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When Can a Baby Sleep in Blankets? Expert Advice and Safe Solutions

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Most new parents don’t get enough sleep, so it is a popular topic among them. It is every new parent’s desire to ensure their baby sleeps safely and soundly at night for as long as possible. 

During the night, you may want to comfort your baby with a soft, warm blanket. Since blankets can increase the risk of suffocation, blankets should not be used until your baby is at least 12 months old.

Safe Sleep For Babies

Blankets may seem harmless, but they aren’t safe for your baby at naptime or bedtime. Your infant could suffocate if anything covers their mouth and nose. Safe sleep guidelines have been issued by the American Association of Pediatrics (AAP). A blanket in a crib is strongly discouraged.

Among infants between the ages of birth and 12 months, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is the leading cause of death. SIDS can be prevented easily, according to research. AAP recommends the ABCs of safe sleep, which stand for Alone on their Back in a Crib:

  • Alone: Siblings and parents should not sleep with the baby. “Alone” means not putting blankets, pillows, toys, or crib bumpers in your baby’s crib. 
  • Back: Newborns should sleep on their backs. Suffocation is a risk when sleeping on one’s side or stomach. When your baby can’t breathe, there’s a chance they aren’t developed enough to move their head.
  • Crib: If your baby needs to nap or sleep, place him or her in a crib, bassinet, or playpen that is made specifically for infants. You should not place your baby in a bouncer or swing for a nap.

For at least six months and preferably one year, experts recommend that your baby sleep in their own bed, but also in the same room with you that the crib is kept. It is more likely that you will hear your baby if something is wrong if he or she is nearby. 

Ways to Keep Your Baby Safe During Sleep

While your baby rests, don’t just think about blankets. You should also consider the following when putting your child to sleep:

  1. Your baby’s sleep position

Once your baby starts rolling independently, it’s okay to lay them down on their stomach or side. During the night, you won’t have to move the child to their back if this happens.

  1. A firm sleep surface

Never let your baby sleep on a plush surface. The surface of your baby’s crib should feel flat and firm when you press your hand down on it. When they are sleeping, do not cover their faces with a blanket or pillow.

  1. The temperature

It is important to keep your baby warm without making him or her uncomfortable. If it is warm outside, make sure they don’t overheat by wearing footie pajamas and swaddling.

  1. Try breastfeeding

By breastfeeding, you provide the exact nutrition your baby needs. Their lungs are left clear for breathing because of your breast milk, which helps them fight off illness and infection.

  1. Try a pacifier

Sleep-deprived babies are less likely to die from SIDS when they use pacifiers during naptime and bedtime. Choke hazards can be avoided by choosing a pacifier with a wide base.

  1. Avoid smoking

When your baby is around a nearby smoker, they breathe in second-hand smoke. The residue left behind by third-hand smoke can be found on clothes, blankets, and wells. Due to your baby’s highly sensitive lungs, being around a smoker makes them more susceptible to SIDS.

Baby Safe Blankets

Nowadays, there are blankets specifically designed for newborns and infants that prioritize safety. When choosing blankets for newborns, it’s important to consider factors such as material, size, and construction to ensure they’re safe and suitable for babies. 

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Every parent must ensure their child’s safety while sleeping. Despite their cozy appearance, blankets pose risks of suffocation and overheating for infants.

With our thoughtful and practical gifts, you can celebrate special moments knowing that your baby will be comfortable and safe. Take your little bundle of joy on a journey of a lifetime by ordering now!