I forgot you are a mom.”
  • “I trust you. You can go through all the sleepless nights. Just remember how we used to hang out all night long.”
  • “I am sure you gonna ace the diaper changing skill.”

Baby shower memos that are spiritual

Righteous parents also appreciate the religious sentiments that are showcased via cards, books or wooden religious cross gifts. They will most likely love a moral message more than any other. Here are some of the ideas for that,

  • “I can’t thank enough to God for blessing me with such an adorable angel.”
  • “I pray for your baby’s perfect health and wealth.”
  • “Congratulations on such beautiful good news. May God grant you safe and easy delivery.”
  • “I am so happy for you, imploring for you and your baby’s safety.”
  • “May this child be the beam of sunshine in your life, lighting up all the corners and making your life more delightful.”
  • “Thank God for giving you the greatest gift of all times.”
  • “We wish this baby to mature into a rightful and upright person, just like his parents.”

What to write to moms-to-be in a baby shower

Parents-to-be anticipate baby showers eagerly. The longingness to have a baby and hold her in my arms is immense. During baby showers, the mom-to-be can party and enjoy herself with her friend before her life becomes upside down. Writing a benevolent message to her will be the most considerate thing she needs. To make it more memorable and visibly showcase your affection, you can attach a gift to it like a baby feet necklace with the name and year of the baby engraved on it. Here are some ideas for congratulating mom-to-be on her baby shower.

  • “Wishing you the best for your baby. Do let me know if you need anything. I would love to help you out.”
  • “Get ready to feel the love like never felt before.”
  • “Just try to look after yourself and leave the rest to us. We all are praying for your safe and hassle-free delivery.”
  • “I can’t tell you how eagerly I am waiting for the baby’s arrival. I can’t wait to hold him.”
  • “We warmly welcome this upcoming little one. Lots of kisses and hugs are coming soon.”
  • “You are about to understand the purpose of your living, best wishes for your parenthood.”

What if it is a girl?

If parents-to-be are welcoming a baby girl, then make sure to change the message as per the gender. It will make it more relatable. You can also send a gift like baby girl unicorn walking shoes along with the message and let the mother-to-be know how excitedly you are anticipating her baby’s birth. If you need suggestions, then here are some,

  • “Ask the father-to-be if he is ready because he is about to meet a mini version of you.”
  • “We welcome the princess with love and kisses.”
  • “Very happy for both of you, We hope this pink package may make the most of life.”
  • “I am sure this little girl will grow up as refined and classy as her mother.”
  • “A pink bundle of happiness is waiting for you just around the corner.”
  • “I was jumping with joy when I heard about the arrival of a baby girl, Can’t wait to hold her in my arms.”

What if it is a boy?

Having a baby is the beginning of a very big chapter, but what if the baby you are about to have is a boy who is traditionally naughtier than the girls. If that’s the case, gear up cause your house is about to turn into a mess. Just kidding! Wish the mother heartfelt messages and a gift of a personalized onesie to let her know that the news makes her overwhelmed with happiness. Here are some ideas for baby shower messages for a baby boy. 

  • “Your world is about to become more handsome.”
  • “I am pretty sure your son will turn out to be a brave and righteous person just like his dad.”
  • “Alert alarm!!! A ray of sunshine is just about to enter your house.”
  • “Be prepared because you are about to fall eternal with the most handsome and adorable man you can ever find.”
  • “I am so excited to meet the young prince. I hope he grows up healthy.”
  • “You are about to give birth to a worrier who will turn your house into a battleground.”

What if they are twins

When responsibilities get doubled, so does the fun; then you know for sure that you are about to welcome twins. Parenting twins is not as easy as it seems, but it makes the family merrier. Send wishes to these young parents along with a sincere gift of bunny easter name tags to identify their twin babies easily. Here are some sweet baby shower messages just for the twin babies.

  • “We wish you all the best with your one plus one offer.”
  • “We send you double congratulations for your double bundle of happiness.”
  • “Does things get any sweeter with you having two adorable babies.”
  • “We welcome your two reasons for delight.”
  • “God must be very pleased with you as he has to send you to double the blessings.”
  • “So happy for both of you for having twins. I wish happiness, success, and health for both of them.”
  • “Many, many congrats to you! Just tell your babies that your aunt can’t wait any further, so come soon.”

Baby shower message from grandparents

If you are in search of ideas to congratulate your boy for becoming the father of your grandchild, then here they are,

  • “We feel it was yesterday when we had you as our baby, and now it’s time for us to welcome your baby.”
  • “Hurrah! Now has come the time when we can freely spoil our grandchildren.”
  • “None of your rules apply in our house, so let us enjoy them.”
  • “We welcome this young member of our family with hugs, kisses, and wishes.”

To make the moment more noteworthy, send Winnie the pooh blanket so that your arriving grandchild can have a cozy sleep in it.

Baby shower message from family relatives

Write a draft before sending the baby shower book.You can also send a gift with it like a rainbow name sign with it

  • “What can be more beautiful than having a lovely angel in your arms.”
  • “Tell your kid he has the most amazing aunt he can count on anytime.”
  • “Savor every moment because the baby grows faster than the light beam.”
  • “We are delighted to hear the news, wishing the little one happiness and healthiness.”
  • “When life throws you, babies, make sure to have an energy booster with you.”
  • “A warm welcome to our little hooligan on joining our gang.”
  • “On this promising occasion, we wish that your house be filled with happiness, patience, joy, and adventure.”

Baby shower message from friends

  • “Congratulations, your family is getting merrier.”
  • “Your kids must be proud of having such devoted parents.”
  • “God has honored you with a child, so take care of him and quit smoking and bad habits.”
  • “Let me take care of her instead because I am worried about you. She is going to turn out to be the next devil.”
  • Hey! I love to babysit her if you want me to. I am just a call away.”

Baby shower messages for the people who weren’t able to attend it

You can only make it up to your friend by sending a heartfelt gift like a baby announcement board and apologizing sincerely. Here are some ideas.

  • “I am sorry, I was stuck at work, but I will make up to this little one.”
  • “Though I was not physically present, I was present spiritually.”
  • “I tried to make it on time but unfortunately was stuck at the job. Please share some pictures. It would be kind of you.”
  • “Sorry I missed the event, but I have sent some adorable gifts just for you and the baby. I hope you like them.”

Coworker baby shower message

  • “Congratulations! Best of luck.”
  • “Good to hear that. Wishing the baby health and happiness.”
  • “I am sure you will fulfill your responsibility with brilliance just like at work.”
  • “Congrats on your promotion, but you need to work overtime…. that is 24/7.”
  • “My best wishes for your new thrilling adventure.”
  • “Dang! You got a new boss, moreover an overly demanding one?

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